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Chapter 356 – Thanks for the Help

It hadn’t been easy for Changing Spring to get a word in, but as soon as he did, the group chat fell silent.

The group chat was silent, and on Guild Happy’s side, the spies were feeling exceptionally awkward.

Ye Xiu’s words had already been thrown out and they didn’t have any ideas on how to handle them. They looked towards their leaders, but their leaders hadn’t come to a decision yet, either. For now, the party hadn’t been dissolved yet. Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist and even Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were still inside. Even though the spies didn’t know what these people were doing, the spies felt like they had been exposed.

When a spy personally reveals himself and says, “I’m a spy”, that would often be his moment of glory after a successful mission. But when others pointed at him and say, “You’re a spy”, it that would be, without a doubt, one of the most awkward spots a spy could be in.

Everyone clearly understood what Lord Grim’s words meant. They had been completely found out. But even so, Lord Grim didn’t force them to leave, which meant that he had absolutely no fear of their existence within the guild. Exposed spies were of practically no value anymore. The reasoning behind it was very simple, which was why the spies were quite puzzled about why their seniors were having trouble coming to a decision. How would they know that their leaders were all trying to cheat each other in the group chat?

Blue River was an exception to this. As Blue Brook Guild’s tenth server guild leader, he was part of the group chat. Now that he was experiencing miserable feelings from both sides, he suddenly felt very tired.

He had been in the guild for a long time and had seen these types of competitions between guilds. Even when making alliances, they still had to be vigilant and approach matters cautiously. As one of the core members of the guild, he also took the same style in handling matters. It was just that after he arrived in the tenth server, the top guilds had been completely suppressed by Lord Grim the entire time. But even when matters got to this step, the top guilds still didn’t forget to fight amongst each other. It was only for a small matter like two or three open accounts, but they still felt compelled to scheme against each other. All of this made Blue River feel powerless.

“I’m staying.” Blue River suddenly typed in the group chat.

Everyone was startled.

What was that supposed to mean? Everyone was somewhat puzzled. Did that mean that Blue River was personally over there as a spy?

Even Blue River himself was somewhat puzzled. Even he himself wasn’t sure what he meant by saying, “I’m staying.”

A chat notification appeared on his QQ window. Blue River opened it and saw that it was from his guild leader, Changing Spring. The message was as simple as ever: it was a single big question mark.

“I’m tired.” Blue River also replied back simply.

The other side didn’t reply back. The group chat continued to remain silent and the spies in Happy continued to feel awkward.

This situation continued for a while, when Blue River suddenly saw a system notification. Someone had already left Guild Happy. That someone was naturally from their group of spies.

One, two, three……

Players from their party continued to leave. Blue River didn’t move. He then received another message from Changing Spring: “What do you mean by ‘I’m staying’?”

It was surprising that Changing Spring’s message contained so many words. If this was a normal situation, Blue River would have definitely gone to find a friend in the guild and laugh. But at this moment, he just wasn’t in the right mood. After a short pause, he replied, “I’ll wait and see.”

I’ll wait and see! Blue River had no way of saying how he was feeling right now, but these four words seemed to have come straight from his heart. This was what he wanted to do: to not even bother thinking about what to do and simply let nature take its course.

Blue River waited for a bit again, but he didn’t receive a reply from Changing Spring. As for their party in game, in the end, everyone had left, including the two open accounts that had gone on with Blue River. The two were supposed to take orders from Blue River, but from out of nowhere, they received orders from somewhere else and after saying bye to Blue River, they also left.

Members leaving one after the other had caused quite a shock to Guild Happy. After they found out that the players who had left were all high-level players that had joined to kill the Guardian, they were all very puzzled and were asking around in the guild chat.

“It’s nothing!” Ye Xiu added a smiley face.

“They were friends that had joined temporarily to help us beat the Guardian.” Ye Xiu explained to the guild members.

“Oh!” Everyone suddenly understood.

“Guild leader, you’re so amazing! You know so many high-level players!” Some of the guild members were already taking this opportunity to flatter their guild leader. Without a doubt, in their eyes, Level 36 players were at a high level and to have so many high-level friends was certainly something praiseworthy.

“Hah, that’s nothing. Our guild leader’s level is even higher than theirs.” Someone disdained and switched to a different angle to flatter Ye Xiu.

The guild chat returned to its harmonious state. The high-level characters had left the guild and no disturbances appeared. Only one person was very confused: “What? I’m not…….”

Only six players remained of the original twenty in the party. Apart from Ye Xiu’s group of friends, there was Blue River and that very confused brother.

Blue River understood him well. This was because he knew that he wasn’t a spy from their guild. He obviously wouldn’t have understood what Lord Grim meant previously and had no idea that Lord Grim had glossed over the fact that they were all spies.

Should he do the same and pretend he was confused?

The thought crossed Blue River’s mind. He then discovered that this was what Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You had proposed. It was just that the others had considered it as unnecessary. Did he unknowingly walk along this path?

Blue River wanted to let nature take its course. But when things came to head, he found out that he still had to use his brain. Just like now. It’d be weird if he didn’t say something! Those who didn’t know what was going on should be puzzled like that other brother. He should do the same! Although, Blue River really felt too lazy to pretend any longer.

Whatever! In the end, Blue River really was too lazy and so he didn’t say anything. He took his account, added the extra points from the level one Guardian and then left the party to level.

Right now, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. It was just that he didn’t have any interest right now in being a spy and making a name for himself with this open account in Guild Happy. He knew that, right now, he didn’t want to touch his Blue River account. The one that represented their Blue Brook Guild.

“Oh? There’s still two people left. Were these two sent by the guilds?” Chen Guo saw that after beating the Guardian, almost all of the high-level characters left. Only these two remained.

“How would I know? I’m not God.” Ye Xiu said.

“This one seems like he isn’t fake, but where’d he run off to? What is he planning on doing?” Chen Guo commented on the two characters.

Ye Xiu shook his head.

“You’re really shameless though. You actually used spies from other guilds to help you in beating the Guardian.” Chen Guo said.

“It’s fine! It’s fine!” Ye Xiu said, while using his mouse to click on a few names on his friends list.

“Who are these guys?” Chen Guo asked.

“Herb Garden, Tyrannical Ambition, Blue Brook Guild, etc. Their tenth server’s guild leaders.” Ye Xiu introduced them to Chen Guo. Chen Guo knew these guilds well in the Heavenly Domain, but she didn’t know anything about them in the tenth server.

“Though with your strategy, you’d still be fine even if they weren’t there.” Chen Guo said.

“No way. Did you see my character after beating the Guardian?” Ye Xiu said.


“I was almost out of mana!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah?” Chen Guo seemed to have figured something out.

“Without these high-level characters, this strategy wouldn’t have worked. My mana wouldn’t be enough to whittle down the Guardian’s health the entire way.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo understood now. To others, it just looked like the other party members just needed to put out damage. But if their damage output wasn’t high enough and the battle dragged on for too long, the two characters, who controlled the aggro, would have run out of mana and been unable to continue.

“Then… If you didn’t have these guys, how would you have done it?” Chen Guo asked.

“Uh…… Then, we’d have had to wait until we got to a higher level.”

“So you’re saying that thanks to these spies, you were able to beat the level one Guardian?”

“Basically!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Even though it feels very shameless, it…….. Feels quite amazing! Were any of them from Excellent Dynasty?” Chen Guo said.

“Maybe you can go across the street to ask?” Ye Xiu said.

“I really want to.” Chen Guo nodded her head honestly.

“Ha ha ha. Forget about it. A casual thanks is good enough.” Ye Xiu said. He clicked on a few names from his friends list and sent them his sincere thanks. Chen Guo could already imagine how these guild leaders would feel when they received the message.

“F*ck your sister!”

And just like Chen Guo expected. Cold Night, Plantago Seed, Lonely Drink and the other guild leaders went insane after receiving these messages. The spies they had sent out had become laborers for their enemy. In addition, Lord Grim’s words didn’t mention any spies. He actually regarded them as helpers that the top guilds had kindly sent to help him. People who didn’t understand the situation wouldn’t find any problems with Lord Grim’s thanks. Only the top guilds and their crafty players would feel even more furious over his thanks.


That night, players from all over the place furiously cursed his name.

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