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Chapter 340 – The Gods Erupt

Random Firing. This was the Boneyard Wild BOSS Blood Gunner Yagg’s Berserk skill. As for players, this was a Sharpshooter Level 60 skill.

But compared to the BOSS’s Random Firing, who knew how many times better the Great Gunner Cloud Piercer’s Random Firing was.

The Blood Gunner’s was a true random firing, but Cloud Piercer’s had order within the randomness. Being able to accurately hit targets without missing was already incredible, but even more terrifying was that during the brief moment, he completed a Delivery Gun. This was a godly performance.

Being Samsara’s home stadium, there were naturally many Zhou Zekai fans. With such an astonishing display, the largest craze today erupted.

Wild applause and cheers drowned out the broadcast. As for the broadcast, they were all delighted. The crowd’s excitement was exactly what they wanted to see from the crowd.

Zhou Zekai might not be very good at interviews, but on stage, his ability to stir up the crowd didn’t lose to any player.

Team Two’s four players had been forced back. Wu Yuce’s Carved Phantom had been directly sent flying away. The other three didn’t have an opportunity to rescue him; they were still being suppressed by the Random Firing!

As soon as Random Firing stopped, Cloud Piercer continued his barrage. He sprinted forward, chasing after Carved Ghost. The forced back three players were finally released. Deng Fusheng’s Angelica rushed forward with his shield raised, hoping to block Cloud Piercer’s bullets. Suddenly, Zhou Zekai Slide Kicked, diving past Deng Fusheng’s Angelica.

Deng Fusheng immediately had Angelica jump to the side. The moment the two passed each other, Cloud Piercer suddenly stood up and struck out with a Knee Strike.

The attack had been both fast and sudden, but Deng Fusheng wasn’t slow. He raised his shield and backed away. He didn’t try to block him off because he knew that Gunners had the skill, Punisher, which would force him to be knocked down. Against this type of skill, even using “Shield Counter” wouldn’t block its effects.

The instant Deng Fusheng felt the strike hit his shield, he moved his shield to one side and stabbed forward with a Holy Punishment. His blade flashed with light and a cross appeared on the ground. However, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer was already gone. Deng Fusheng was surprised, but then he saw a shadow flit across the ground. He hastily lifted up his head to look, but blood had already splashed into his line of sight. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had leaped over his head and at the same time, the two guns in his hands continued to dance about. This time, the bullets poured down onto him like rain.

Random Firing. Random Firing again. Except this time, the Random Firing had been done in the air, making it more difficult to use. But it seemed like this sort of problem didn’t exist for Zhou Zekai. The even more difficult maneuver, hitting a single target using Random Fire, had been achieved beautifully.

Of course, a Level 60 skill like Random Firing wouldn’t have a short cooldown. However, Sharpshooters had a skill called Dual Load, which allowed them to repeat a skill that was on cooldown. Zhou Zekai had clearly used this and doubled Random Firing’s cooldown. This was what allowed him to use Random Firing in quick succession.

Random Firing was supposed to be an AoE skill, but in Zhou Zekai’s hands, it had been twisted into a single target skill. The entire attack focused onto Deng Fusheng’s Knight. Even though the Knight was the class with the highest defense, it wasn’t a small blow. Even worse, Zhoue Zekai’s attacks didn’t stop there. He ignored the target he had been chasing and after landing on the ground, he began circling around Angelica, running and firing.

The atmosphere of the crowd grew even wilder.

Zhou Zekai was actually suppressing Deng Fusheng. For such a situation to occur on two All Stars didn’t mean that Deng Fusheng was weak, but rather, Zhou Zekai was too strong. So strong that it was beyond the norm. There were already die hard Zhou Zekai fans waving around banners calling him the “Glory’s Number One Expert”. With Zhou Zekai’s current performance, he really was living up to the name. Team Two’s four players had practically been broken up by him alone. Wang Jiexi, Deng Fusheng, Zhang Xinjie, Wu Yuce, these were all famous and resounding figures, yet in front of him, they appeared as if they were just random players.

Team Two hurriedly tried to turn the situation around. Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria flew after Cloud Piercer, but was suddenly blocked by Huang Shaotian. The two fought a dazzling battle and for now, it was difficult to say who was on top.

As for Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost, which had been sent flying away by Zhou Zekai, was now being taken care of by the sole two female all stars. These two had a good sense for tactics and were also good friends. In private, the two often played together and as a result, their current coordination showed this. Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost was a rare kind in the pro scene, a Phantom Demon and Sword Demon hybrid. However, despites his all-roundedness, he was unable to keep up with the 2v1 and was slowly being pushed back.

Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric was a support class without many DPS skills. He wanted to go and save them, but he was suddenly blocked by Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar. The two began battling unhurried.

Zhang Xinjie observed the situation. Team One’s intents really had been what Huang Shaotian had been chattering about. They wanted to split them apart and fight 1v1s. After their formation was broken apart, the two formed this type of situation. Team One consisted of completely offensive characters. In a 1v1, Team Two would certainly suffer. In addition, Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost had already died. After quickly scanning around him, he saw that Wang Jiexi and Huang Shaotian were in a deadlock. Deng Fusheng was being suppressed by Zhou Zekai quite miserably. As for Wu Yuce, calling it miserably would be an understatement, in a 1v2 situation, he was simply taking a beating.

It had to be known that Chu Yunxiu’s biggest weakness was that she often collapsed under pressure, but since this was the All Star Competition and just for show, she had absolutely no pressure on her. Her performance right now wouldn’t lose to top-tier Gods like Wang Jiexi or Huang Shaotian. With her as the main attacker and Su Mucheng, who was an expert at coordinating with others, Wu Yuce had practically no way of fighting back.

Speaking of top-tier Gods, Team Two had one more.

Han Wenqing and his Desert Dust had originally been on the reserve player seat. After Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost died, his character would automatically take his place. There were many areas on the map his character could appear at. Even if they were in the middle of a battle, as long as they were in such an area, they could switch positions. However, the switched out character would be in a cooled down state. Even with health or mana recovery equipment, the character would not be able to recover until he was switched back in onto the field.

Han Wenqing and Desert Dust had already been switched in, but he still hadn’t arrived yet. Zhang Xinjie glanced at the map and discovered that the two sides were fighting in an area a distance away from any exchange area. No matter where Han Wenqing chose, it would require some time for him to arrive.

Wang Jiexi and he weren’t in any danger. Deng Fusheng was being suppressed, but he could hang on. However, Wu Yuce couldn’t wait. Against an attack on all sides like this, it wouldn’t even take 30 seconds for him to die, let alone that in a 2v1.

He originally thought that he’d be able to rush over and heal him, but as it turned out, that plan wasn’t going to work. Zhang Xinjie was growing very worried. What type of opponent was he up against? Yu Wenzhou wasn’t trying to do damage to Zhang Xinjie’s Immovable Rock, his goal was simply to stop him from aiding his ally. This was something completely within Yu Wenzhou’s capabilities.

If this situation continued, Team Two would be in a deep trouble. Zhang Xinjie saw that dragging it on wasn’t an option. The other three also realized this, but the only person who could do something was Wang Jiexi.

Neither Wang Jiexi nor Huang Shaotian could find an advantage. Once Wang Jiexi saw that his team was in a very bad predicament, continuing to fight with his chatterbox was a complete waste of time.

He turned his broom around and Vaccaria flew off. He didn’t try and save Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost and instead went to the aid of Zhang Xinjie.

This decision made Zhang Xinjie very pleased. Wang Xinjie flew over and threw down a Lava Flask, surrounding Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar in sea of flames. Vaccaria chased after him and began attacking randomly. This sort of tactic could be considered Yu Wenzhou’s greatest bane. He could see what Wang Jiexi was trying to do and he knew what he was going to do, but no matter how well he understood it, he wasn’t able to respond. In this type of situation, Yu Wenzhou could only let out a bitter laugh as he ran for his life.

Huang Shaotian naturally understood that his team’s captain would suffer greatly against Wang Jiexi, so he hurried over to save him. But then, Wang Jiexi completely abandoned him as his Vaccaria flew around the skies like an arrow, not only messing with Blue Rain’s two players, but also randomly throwing magic and items at Zhou Zekai, Chu Yunxiu, and Su Mucheng.

In terms of damage and threat, it did very little. But similar to Zhou Zekai’s initial Random Firing, Wang Jiexi’s sudden eruption instantly threw Team One into disorder. Deng Fusheng took advantage of this moment to group up with Zhang Xinjie. Knight and Cleric, one defense one support, would have trouble killing someone, but would also be very difficult to kill. A very disgusting combo.

The almost dead Wu Yuce suddenly received support. His spirit immediately rose and tried to find a chance to regroup with Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric.

However, to his surprise, Chu Yunxiu suddenly displayed an unprecedented toughness. After Wang Jiexi resolved the other teammates’ situations, he focused his attention on messing with the two female players. But Chu Yunxiu didn’t back away. Instead, she shot forward with her defenceless Elementalist and actually planned on taking the incoming damage in order to blast apart Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost once and for all!

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