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Chapter 339 – Each Side With Their Own Shortcomings

If this type of surprise attack agitated their team, then Team Two wouldn’t deserve to be called all stars. Huan Shaotian’s Falling Light Blade had been sudden, but Team Two didn’t react slowly. Tiny Herb Vice Captain Deng Fusheng’s Knight Angelica stepped out on his own and raised his shield to take the blow: Shield Counter.

Shield Counter’s effects were determined by the skill that was used against it. When a direct attack was Shield Countered, the damage from the attack and its effects would be reflected back onto the attacker according to a certain percentage. It could be considered quite an abnormal defensive skill.

Even though Falling Light Blade fell from the sky, against the shield, it had no way of continuing down. The reflect from the shield would give rise to a knock up effect. How could the experienced Huang Shaotian not know this? He immediately dispelled his skill and switched to a Falling Phoenix Slash, sweeping past the lone defender.

Huang Shaotian being able to use so many movements in such a short amount of time wasn’t something an ordinary Glory fan could do. The crowd had already erupted into cheers.

Deng Fusheng had no way of using Shield Counter to receive Falling Phoenix Slash. If he changed directions and his position, allowing him to use another skill, he could try again. However, Shield Counter was on cooldown right now. How could he use it again? However, he wasn’t the only player on Team Two. Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria, dressed in a black magic robe and a large wizard cap, hopped to the side. He waved his arms and a Shadow Cloak headed towards Troubling Rain.

Dark Mantle was a Grab skill and had high priority. At this moment, Wang Jiexi choosing use it against Troubling Rain’s Falling Phoenix Slash meant that he had the utmost confidence he would be able to block it.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had rushed out, firing rapidly towards them. Amidst the high speed exchange, his gun aimed towards Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria. If Wang Jiexi persisted in using Dark Mantle, then he would certainly be hit by Zhou Zekai’s firing.

Wang Jiexi immediately decided to cancel his Dark Mantle and leaped backwards. Deng Fusheng’s Angelica perfectly switched positions with him.

Angelica’s shield blocked Zhou Zekai’s firing. Huang Shaotian’s Falling Phoenix Slash didn’t receive any hindrances, but his target had already moved away, causing him to miss.

Li Xuan and Wu Yuce didn’t idle around either. They cast an Ice Boundary and Flame Boundary. Ice and fire overlapped headed towards Troubling Rain.

No matter how good Huang Shaotian was, he had no way to run from this encirclement.

Team Void relied mainly on Ghostblades. Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost was also considered the number one Phantom Demon. Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost was also a top-tier Ghostblade. In setting up an Ice and Fire Boundary, who could do it better than these two?

Sobbing Ghost’s Silver Tachi, Four Heavenly Dances, buffed Ice, Fire, and Dark attribute skills. The Boundary set up by his Ghostblade would certainly be stronger than a normal one.

Even for Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain, being surrounded by these two Ghostblade Boundaries immediately made the situation difficult for him. If it had just been a Flame Boundary, then with Huang Shaotian’s exceptional mechanics, dodging those fire ghosts wouldn’t have posed a problem. However, with an Ice Boundary on top of it, he didn’t immediately get turned into ice, however his movement speed had slowed down. With this movement debuff, how could he dodge these fire ghosts? A mob of ghosts instantly leaped onto Troubling Rain’s body, enveloping him in a purple fire.

With Troubling Rain trapped, Team Two prepared to surround him. Suddenly, a bang reverberated through the air and several ice walls erupted from the ground, putting up a wall protecting Troubling Rain. Chu Yunxiu’s Elementalist Windy Rain had come out.

“Retreat!” Zhang Xinjie immediately shouted. But these experienced all stars didn’t need his reminder and had already scattered. Sure enough, Windy Rain waved her hands forming a magic symbol. “Bang!” The ice walls shattered and ice shards shot wildly into the surroundings. But Team Two had backed away in time. The damage from one or two ice shards hitting could be ignored.

Amidst the rain of ice, Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain rushed forward with a Triple Slash. His speed was even faster than those ice shards and in an instant, he had closed in on Sobbing Ghost.

Sobbing Ghost might be a powerful Phantom Demon, but the “Sword Saint” Troubling Rain wasn’t an ordinary Blade Master. Troubling Rain moved like a shooting star and arrived in front of Sobbing Ghost in the blink of an eye. Troubling Rain clearly had movement speed increases on his equipment.

He initiated with an Upwards Slash and this time, no one could save Sobbing Ghost as he was launched into the air. Li Xuan immediately adjusted himself in order to break the knock up, when a cannon shot fired from far away. Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain had sent over an artillery shell.

Team Two’s players were quite helpless against Su Mucheng’s attacks.

Their team composition consisted of a Witch, a Knight, two Ghostblades, and a Cleric. They didn’t have anyone that could match a Launcher’s range. In terms of pure DPS, their Team Two had no way of competing against Team One. They required teamwork using different strategies to outlast the other team. There was nothing they could do about the long ranged attacks, but their team wouldn’t fall into disarray just because of that.

Under Zhang Xinjie’s shot calling, Team Two’s players didn’t hurry to surround Su Mucheng and instead went to save Sobbing Ghost.

Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost still hadn’t come down yet after being launched up. Huang Shaotian had completed the first step and Su Mucheng had completed the second step by firing an explosion to get him away from his allies. Next up was Zhou Zekai, who executed a brilliant Delivery Gun. Their plan was to send Sobbing Ghost farther away in order to take him down first.

It seemed like trying to save him wouldn’t be easy.

Chu Yunxiu’s Elementalist continued to fire AoE magic attacks, blocking their advances. Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain stuck close to them, charging in and out. His head also carried a bunch of word bubbles, adding to his annoyance. Apart from this, Su Mucheng’s Launcher chased after behind them with artillery shells. Team Two could only grit their teeth and dodge.

As an all star and the number one God of Ghostblades, it wasn’t as if Li Xuan could do nothing about the Delivery Gun. However, the problem was Delivery Gun wasn’t the only thing he had to worry about. Yu Wenzhou, Team One’s shot caller, hadn’t joined in on the intense battle previously, but at this moment, he came out. His Warlock Swoksaar calmly cast all sorts of curses and magic. His movements weren’t quick, but they were extremely accurate. In addition, his actions synergized very well with Zhou Zekai’s firing. It was very difficult to believe that these two had never played together before.

With these two top-tier players coordinating spectacularly together, Li Xuan was unable to escape. The reason he was able to hang on though was because of his character’s advantage. Ghostblades had relatively high innate Dark resistance. The Warlock’s curses and magic were all Dark attribute attacks. As a result, Sobbing Ghost didn’t take as much damage. This issue could be eliminated by increasing the tempo, however, everyone in Glory knew of Yu Wenzhou’s famous “handicapped hands”. Besides increasing the tempo, you could have him do anything else. It was a pity. His hands weren’t able to keep up. This sort of weakness couldn’t be resolved.

However, this issue only dragged things out a bit longer, that was all. Ghostblades had never been solo characters, plus, it was a 1v2. Wasn’t he already in an extremely unfavorable position?

Li Xuan urgently needed help, but help was coming late.

Even though Team Two were strong as a whole, they had one clear weakness: range.

Su Mucheng couldn’t be ignored and since she was used to supporting behind Ye Xiu, this formation was extremely favorable for her. Under Yu Wenzhou’s lead, every player’s strengths were completely brought out. For example, Huang Shaotian charging in and causing a disturbance. Causing a disturbance would make the opponents feel annoyed and who else was better at this than Huang Shaotian? He could put out two attacks as well. Those strings of word bubbles were already making some of the audience members unable to bear it.

Team Two could do nothing about their slow advance.

In the end, Li Xuan’s reinforcements didn’t arrive on time and under the suppression by those two players, his character died in battle.

Team One’s supporters immediately cheered and felt like this team competition was completely worth the ticket price.

As soon as Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost died, Huang Shaotian immediately ran away in order to avoid them switching their focus to him. Chu Yunxiu and Su Mucheng had changed their attack patterns as well.

To their surprise, Team Two used this time to suddenly break out from their previous restrictions and immediately blocked off Yu Wenzhou’s Swoksaar.

Escaping from an encirclement couldn’t be done with just decision making and knowledge. After all, some decisions could only be made with a high enough hand speed. This once again hit upon Yu Wenzhou’s weakness. His current plight was extremely terrible as the four assaulted him fiercely.

However, Team One’s rescue wasn’t as restricted as Team Two’s. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer Slide Kicked into the encirclement to the audience’s cries of alarm. They all thought he had thrown himself into a trap and killed himself. But then, Cloud Piercer jumped up, dodged an attack, took out two guns, crossed them in front of his head and repeatedly fired.

Sharpshooter Skill: Random Firing.

Sidestepping, turning, stretching his arms, crossing his arms, Cloud Piercer continued to shift stances as if Zhou Zekai was controlling the Random Firing.

Gunshots rang through the air and bullets flew out randomly. The four players on Team Two had actually all been blown away out of their formation. Wu Yuce controlled his Ghostblade to quickly jump back in order to get out of range, but who would have thought that after this jump, he would never touch the ground again.

The stadium once again erupted into cheers. Zhou Zekai was even using Delivery Gun, while Randomly Firing!!!

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