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Chapter 337 – All Star Competition

Even though the audience cheered when the dirty Fang Rui fell, he didn’t care at all. Although many did not like his way of fighting, he had many supporters as well. If not, then he wouldn’t have been able to enter the ranks of the all stars.

He politely waved his hands towards the audience along with the victorious Yu Feng and then left the stage.

The individual stage was over. Team One had earned 2 points, while Team Two’s had earned 1 points. Team Two was current losing.

Although it was only for show, the spectators still cared about who won or lost. They paid attention to which side their favorite pros were on. For example, Chen Guo naturally supported the team that Su Mucheng was on.

After a few minutes, the second competition, the Group Competition, began. The viewers quietly discussed the possible arrangements for the groups as the players for the first match went out.

For Team One, the first player to come out was Excellent Era’s ace, Sun Xiang. As soon as One Autumn Leaf was projected onto the stage, the crowd erupted into cheers.

For Team Two’s, their first player was Wind Howl’s Lin Jingyan.

Sun Xiang’s mechanics were not below Tang Hao’s and One Autumn Leaf was absolutely the better character. On paper, Sun Xiang had the higher chance of winning.

However, the paper didn’t account for the two’s current conditions.

In the Rookie Challenge Competition, one had been beaten with a “junior succeeds the senior”, while one had been beaten with a “still too green”. Both defeats had been somewhat embarrassing. Especially for Sun Xiang, since he had dug the hole himself. It had only been two days since then. If their mental states hadn’t adjusted, then their performance on stage could very likely be affected.

When the two sides fought, Lin Jingyan performed efficient and ruthless as always, while Sun Xiang clearly was having a bit of situation. Young people could rarely compete with the veterans in having this type of inner quality. Even though Sun Xiang was stronger on paper, the deciding factor in a match was still their performance on stage. Nothing praiseworthy could be said about Sun Xiang’s current performance. In the end, Lin Jingyan’s Three Hits still had a quarter of his health left, when One Autumn Leaf fell.

Sun Xiang silently exited his booth amidst the crowd’s boos. Chen Guo was even less polite and began ridiculing him. If this had been yesterday, she wouldn’t have gone so far, but after hearing of Ye Xiu’s past, Chen Guo didn’t have any good feelings towards Team Excellent Era. This clearly showed that Chen Guo cared more about the players than the team, so when she discovered a bad relationship between a player and his team, with the team being unjust, her opinions of the team naturally turned sour. How could she care about Sun Xiang, Ye Xiu’s replacement? As soon as she saw that he wasn’t helping the team win any advantages, she immediately looked down on him.

After Sun Xiang answered a few interview questions, he hastily exited the stage. The second player in Team One’s group was Team Misty Rain’s Li Hua using the Ninja, Dark Forest.

Li Hua was known for his quick mechanics and constantly changing movements. This type of player was the bane of a veteran with a deteriorating condition like Lin Jingyan. In addition, Dark Forest had a full health bar, while Three Hits only had a quarter health left. This time, Lin Jingyan was defeated.

Team Two’s followed up with Team Seaside’s Zhao Yang using his Qi Master, Boundless Sea.

Qi Masters were an all around class. They had both offensive and defensive skills. They could support and burst. They were very easy to pick up. However, once things reached the pro level, there wasn’t any advantage in being “easy to pick up”. No matter how difficult the class, at that level, all of them were being played at extremely high levels.

The battle between these two was another intense fight. Each side displayed their character and play style’s strengths. Neither side made any obvious mistakes either. In the end, Zhao Yang was able to defeat Li Hua with the small advantage Lin Jingyan had brought.

The final player to come out for Team One was Team Hundred Blossom’s Tang Hao. He had succeeded earlier with his “junior succeeds the senior” and was at peak condition. Against Zhao Yang’s Boundless Sea, he easily defeated him.

Team Two’s’s final player was unexpectedly Team Thunderclap’s Xiao Shiqin.

The audience was very surprised by this arrangement. This was because they all knew that Xiao Shiqin was good at team play. In the All Star Competition, players weren’t allowed to participate in more than one competition, so the audience had expected Xiao Shiqin to participate in the team competition. In this team of all stars, all of them should be a better choice than Xiao Shiqin, no?

In any case, the match began and just as expected, Xiao Shiqin’s solo ability couldn’t be compared to Tang Hao. Even if his character Life Extinguisher was slightly better than Tang Hao’s Delillo, he was still beaten.

In the end, Xiao Shiqin was defeated and Tang Hao had made a turnaround for Team One. Team One won the group competition and earned two points. They were now winning 3-2. Undoubtedly, the final team competition would determine who won and who lost.

Before that, there was a quick rest break and highlight replay. The audience recalled the all stars that played in the group competition. They discovered that on paper, Team One had the advantage. Sun Xiang and Tang Hao, the two second-year rookies already had God-level skill, while the players that came out for Team Two’s truly weren’t as good.

Of course, Sun Xiang didn’t play well and lost the first match, making many of them look down on him. In the end, Tang Hao defeated two opponents and played outstandingly in this All Star Competition. The players he had defeated were after all, All Star level players.

After a short break, the final performance in the All Star Weekend was about to begin. This sort of brawl between all stars could really only be seen in the All Star Competition. That sort of one on one play could be seen normally when two teams fought against each other.

As for which players were chosen for the two teams, all the audience had to do was eliminate the ones that had already gone up. The only part they didn’t know was who would be the substitute player.

Twelve players came up on stage one after the other. After receiving interviews asking random nonsense like if they had the confidence to win or not, the twelve players entered their respective booths.

The map was projected onto the stage and the arrangement for the two teams was immediately clear.

For Team One, the main roster consisted of Samsara’s Zhou Zekai, Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, Misty Rain’s Chu Yunxiu, and Excellent Era’s Su Mucheng. Their reserve player was Samsara’s Jiang Botao.

For Team Two’s, the main roster consisted of Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi and Deng Fusheng, Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie, Void’s Li Xuan and Wu Yuce. Their reserve player was unexpectedly Han Wenqing!

Han Wenqing being the substitute was a big surprise to the viewers. However, after looking more closely at Team Two’s arrangement, they understood why they had Xiao Shiqin participate in the group competition.

Team Two’s had two Master Tacticians, so with Zhang Xinjie there, they could let Xiao Shiqin participate in the group competition. The six remaining players on Team Two’s was their most balanced formation. Wang Xinjie and Deng Fusheng, one active, one quiet. Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie, one offensive, one supportive. Li Xuan and Wu Yuce, the Ghostblade duo. Without a doubt, Team Two’s play style would be full of variations.

As for Team One, they were clearly an offensive oriented formation.

Apart from Yu Wenzhou’s Warlock, Swoksaar, their team didn’t have any other supports. Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master Troubling Rain, Zhou Zekai’s Sharpshooter Cloud Piercer, Chu Yunxiu’s Elementalist Windy Rain, Su Mucheng’s Launcher Dancing Rain. They were all offensive classes. Only their reserve player, Jiang Botao’s Spellblade Empty Waves had decent crowd control with his Wave Sword and Wave Boundary.

However, looking at them from an offensive perspective, Team One had both extremely long ranged and close ranged members. Just from their range, they had an all around offense. Their team formation hadn’t been randomly chosen.

As for their team lacking the very important support and crowd control classes, there wasn’t much they could do about it in the All Star Competition. After all, the more popular players were certainly the ones who were more offensive oriented players. It was just like how in football, the forwards were definitely more eye catching than the rear guard. And since the all stars were chosen by popular vote, they wouldn’t have such a good team composition like a normal team. Their end result had clear faults, but there wasn’t much they could do about it.

In comparison, Team Two’s had included both supports and crowd control characters inside, so their formation was more perfect.

The host and broadcast clearly recognized that this was the true climax for the All Star Event and began to build up the suspense. The commentators analyzed both side’s team formation. When the excitement hits its peak, that was when the All Star Event’s team competition officially began.

An impressive ten of Glory’s top-tier characters from their respective classes were participating in this battle. Team One’s shot caller was Yu Wenzhou. As for Team Two’s, even though Wang Jiexi’s shot calling was good, he gave the position to Zhang Xinjie. These two Master Tacticians would lead the confrontation between the two sides.

Team One arranged their troops and then directly rushed forward. Team Two’s seemed to have understood their intent. Their five players scattered and found their own spots on the map, waiting for the other team’s players to come up.

This sort of tactical intent obviously couldn’t be revealed to the opponent. However, there was a flaw in this All Star Event due to the projection!

The hosts had specially installed windows in the player booths to let the players have a taste of the projection technology. However, at this moment, the projection technology allowed Team One to see Team Two’s tactical intent. This was something that the hosts had miscalculated. They had only been paying attention to the experience the projection provided and had compromised the competitiveness on accident.

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