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Chapter 334 – Day Three

The two girls still didn’t sleep. They were once again whispering to each other. This was when Tang Rou’s deductions stopped though because, in the end, she didn’t really understand the Glory pro scene that well. Even after she began playing the game seriously, most of her attention was still focused on improving herself. She wasn’t a true fan like Chen Guo, who paid attention to the news reports on the pro scene and all the random gossip there.

The two did a recount of what they had discussed. Even though they had deduced all sorts of scenarios, it would be way too disrespectful and impolite to actually take Ye Xiu’s ID card and force him to explain his background.

“It’d be better to ask when an opportunity comes! If he doesn’t want to say it, then that’s that.” Tang Rou said.

“Okay…….” The gossip demon inside Chen Guo was still burning, but she was still someone who understood what proper behavior was.

“The real question is: what is he planning on doing for the future? Is he just going to wait around for a year and then apply with his unspecialized Lord Grim? With his ability, he wouldn’t have any trouble getting in, but which team does he plan on joining? Excellent Era probably isn’t an option, no?” Chen Guo said.

“It’d be best to wait for an opportunity to ask…….” Tang Rou said.


The two girls chatted, until they finally fell asleep.

Early next morning, the sunlight lit up the room around their wake-up time. After telling each other good morning, they did their daily routines and then looked at each other. The two sneakily walked up outside their neighboring door.

After hearing Ye Xiu reveal a bunch of stuff yesterday night and then analyzing it, they realized that Ye Xiu had a lot of things he needed to worry about. They couldn’t help but prod carefully, afraid that they might accidentally trigger something.

The two girls put their heads against the door, one on top, one on the bottom, in order to listen. The cleaning lady came out of the neighboring room, pushing a small cart and looked suspiciously at the two of them.

“Cough!” Tang Rou immediately coughed after realizing that they had been discovered.

Chen Guo hastily stood up, turned her head to look at the cleaning lady, and officially said: “There’s no need to clean our room today.”

“Understood…….” the service lady said, pushing her cart over and turning her head every couple of steps. The two felt too embarrassed to continue with their previous actions. They also had to do something to try and explain themselves, so they directly knocked on the door.

After a while, Ye Xiu opened the door. His eyes were sleepy as he looked at the two of them: “Why so early? Are we going on a walk again? Even if you try to kill me, I’m not going.”

“Ah, you’re still not awake? Then go sleep a bit longer!” Chen Guo said. Before yesterday, she didn’t think she’d have been able to speak so nicely to Ye Xiu.

Tang Rou shivered. Ye Xiu also straightened up and immediately woke up. He looked at Chen Guo and after a short pause, he asked: “How long is a bit?”

“However long you want!” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu continued to be shocked. He looked towards Tang Rou and pointed at Chen Guo: “Did something happen?”

Tang Rou looked up at the ceiling: “It’s probably your strength as her idol!”

“Really? Wow!” Ye Xiu put out the expression pros used when they looked at the camera after winning a match: “Buy me breakfast and send it to my room.”


Ye Xiu closed the door, almost hitting Chen Guo’s nose.

Tang Rou watched as Chen Guo’s warm expression gradually disappeared. After a few twitches, she looked as if she was about to kick the door down, when Tang Rou hastily stopped her: “Can’t you see that he was doing it intentionally? Why do you always fall for his traps!”

Who knew if it was because of Tang Rou’s urge or her idol’s status… but Chen Guo didn’t kick the door. She tugged on Tang Rou: “Hmph, we’re going to eat breakfast.”

In the dining hall, Chen Guo’s furious munching on her steamed buns attracted a few glances from other guests. They were all astonished at how such a pure looking girl could eat so barbarically. For a moment, glances toward Tang Rou’s pleasing appearance were snatched away cleanly.

After annihilating her breakfast, Chen Guo looked at the menu and revealed a hesitant expression. Tang Rou laughed and asked, while wiping her mouth: “Should we bring him something?”

“No! Never!” It had probably been better not to say anything. When Tang Rou asked this, Chen Guo immediately made a decision and got up to leave. Tang Rou laughed once again. She stayed a bit behind her, calling for a waiter to send that room some breakfast. Chen Guo saw her doing this from the reflection from a window, but pretended she didn’t know.

Back at her room, Chen Guo continued to vent her anger through the TV by mashing the remote control and switching channels randomly. Tang Rou didn’t say anything about that. She turned on the computer and logged into the game. When she got in, she discovered that Ye Xiu was online.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Tang Rou said surprised.

“I woke up from the noise and didn’t want to sleep anymore.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Breakfast will be sent to you soon.”

“Oh, thanks.”

After only a short exchange, Chen Guo came over. Seeing that Tang Rou was playing Glory and then the chat, she angrily said: “Didn’t he say he was sleepy?” She then rushed out of the room to knock on the neighboring room’s door.

Ye Xiu went to open it. Chen Guo wanted to say something, but she didn’t know where to start.

Ye Xiu lowered his head and looked suspiciously at her two hands: “Where’s my breakfast?”

“Two steamed buns the size of my fists. You want them?” Chen Guo raised her fists. They looked like the Striker’s Collapsing Fist, which Ye Xiu’s rival Han Wenqing was an expert at using.

“Little Tang, I thought you said that breakfast was coming. Did you set me up?” Ye Xiu cried out for help.

“A misunderstanding…….” Tang Rou’s voice floated by.

They had only finished half of their planned shopping spree yesterday, but Ye Xiu said that he refused to come today. Chen Guo and Tang Rou discussed for a bit and then decided not to go, either.

As a result, the two rooms turned into two Internet Cafe booths where Glory was being played. Ye Xiu was watching TV, though.

Each room had a computer. Tang Rou and Chen Guo occupied both stations, while Ye Xiu had been kicked out. The reasoning couldn’t be disputed: “You’re already so skilled, so why do you need to practice?”

“To level up……”

“If it’s just that, then I can help you……” Chen Guo said.

As a result, Chen Guo played on Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim account. A normal player getting the chance to use a Silver Weapon? Plus, the Thousand Chance Umbrella could change forms. Ye Xiu taught her how to use it and then Chen Guo slowly began playing with it. She was practically always switching forms. How was she killing monsters to level up? Wasn’t she just using his weapon as a toy to play with?

Seeing that she was having so much fun, he didn’t stop her. Ye Xiu ran over to look at Tang Rou and instructed her on a few Battle Mage techniques.

Dragon Raises Its Head.

This type of high end technique was obviously way beyond someone like Tang Rou, who wasn’t even Level 40 yet. Even though she had been watching yesterday, Dragon Raises Its Head didn’t seem like much in her eyes. She didn’t really know what was so startling about it.

However, yesterday night, Chen Guo had explained repeatedly how incredible Dragon Raises Its Head was. She didn’t know how many times she had repeated herself, but in the end, it made Tang Rou change her mind and realize why it had been so shocking.

Now that the user was here, Tang Rou really wanted to ask him. It was still early, though. Her character’s level wasn’t quite there yet and there was no way she could practice it yet, so what was the point in knowing?

Although, now, her motivation to level was even greater.

“What’d you think about yesterday night?” After Ye Xiu came in, he asked for Tang Rou’s opinion on the match.

“It felt good.” Tang Rou recalled. Her emotions were quite complicated. She wasn’t able to figure out how to describe it. She just felt that something had sprouted in her and was making her itch all over.

“Do you want to come with me into the Pro Alliance?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Go with you?”

“Yeah! I’m definitely going back. As for you, you’d definitely be good enough to become a pro. The real peak of Glory isn’t a single strong person, but rather to be the Champions of the Pro Alliance! Occasionally beating someone isn’t anything to be praised for. Being able to complete the challenges over the entire season and finally beating every single opponent, now that’s the true throne.” Ye Xiu said.

“But you’ve already become the Champion three times. What’s that to you?” Tang Rou laughed.

“There’s no highest, there’s only higher.” Ye Xiu replied.

“So you’re saying that surpassing you really is going to be hard. Just beating you in PK isn’t going to be enough?” Tang Rou said.

“Kid. Why do you like competing with me so much?”

“No matter how you say it, you’re also at the peak of Glory! We can just look at how many Championships you’ve won to see it. Even if your three Championship titles weren’t consecutive titles, you’re still the one with the most titles in Glory, right?”

“Oh, if you say it like that, then I really am quite amazing.” Ye Xiu looked out from the window.

“Who do you think will stand at the top this year?” Tang Rou suddenly asked.

“This year?” Ye Xiu was startled. Tang Rou had unexpectedly asked this question. He hadn’t been prepared for it.

“You can’t know until the last day! That’s what makes things interesting!” Ye Xiu said.

“That’s true….. Not being able to know until it happens is the most interesting.” Tang Rou said.

“Keep it up. You can definitely become a participant and not a bystander.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“If you’ve made a decision, then don’t be like me!” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou listened and understood what he was saying. She turned her head towards Ye Xiu and laughed: “I’m not 15.”

“I haven’t been 15 in a long time, either.” Ye Xiu grinned.

Today, nothing else happened until it was time for the All-Star event.

Yesterday, the three had shone in the spotlight, especially Ye Xiu. In the press conference after the event, many of the pros straight up told the reporters that he had to be Ye Qiu.

Would their seats be surrounded by dogs today?

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