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Chapter 330 – Quiet Withdrawal

Compared to the pros, the audience members were much quieter. The absolute majority of the audience were supporters of Du Ming. The match had been brilliant and they would clap, but it would only be a sign of courtesy and respect for the winner. No matter what, Du Ming losing wasn’t something they could be happy about.

However, this time, even though Du Ming lost, there weren’t any boos. This was because those who understood Glory could see that Du Ming wasn’t against some random new player, but he was against a true expert. The more experienced players felt the same as the pros and recognized the legendary “Dragon Raising Its Head”.

It was too incredible to believe, but it happened right in front of them.

Who was this challenger?

Everyone wanted to know the answer.

Chen Guo, who had initially been shouting and jumping around excitedly, suddenly froze the instant “Dragon Raising Its Head” came out. But she still kept her posture straight until Du Ming’s Blade Master fell.

Dragon Raising Its Head!

Chen Guo was also an experienced Glory player and, as a fan of Excellent Era for so many years, how could she not recognize Ye Qiu’s sole specialty?

Her thoughts returned to that night in the winter.

“Let me tell you a secret. I’m actually Ye Qiu……”

Chen Guo still remembered these words, but at that time, she hadn’t believed him. This was because she had clearly seen Ye Xiu’s ID card as proof. Someone could be called by different names, but their ID card couldn’t be wrong, right?

The ID card had dispelled all of Chen Guo’s doubts towards Ye Xiu. From then on, she had considered Ye Xiu as a pro who hadn’t been able to make it that far and eventually had no choice but to find a job at her Internet Cafe.

Even though Ye Xiu displayed extraordinary skill, Chen Guo wasn’t too surprised since he had still been a pro once. In the pro scene, there were differences in skill. However, no matter how bad they were within the pro circle, they would still be far superior when compared to a normal player in terms of skills, so being incredibly skilled wasn’t anything strange! That was what Chen Guo had believed.

But now, Dragon Raising Its Head appeared! Up until now, not a single person had been able to successfully recreate it, but Ye Xiu had…….

“Could he really be Ye Qiu?” Chen Guo’s mind was a mess.

Chen Guo wasn’t the only one whose mind was a mess. When Du Ming’s Blade Master fell, the host’s mind went into a mess as well. His head replayed the previous scene, where the two players turned back and continued to fight nonstop……..

“Ah……. How unexpected. It seems like Du Ming’s very nice today! This time, he unexpectedly let the challenger win again. Ha ha. Beating a pro must feel good, right, challenger?” The host hastily announced the end of the match and began giving excuses for Du Ming. His words indicated that Du Ming had let the challenger win on purpose.

The host wasn’t unfamiliar with Glory, but his words completely exposed the fact that he hadn’t watched the match at all.

In that match, Du Ming hadn’t been nice at all. He had been suppressed from the very beginning to the very end. There wasn’t any niceness in that.

As soon as the host finished speaking, boos began to come out. These boos were directed at him. Putting the match in that kind of light was way too shameless.

After hearing the audience’s reaction, the host felt that he had made a mistake, but his eyes were stuck on the electronic screens, afraid that Du Ming would refuse to give up and would instead continue fighting.

However, a new match didn’t appear. The screens had already switched to the replay for “Dragon Raising Its Head”. The commentators were already excitedly shouting: “Let us see the replay. The replay.”

“Everyone look, the Falling Light Blade should have allowed him to dodge it, but…… the head turned and then the chomp! That is without a doubt Dragon Raising Its Head! That is definitely it! Just who is this second challenger? Because of a few technical difficulties, we weren’t able to see him come up onto the stage, but now that the match is over, will we be able to find out who this mysterious challenger is? Many of us have already thought of the same name: Ye Qiu!

After seeing the replay, the commentator’s words had shocked the host.

“That guy was God Ye Qiu?” The host recalled the person’s appearance, but it was somewhat fuzzy. At that time, he had been extremely anxious and hadn’t paid attention to the rescuer’s appearance.

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and introduce the challenger to everyone.” The commentators said to the host through his earpiece. The host regained his composure and glanced at the big screen. The two characters had already exited the game and the event looked like it had returned to its normal state.

As the host walked to the center of the stage, he asked the players from both booths to come down.

Du Ming came down. Right now, he no longer had that depressed face from when he lost to Tang Rou. His face was filled with complete surprise.

And on the other side, Tang Rou had come down as well. She slowly walked over with a smile.

But what about next to her? There was no one there!

The second challenger, who had called himself a substitute, was nowhere to be seen.

“And him?” The host unexpectedly didn’t pay any heed to Du Ming and instead asked Tang Rou first.

“Which him?” Tang Rou asked.

“Your friend. The one who just fought.” the host said.

“Oh, he went to the restroom.”

“The restroom…….” The host almost fainted. The backstage broadcasting team had also noticed the situation and called out to him: “That guy? Where is he?”

“He went to the restroom…….” The host said quietly and heard sounds like the other side falling over from his earpiece.

The host, the backstage employees, the audience members, and even the pros, they had all wanted to see the challenger.

“Turn on the lights!” the backstage team directed. The stadium immediately lit up. Everyone looked around wildly, but aside from those three on stage, there was no sign of anyone else.

“Uh, the challenger’s stomach wasn’t feeling too good, so he went to the restroom……” the host said evasively.

“I don’t suggest waiting for him to come back…….” Tang Rou said to the host.

The host felt gloomy. Going to the restroom had clearly been an excuse. Had he slipped away? That meant…… that guy really might have been God Ye Qiu, the Ye Qiu who never exposed himself to the public.

The host’s mind accidentally wandered off, but it was quickly called back by the backstage broadcaster’s shouts.

At the pro player seats, the pros hadn’t been able to see the challenger’s face, so they could only guess.

“It’s him. It’s definitely him!” Huang Shaotian said to Yu Wenzhou, “Restroom? Do you believe that? He definitely slipped away because he didn’t want to be exposed!”

“Yeah.” Yu Wenzhou nodded his head: “He’s very experienced with playing cat and mouse. They probably won’t be able to find him.”

“He he, Dragon Raising Its Head……” Huang Shaotian muttered and then looked at Sun Xiang’s ugly expression: “It was as if he had slapped his face. Could he have been working together with Han Wenqing?”

“Using Dragon Raising Its Head at that moment is very normal.” Yu Wenzhou plainly said.

Team Tyrannical Ambition, Team Tiny Herb, etc. There were many pros who were familiar with Ye Qiu. At this moment, they were all raising their heads and looking at that replay.

“Dragon Raising Its Head……”

Han Wenqing had a thought.

It was a move that hadn’t been used in two years. To suddenly use it now in front of millions of people, was it really just a coincidence that he chose to use it?

Dragon Raising Its Head…… Could he be saying that he wouldn’t lower his head? Was it a declaration of his return?

The majority of the pros were now even more certain that the challenger was Ye Qiu after seeing his stealthy escape. They continued to discuss, but in the end, there really wasn’t too much they could talk about. It was just that they hadn’t been prepared, which was why they had been so shocked. Ye Qiu had already withdrawn quietly. It was the same as every match he had ever been in. He would never appear in front of the public. The only thing that he left behind was his incredible achievements.

“How unfortunate for Du Ming……”

After seeing Du Ming return to his seat, it looked as if he had seen a ghost. Many empathized with him.

In the end, they were only spectators. No one could be more shocked and frightened than Du Ming was. He had originally thought that he would be able to have a nice and relaxing time playing against some normal players, but in the end, he had been the one to be utterly crushed. When he got back to the team, the others went up to talk to him, but he had to take a while to answer, as if he were Zhou Zekai.

Ye Qiu.

Every person in the stadium was discussing this name. The host continued on with the scheduled event and invited the second pro to come up. But the audience’s claps were few and sparse. Their minds clearly weren’t ready to move on, yet.

Tang Rou had already returned to her seat. The audience’s attention towards her was even greater than for the pro player who had just gone up.

Chen Guo was finally no longer standing up like a statue. She had changed to a statue that was sitting down. When she saw that Tang Rou had returned, she looked at her blankly and asked: “And him?”

“He left early.” Tang Rou said, while looking around. The surrounding audience members were all looking towards her. One of the audience members who were sitting next to Tang Rou simply went up and asked: “Was that person God Ye Qiu?”

The surrounding audience members were waiting for Tang Rou’s reply.

“Let’s go!” Chen Guo suddenly stood up and pulled Tang Rou away.

The audience members couldn’t stop them from leaving and could only watch as the two left without answering their question.

On stage, the host was getting the next lucky challenger to come up onto the stage, but who could care about that right now?

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