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Chapter 326 – Refusing to Give Up

Du Ming’s face fell ashen. He didn’t dare be careless anymore. He brought out 120% of his concentration and quickly seized the advantage.

At the pro player seats, besides Samsara’s players, everyone else laughed crazily.

They could all clearly see that Du Ming’s skill level was absolutely above that girl’s. It was just that the girl wasn’t a simple normal player. Du Ming had been careless and had unexpectedly gotten into a such a low probability occurrence and lost. And that wasn’t all. When the low probability occurrence happened again, they were beginning to doubt whether it really was a low probability.

In the audience’s eyes, when a pro player fought against a normal player, the pro should win ten times out of ten. But currently, they had played a total of three matches and Du Ming had actually lost two of them. Another wave of boos and shouts flooded the stadium. Right now, even if Du Ming won the next match, he wouldn’t be able to win back his reputation. In order to prove that those two losses had just been lucky flukes, he’d have to win at least eighteen matches in a row. But they were at the All-Star event; how could they be allowed to do that?

Thinking of this, Du Ming’s mood fell even further into depression. But he didn’t dare get distracted. If he lost again, then he wouldn’t be able to even show his face anymore.

The complete mess of a match continued. The stage showed the projection and the host could only stand there with a face full of bitterness. He had already sent other employees to continue urging Chen Guo and he constantly looked over in that direction. In the end, he saw Ye Xiu walk down and, after a short blank stare, he recognized him as someone who was with the two girls and immediately went to welcome him.

“I’ll go call her down!” Ye Xiu said to the host.

“Thank you! Thank you!” The host was so moved that he almost broke down crying.

Ye Xiu looked around and pointed in a direction: “Can I go up that way?”

The host stared blankly for a second before nodding his head: “Yes, you can…..”

Ye Xiu nodded his head and followed along the edges of the stage to there. The host watched as Ye Xiu walked and then the host scratched his head in doubt. Because of the projection, all of the lights were turned off for the match. The little ladder over there couldn’t be seen in the darkness. That person……. seemed to be quite familiar with the stage.

Although, in the end, he had come to save the event, so the host settled down and continued to pay attention to the match’s situation. This time, Du Ming actually went all out and completely dismantled Tang Rou’s random attacking strategy. Du Ming carefully determined which of the random attacks were effective, which ones were misses and, through this, he ferociously sent out counterattacks.

This match ended very quickly and the host reckoned that his rescuer wouldn’t be able to make it in time! But if the two came down to talk…….

There was no if…..

Tears streaked down the host’s cheeks. The two didn’t come down from their platforms and began a new match. And this time, the entire audience was able to see that the person to make the challenge was once again Du Ming and not the loser, Tang Rou.

Tang Rou decisively accepted the challenge again.

“HA HA HA HA, Du Ming’s really impatient!” Many of the pros were laughing. They knew what Du Ming was thinking. He was impatient to hurry and win more matches to take back some of his face. He knew that there wasn’t enough time to completely negate those two losses, but he had no choice; he could only do things like this. Using what few minutes he had, he had to win as many matches as possible!

Tang Rou once again used her old strategy. Du Ming’s desire to win now had finally reached its peak. He completely controlled the match and not a single opening appeared on him. He repeatedly attacked, finally showing why he was called the “Berserk Blade Master”. This match was won even quicker than the last.

They didn’t exit the match and fought again. The one to initiate the challenge was Du Ming, again.

The booing had stopped and the audience also realized what Du Ming wanted to do. He just wanted to prove himself. He wanted to return fire to the audience’s boos.

As a home player, the audience still supported Du Ming on the inside. Their boos could be considered a wake-up call to encourage him. And the results finally came through. Their boos weren’t for nothing and the crowd felt very gratified.

The next match started again. Even though the previous two matches had been finished quickly, the fact that it was the sixth match already was a reality. As the person responsible for controlling the event, the host was extremely nervous and hard-pressed. His headpiece was filled with sounds from the backstage crew to hurry up and resolve the problem. As for the broadcasting team, they just directly cut to the advertisements.

But how was he going to resolve it? He had gone through a lot of trouble to find a way to get Tang Rou down, but how could he have known that the problem wasn’t on Tang Rou’s side, but Du Ming, who refused to give up proving himself after losing two times……

Helpless, the host could only run over to the pro player seats again and hope that Samsara’s players would persuade Du Ming. But in his heart, he felt that it wasn’t likely. Samsara’s players definitely didn’t want Du Ming to lose face, either, and might even support his current actions. Plus, with Zhou Zekai’s slow responses, he would be asked a question and then think about it for a minute. By the time he finished thinking, the match would be over…..

The host ran over to Samsara’s side and, sure enough, they were all humming as if they were deaf and mute. Right now, Du Ming was going all out. With the opponent not running away and fighting head on, the battles were extremely quick. The matches lasted one to two minutes. As soon as the host reached the pro player seats to say a few words, the match had already ended.

The winner was, once again, Du Ming and the person who refused to rest was also Du Ming.

“Three wins in a row……” Du Ming counted. How many matches did he need to win? He didn’t have a count in his head. He just knew that there wouldn’t be enough time for him to get all the matches he needed, so he didn’t bother thinking about it.

“I’ll just keep going until someone stops me.” Du Ming thought and once again issued a challenge. The other side naturally accepted. The audience let out astonished cries. When was this complete mess of a battle going to end?

As soon as they began, Du Ming immediately put his whole mind and body into the match. The host tried his hardest to persuade Samsara’s members. However, these friends of Du Ming clearly exposed their team’s tacit agreement. Their thoughts were the same as Du Ming: just keep going until someone stops them. But the ones who would stop them definitely weren’t going to be Samsara. As a result, they all sought to delay or ignore the host.

In the blink of an eye, another match concluded. Du Ming successfully won four times in a row. After displaying the skill a pro player should have, Tang Rou had no chance.

Du Ming looked around and, since he didn’t see anyone trying to stop them, he immediately issued another challenge.

Tang Rou didn’t hesitate and went to accept the next match. But when she moved her mouse, she felt a shudder. The instant she was about to click accept, a hand came out from the side and pressed down on her hand.

Tang Rou was surprised, but she was quickly able to recognize who the hand belonged to.

“That’s enough!” Ye Xiu called.

Tang Rou lifted up her head, her gaze determined: “I can win.”

Ye Xiu nodded his head: “You can win, but he can, too. For every ten matches he wins, you will win one. What is that supposed to mean? If you only wanted to prove that you could win, you’ve already done so.”

“I can beat him!” Tang Rou said.

“You think you can beat him?” Ye Xiu laughed, “I think you’re making a big misunderstanding! In Glory, you don’t compete until the last player stands; you compete until the last character stands. Even if you kept playing until he became so tired that he had no way of continuing, I can assure you, the number of times he’ll have won will be much greater than yours. In the end, he’ll have been the one to win, not you.”

Tang Rou stared blankly. She stared at that Battle Mage on her screen and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“And I have to remind you that among the pro players, there are many many players who are just as determined and tenacious as you are. Don’t look down on others!” Ye Xiu followed.

The electronic screen stayed fixed like this. Previously, the match had always started immediately, but this time, there was no response.

“Why isn’t she accepting it?” Du Ming was very impatient. Currently, the score was 5 to 2. He felt that it wasn’t even close to enough. He still wanted to win more to prove himself.

“What’s wrong? Can she not go on?” The pros weren’t laughing anymore and were discussing amongst each other again. For the teams other than Samsara, they didn’t care at all about what Du Ming was feeling. They wanted to use this opportunity to see just how good this new player was.

The only happy one was the host. He reckoned that the rescuer had finally arrived and persuaded the girl to stop playing. As a result, the host stopped bothering with Samsara’s players and ran back to the stage.

On the screen, Tang Rou’s game interface had gone dark. She had already logged out from the game. Tang Rou stood up and was ready to follow Ye Xiu out from the match platform.

But who would have thought that Du Ming would suddenly shout from across the stage.

“What’s wrong? You don’t dare fight me?”

It was a provocation that pros often used, but it was a bit excessive to say that to a normal player. Though for Du Ming, he felt that he hadn’t won enough. Since the opponent didn’t want to fight anymore, he hoped that his opponent would say that she admitted defeat or something along those lines.

Not dare? These weren’t words in Tang Rou’s dictionary. She immediately turned around to fight, when Ye Xiu calmly turned on the booth’s speakers.

“How about I give it a try?” Ye Xiu said.

The entire audience went into an uproar. Where did this guy come from?

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