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Chapter 322 – Secret Operation

“He he!” Tang Rou gave a sly smile, “Keep on guessing. But isn’t it already obvious who you are?”


“Ye Xiu is Ye Qiu, no? Am I right?” Tang Rou asked.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu’s calm reply surprised Tang Rou. She thought that she had seen through his true identity, yet he didn’t seem to have any sort of reaction to it. Be it giving an excuse or telling her to keep it a secret, she didn’t expect him to reply so nonchalantly. If he really didn’t care, then why did he go so far as to change his name in order to hide his identity?

Tang Rou couldn’t understand. She looked at Ye Xiu and hoped to hear a reason why. But Ye Xiu returned a sly smile: “You want to know why I use two names? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that.”

“Oh.” Tang Rou answered calmly. Even though she was curious, she could control it. If he didn’t want to reveal his secrets, then she wasn’t going to dig deeper.

“Can I tell Guo Guo?” Tang Rou asked.

“Up to you.” Ye Xiu was as nonchalant as before.

“It isn’t hard to imagine how she would react.” Tang Rou grinned.

“That’s hard to say. She might feel like her dreams were crushed.” Ye Xiu said.

After Tang Rou thought about it for a bit, she nodded her head: “That’s true.”

Ye Xiu chuckled and didn’t say anything more. Tang Rou returned to her original seat, but Chen Guo still hadn’t come back yet. After waiting a bit, the stadium’s lights began to dim. The break was clearly over and only then did she receive a short text from Chen Guo grumbling about the line to the restroom.

The event continued. The next All-Star Weekend event was the most traditional event: Player vs Pro Battle.

For this event, the pros would come out and receive challenges from the audience.

After the host announced this, Ye Xiu looked towards Tang Rou. Sure enough, he saw that the girl looked very eager to have a go. After hearing the host say they would be using the answering device on the seats armrest, she immediately put her hand on it.

Once the host finished explaining the process, he began to introduce the pro that would go up: Team Samsara’s Blade Master, Du Ming.

Even though he wasn’t a top-tier God, Du Ming was a part of Team Samsara’s main roster. His foundation was sturdy and his playing was bold. He was a player whose style stood out and was nicknamed the “Berserk Blade Master”. With the home ground advantage, he was met with loud cheers and applause from the crowd.

When Du Ming went up, he accepted a brief interview and then went to the competition platform. The host began to call for the audience members who wanted to challenge him to get ready..

“The instant that the electronic screen gives the signal, press on the answering device. Our system can detect them with an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second to determine who pressed it first. Everyone pay attention to the screens. Get ready.”

When the host finished his words, the stadium fell silent. There were quite a few audience members who wanted to challenge the pros. They were all focusing on the screen, waiting for the instant the signal popped up.


All of the electronic screens flashed at the same time. There was even a “Ding!”, the in-game notification sound used in the game. Those who wanted to participate immediately pressed the answering device. The host also raised his head. The first participant would soon be revealed on the electronic screens.

“Area C Row 18 Number 23!!!”

The instant the electronic screens revealed the result, the host shouted out the winner.

“Congratulations to this participant for having the chance to challenge Du Ming.” The host finished his report. The entire stadium was in an uproar. Those who had a good memory looked at this familiar seat number and quickly remembered that in the High Jump event, Su Mucheng had chosen this exact seat number. It was the beautiful Battle Mage.

“Impressive!” Ye Xiu was also amazed. He didn’t expect Tang Rou to actually have pressed the answering device first.

“I guess it’s luck?” Tang Rou was also quite surprised. For a method like this, she really didn’t expect herself to have won with just her own skill.

“Good luck.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” Tang Rou got up and headed towards the stage again. The surrounding audience members all had an astonished expression on their faces. To be called up onto stage twice in an All-Stars Weekend had never happened before.

Though the host didn’t have a very good memory. When he looked at the seat number, he didn’t find anything astonishing about it. But once he saw Tang Rou go up on stage, he finally realized that she had already gone up on stage before in the High Jump event. She was one of the two very eye-catching beauties.

“Ha ha…….” The host organized his thoughts and then said: “Who would have thought that our winner would be an old friend! But we’ll still be going on as planned. You’ll still have to introduce yourself, even though everyone already knows you.”

“My name is Tang Rou and I play as a Battle Mage.” Tang Rou smiled.

“She has only played Glory for a month and she’s already gotten the chance to play with a pro player up on stage. Not only that, but she’s about to get her second chance! Miss Tang, your luck really isn’t ordinary!” Tang Rou had been the most eye-catching of all the guests that had come up on stage, so the host at least remembered this about her.

“I’m very honored.” Tang Rou said.

“Then let us see how you’ll do! Oh, right, do you still need an account?” the host said.

“Yeah I do!” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“Is the one you used previously okay?” The host asked.

“That’s fine!” Tang Rou didn’t object.

After receiving her account card, Tang Rou went to the competition platform. Right now, the audience were murmuring about her ridiculous luck. Chen Guo returned from the restroom and when she heard this, she cried out in surprise at Tang Rou’s luck. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, was aware that it might not necessarily be luck.

Tang Rou had talent in Glory. No one doubted this. Even someone like Wang Jiexi recognized it. And today, under the eyes of all the pro teams, Tang Rou had made a grand display. After knowing that she had only played Glory for only a month, that sort of performance was enough to catch the attention of these pro teams.

As for Samsara, using their home-ground advantage, they could very easily rig it so Tang Rou would be invited for this event. Tang Rou’s second appearance might not have been luck.

Ye Xiu thought of this as the match officially began.

The maps were chosen by the player. Tang Rou didn’t have any maps she was familiar with and just chose a random one.

The two characters appeared on the map and rushed towards the middle of the stage. Soon after, they both appeared within each other’s sights.

The two players didn’t have their characters stop. They continued to rush forward. Just before they were about to close in, a blade flashed! Du Ming had made the first move!

Tang Rou immediately moved and her character sidestepped it. She was also the type who liked to initiate, but before she could do so, the other side attacked. For Tang Rou, being at a disadvantage as soon as the match started was something she rarely saw.

Du Ming’s hit didn’t connect, but he didn’t give any chances for Tang Rou to counterattack. His character turned his hands and used an Upward Slash.

Tang Rou reacted quickly and rolled to the side, dodging it.

Triple Slash!

Sword Draw!

Rising Dragon Slash!

A rapid combo flowed out from Du Ming’s Blade Master. Blade light flashed around Tang Rou’s character. After just barely dodging the Triple Slash, the Blade Master’s next hit connected with her back. Experience was something Tang Rou was severely lacking. Her decision-making clearly wasn’t good enough and she was hit by the Sword Draw. The following Rising Dragon launched Tang Rou’s Battle Mage into the air.

Falling Phoenix Slash!

Rising Dragon Slash into a Falling Phoenix Slash was a commonly used Blade Master combo. To the audience, seeing the combo coming out of a pro’s hands seemed to add to the impact.

The descending slash could not be dodged and she was cut down from her waist. Du Ming wouldn’t let up. After a Falling Phoenix Slash, he followed up with a Falling Light Blade and he chased after Tang Rou’s falling character like an arrow.

Tang Rou’s quick fingers burst forth. As soon as she hit the ground, she quickly used a Quick Recover to roll to the side. Du Ming’s Falling Light Blade descended, but it had been dodged. When he lifted his head after finishing the animation, a battle spear thrust towards him like a viper. Du Ming hastily put up a Guard. “Dang!” He blocked the Dragon Tooth and was pushed back several steps.

Even though the Guard had been successful and he wasn’t stunned, the damage was only reduced and he would still take damage. Under this situation, a Battle Mage’s Chaser would be created. Tang Rou fired the Neutral Chaser towards Du Ming.

The Chaser automatically chased after the target and couldn’t be dodged. But just as it was about to explode, a blade light flashed and the Neutral Chaser was split into two before exploding. Du Ming had sliced it apart.

“How unfortunate…..”

The audience wasn’t too interested in this match. They all hoped to be able to go up onto the stage and fight with a pro.

As for those in the pro player seats, they were all watching the match intently. Like Ye Xiu, they were wondering if Samsara had rigged the event in order to have her come up onto the stage. Although, this was also what they wanted to see, too. Everyone wanted to know just how good this player, who had only played for a month, was.

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