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Chapter 321 – After the Fireworks

Even though Tang Rou made everyone feel astonished, this wasn’t a stage that was set up for her; this was the All-Star event. After the High Jump, there were still other events. Which is why, no matter how mysterious and amazing Tang Rou was, the host could only give her so much attention.

“To have such skill after only a month of playing, that’s quite amazing, no?” The host walked to the three pros and asked them.

“It’s very amazing. I think she should consider entering the pro scene and further progress there.” One of the pros said.

The audience immediately turned into an uproar. Pro scene? That was a completely different existence. That was the true “Heavenly Domain”.

However, the host had a lot of experience. He wasn’t a stranger to these kinds of words. The words were more of an exaggerated compliment. He didn’t want to switch the focus back to Tang Rou at this moment, so he just laughed and continued to interview the pros. Afterwards, he interviewed the remaining players, even the Sharpshooter. Though when it got to him, the entire crowd booed. The Sharpshooter clearly wasn’t in a good mood. After answering two questions, he concluded the interview.

The host gave the chosen guests souvenirs and ended the event.

This result made Chen Guo very pleased. She had the chance to meet with her favorite idol and talk face to face with her. She received the entire stadium’s cheers during the event and, in the end, she even won the acknowledgement of her idol. She couldn’t be any happier. As for that shameful Sharpshooter, she had long forgotten about him.

Under the audience’s envious stares, the two returned to their seats. Chen Guo sat down and patted Ye Xiu’s back. She was the type of person who liked to share her happiness with others. Her way of sharing just happened to be more intense.

“That must have been fun!” Ye Xiu laughed.

“It was very fun.” Chen Guo said with her face full of smiles.

“And comrade Little Tang?” Ye Xiu put his hands up like a microphone and extended them towards Tang Rou’s mouth as if he were interviewing her.

“It was pretty fun.” Tang Rou smiled. The gaze she gave back to Ye Xiu seemed to hold a profound meaning to them.

After a short break, the host announced the third event: Targets.

This was also a traditional game played during All-Stars. The characters stood on a pillar and flying discs would come from all around them. Contestants could use any way they liked to break these flying discs and obtain points. The person who earned the most points was the overall winner.

“Next up, we invite Team Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian to pick this event’s four lucky guests!” the host shouted. The lights dimmed and a pillar of light descended onto Huang Shaotian as he stood up and walked towards the stage. This guy actually did have a bit of stardom in him. As he walked, he waved to the crowd.

“Hello, Shaotian.” The host shook Huang Shaotian’s hand.

“Hi to you. Hi to me. Hi everybody!” Huang Shaotian’s opening words were always more than other people’s.

The host clearly knew about his situation and began to sweat on the inside. The event was a live broadcast, so there was a certain time limit for each event. He couldn’t give him the chance to talk too much or else they would go off-schedule.

As he thought about this issue, the host didn’t give an introduction and directly asked: “Shaotian, how do you plan on picking our four lucky guests?”

“I want to use four different ways to pick our four lucky guests.” Huang Shaotian said.

He really does like to talk……. The host muttered to himself. With his face beaming like usual: “Then, how about we start?”

“For the first method, I want to use the random selection. I want to see if I’ll be able to yell out the number I’m looking for. Bro in charge of the machine, when you hear “Stop!”, you’ve gotta be quick!” Huang Shaotian said.

The host didn’t answer back. He waved his hand and the numbers began to roll.

“Ah, ah, just like that? Why didn’t you tell me first? Can I say stop yet? Hm?”

“You can…..” the host said.

“Stop!” Huang Shaotian shouted and the numbers stopped rolling. Huang Shaotian claimed that it had stopped on the number he wanted. No one knew if he was telling the truth or not. The host just complimented him with an “Amazing! Amazing!” and then asked the person with that seat number to come up.

The second method……

The third method…..

The fourth method…….

Huang Shaotian really did use four different methods to choose four guests. The host quickened the pace and shortened the interviews. The three pros that signed up came up and then they were rushed over to their match platforms.

The lights dimmed.

This time, the projected map wasn’t the first to appear. The eight characters appeared, scattered around the stadium. They were quite far from each other. Afterwards, the sounds of metal clanging rang out and pillars of the same size began to rise up from the stadium, lifting the eight characters into the air.

“Ready!” After the pillars locked into place, the host shouted.


As soon as his words fell, countless whooshes sounded out and flying discs began shooting towards the eight players. Every flying disc was a different size and they flew at different speeds and angles.

This was only the beginning, though. Even normal players wouldn’t have trouble dealing with these flying discs. The eight characters drew their weapons and the sound of them breaking the flying discs were quite pleasing to the ear. In addition, after the flying discs broke, they would explode into bright, dazzling colors like fireworks.

This was a first for this event. Even though it was the same game, after each game, something new would be added.

These fireworks didn’t impact the game’s difficulty, but under the projection technology, the visual effects made it look much better.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh……

The flying discs continued to fly out, faster and faster, more and more.

The normal players were beginning to have trouble and, soon, some were unable to keep up.

If the flying disc hit a character, then the character would lose some health. And if the player wasn’t careful, he could be hit off the pillar. If the character’s health depletes to zero or if the character falls off the pillar, then the player would be eliminated from the game. If the character dodged the flying discs, then no points would be earned.

“Oh, no!” Along with a cry, one of the normal players made too large of a step when dodging and stepped off the pillar. He was immediately eliminated from the game.

As for the other three normal players, even though they didn’t directly fall down, in the end they weren’t able to completely block the flying discs. The fireworks exploded on their bodies and the three eventually died.

As for the pros, the four were very calm. Every one of the flying discs that shot towards them were hit down.

The theory was the same as the High Jump. The pros who signed up for the match were obviously those who had confidence in this area. In terms of just this one area for breaking flying discs, they might not be inferior to even a God like Huang Shaotian.

As the flying discs flew faster and faster, the bright fireworks continued to explode around the four pillars. The dazzling colors poured down, glimmering as if it were raining coins.

The applause and cheers from the audience were like thunder, allowing these colorful flowers to fully boom. Finally, when the final round exploded and descended down like falling stars, the flying discs stopped flying out.

The four characters were still standing on the pillars. If the contestants who signed up weren’t able to last until the end, then they might end up as a laughingstock.

The results quickly came out. Huang Shaotian won first, but even he wasn’t able to hit every single one of the flying discs. In the end, he missed two of them. As for the other three pros, they missed many more.

The pillars gradually fell. The characters were sent back to the ground and then faded away. The eight participants returned to the center of the stage to be interviewed. This time, Huang Shaotian was put last. In addition, the host only asked him a single question about how he was feeling. The host answered with a short “Thank you” and then concluded Huang Shaotian’s interview.

The three events all had their own good and bad points. Now, they were over. This time, there was a relatively long break in between. Many of the audience members got up to move around, go to the restroom, etc.

Chen Guo’s thoughts were still on the second event. Ye Xiu seriously doubted that she had paid any attention to the third event. She was completely in her own dream.

The stadium’s lights brightened. Chen Guo came back to reality and after seeing everyone go to the restroom, she immediately had the same feeling.

“Little Tang, are you going?” Chen Guo asked.

“I don’t need to…..” Tang Rou said.

As a result, Chen Guo went by herself. Ye Xiu continued to look around, when he saw Tang Rou sitting at Chen Guo’s seat, looking at him.

“What’s up?”

“Who are you really?’ Tang Rou suddenly asked.


“Mu Mu’s voice is very pleasant to listen to and it’s unique. I can recognize it.” Tang Rou said.

“Oh? What’s unique about her voice?”

“Her words are very clear and clean.”

“How is that unique…..”

“And also that Huang Shaotian is actually Flowing Tree, right?” Tang Rou said.

“But you haven’t heard much from him, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“But his voice is also unique. When he speaks very fast, his words become more pointed.” Tang Rou said.

“You seem to have very good ears.” Ye Xiu said, “You don’t seem like anyone ordinary, either. Tell me, who are you?”

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