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Chapter 319 – Harming Others for One’s Personal Gain

The High Jump event was much more difficult than the Hurdles event. Even though the match was only for fun and winning or losing didn’t matter, repeatedly failing to reach the floating steps was a bit embarrassing. The All-Star Weekend was being watched by numerous Glory fans and no pro player wanted to be remembered in this way.

As a result, those who signed up for the High Jump event all had real skill in this area. There were many areas a player could be strong at in Glory. Every pro player had particular skills or techniques they excelled at. If these pros who signed up for the High Jump were evaluated based on their skill at jumping, then these pros would be among the top of all players.

Su Mucheng jumped the quickest, but the other three weren’t far behind. These four had strong fundamentals for jumping. They continued to steadily ascend as they fought with one another. Those who were hit down wouldn’t fall to the very bottom. They would usually fall a bit and then think of a way to stop their descent at a chosen floating step.

This type of difficult game immediately created a clear divide between the pros and the normal players. Tang Rou’s mechanics were completely based around her hand speed. However, this type of jumping required the player to determine the distance, height, and jumping power. With only her hand speed, every time she jumped onto the next floating step, she had to stop and slowly think about how to jump onto the next one.

Compared to her, Chen Guo was a bit faster at this. Another guest had pretty decent skill as well. But the remaining fourth guest was more miserable. Overall, he was very bad in this area and after a few jumps, without any interruptions, he would fail again and again. He immediately became the star of the show. Every time he fell to the bottom, the audience would laugh.

Even the commentators were paying attention to him. In the beginning, they had been encouraging him, but towards the end, they were stumped for words. He simply wasn’t good enough. It had nothing to do with how hard he was trying.

Being laughed at for failing wasn’t easy for this poor brother. Compared to the other seven contestants, the four pros had already climbed so high that he couldn’t see them anymore. As for the other three guests, even though they were way behind the pros, they were at least steadily climbing.
Having seen the pros fight in the previous match, this brother suddenly felt inspired. He had become a joke, but he could at least drag others along with him.

This guest just happened to be a Sharpshooter, which was a long-range class. Thus, after jumping up a few times and feeling like he couldn’t jump any higher, he took out his gun and fired at the other three guests.

These three guests were completely focused on jumping up. Chen Guo and Tang Rou naturally wouldn’t attack each other. As for the other guest, after seeing the pros so far ahead, he didn’t feel like there was any point in attacking each other. If he made a mistake and accidentally fell down, then that would be very unfortunate, which was why he only thought of reaching the end floating step and nothing else.

The three hadn’t thought of doing anything bad to each other, but unfortunately, they had a poor crackpot beneath them. When the firing began, the three immediately panicked a bit.

Compared to Su Mucheng and the other pros, their jumping skills were greatly inferior. Even under circumstances where there were no obstacles, they had to jump slowly and cautiously. With bullets flying towards them, danger sprang up all around them as they had to both jump and dodge at the same time.

“Ka!” Using normal attacks wasn’t enough for this guest. He fired the Sharpshooter skill that Zhou Zekai had used in the Hurdles: “Thunder Snipe”.

The bullet flew up with a bang.

The bullet headed towards Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze. Chen Guo had played the game for many years and she knew of “Thunder Snipe’s” power. But with her skill level, she wasn’t able to determine where the bullet was being aimed at. Helpless, her only choice was to dodge. However, there wasn’t much time to dodge, so she hastily chose to jump towards the next floating step.

The bullet whistled by. It hadn’t connected with Chasing Haze. But because Chen Guo had hurried the jump, Chasing Haze missed the floating step and fell.

Chen Guo immediately fired her cannon in the air and wanted to use Aerial Cannon to land on another floating step. But with her skill, her mechanics weren’t involved in this move at all, only luck.

Unfortunately, her luck failed her. Chasing Haze had gotten to a few floating steps, but she wasn’t able to steady herself on them and, in the end, she fell to the very bottom.

Chen Guo was furious.

If everyone had been fighting, then being blown down like this wasn’t too bad. After all, that was a part of the game. But the player beneath them had already been seen by everyone as being inferior in skill. It wasn’t possible for him to finish the game and it could be said that he had already been eliminated from the competition. But this guy was hurting others for his own selfish reasons. He wasn’t able to jump up, so he just had to cause trouble for others. It really was somewhat disgraceful.

As soon as Chasing Haze got up after falling down, she directly fired a Gatling Gun at the Sharpshooter.

As if he had found a new toy to play with, the Sharpshooter excitedly began to fight with Chen Guo. Two guests fighting with each other on the ground was a first for this High Jump event.

The audience were at first in disbelief, but they quickly thought of Chasing Haze’s exceptional skill displayed in the video and felt like the fight would be quite fun to watch. As soon as one person took the lead, the others began to clap and cheer.

The Sharpshooter had gotten the wrong idea and thought he was the one being cheered for. His anger was appeased and he immediately began fighting with more energy.

On flat ground, the Sharpshooter’s skill wasn’t as poor as his jumping ability. After the two attacked for a bit, it wasn’t certain that Chen Guo would win. The audience watched for a bit, but didn’t see the skill they were expecting out of Chasing Haze and all felt very disappointed.

On that day, someone else had played on the Chasing Haze account. Quite a few players in the tenth server knew this, but this information wasn’t given in the video, so players from other servers who had seen the video didn’t know of this.

On the ground, the two continued to fight intensely. Up above, the four pros were also fighting fiercely. In the middle, the two guests were the same as before. They didn’t pay attention to each other and continued to jump. But Tang Rou’s character stopped. After seeing that Chen Guo and the other guest were fighting evenly, without hesitating, she stepped off the floating platform and jumped down.

The audience went into an uproar, but Tang Rou was very calm. She didn’t feel fired up enough simply jumping up. But if it was PK, then she was quite confident in herself.

The Sharpshooter was still fighting with Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze and didn’t know that a disaster was coming from up above. The falling Tang Rou jabbed forward with her spear, causing the enthusiastic guest to stumble.Tang Rou’s character didn’t use any sort of stalling method and, after falling down from so high up, her health plummeted to half. Chasing Haze, on the other hand, had used Aerial Cannon to stall. Even though she hadn’t landed steadily, she didn’t take any damage from the fall.

When the Sharpshooter turned to look, he saw that Tang Rou’s character was already at half life from falling. He laughed out loud and believed her to be a noob. He knew that the person playing the character was a very pretty girl, so he teased her in a very casual manner: “Pretty girl, did that hurt? Would you like a hand?”

The second day’s events were interactive, so they didn’t prohibit voice chat like in the official matches. Players could freely communicate through their voice.

When a character fell from high up, besides losing health, the character would also be briefly stunned. This was something Tang Rou didn’t know. She had been prepared to follow up, but then she discovered that she couldn’t move because of her stunned state. This would have given the opponent a good chance to attack, but the guy had decided not to and instead had instead chosen to tease her.

After he finished talking, the stunned state wore off. Tang Rou immediately had her character use a Dragon Tooth.

This max-level Battle Mage had a complete set of skills, but because Tang Rou was only familiar with skills below level 40, she didn’t use the high leveled skills. When she added in points, she maxed all of the skills she was familiar with and then randomly put in points in other skills.

Tang Rou was very serious for this battle, so she didn’t want to test out any high level skills and only used familiar ones.

In terms of PK, Tang Rou was far above normal players. The Sharpshooter was completely crushed. He didn’t have any ability to keep up and tease the girl at the same time. On the other side, Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze had rushed over and didn’t hesitate to fight with Tang Rou in a 2v1. This brother’s situation wasn’t looking good.

The commentators were somewhat unable to keep up. After a short pause, one of them said: “If I’m not looking at things wrong, then these two girls have formed a team…..”

At the same time, the audience members weren’t the only ones astonished; even the spectators in the pro player seats were watching seriously.

“That Battle Mage seems to be pretty good!” someone said.

“Her hand speed is very fast!” The pro level players were instantly able to recognize what Tang Rou’s strongest point was.

“Sigh, but she’s not experienced enough! Why didn’t she use a Raging Dragon there?” another sighed.

Raging Dragon Pierces the Heart was a Level 60 Battle Mage skill. It was a skill that currently wasn’t in Tang Rou’s train of thought.

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