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Chapter 318 – Meeting an Idol

She isn’t actually going to make me go up, is she? Now that things had gotten this far, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but feel uncertain. And when he looked on stage, Su Mucheng was currently hesitating with her answer: “Number 19 or number 23?” Su Mucheng mumbled.

The surrounding audience members had all turned around to look at them. Their eyes were filled with envy. It didn’t matter what her answer was, one of them would have the chance to go up.

“Right now, we only have these two choices. Do you want to flip a coin to decide it?” The host suggested.

“No need. I’ve already thought of my answer.” Su Mucheng said.

“Oh? Then which one?” The host asked.

“It’s…….” Su Mucheng said and then paused with a deep breath. Ye Xiu had figured it out. He was certain that Su Mucheng wouldn’t pick him. The girl was just messing with him deliberately in order to scare him. Unfortunately, her little scheme had been seen through by Ye Xiu and he wouldn’t be fazed by it.

Sure enough, after taking her deep breath, Su Mucheng chose number 23, Tang Rou’s seat.

“Ah! It’s you!!” Chen Guo was the first to shout. She was clearly more excited than the person who was chosen. Tang Rou had been at a loss before, but her mind was clear now. She laughed: “It looks like my luck today is pretty good!”

“Though it’s too bad for a certain someone!” Chen Guo laughed as she looked at Ye Xiu. She patted Ye Xiu’s shoulder: “Sigh. You just barely missed it. Don’t be too disappointed!”

But Ye Xiu’s face was as calm as ever. He didn’t have any sort of envious or jealous expression like the other spectators did. In fact, he didn’t seem disappointed at all. He looked as if everything was just as he had expected.

Chen Guo suddenly remembered that even though she had never heard of his name before, he had been in the pro scene before. It seemed like going up on stage really wasn’t that big of a deal for him!

Chen Guo felt somewhat sorry that she wasn’t able to use this opportunity to deal a blow to Ye Xiu. The host had already called the two forward and the two handed their belongings to Ye Xiu to take care of.

“Work hard and admire our heroics!” Chen Guo handed her binoculars over to Ye Xiu.

“Good luck getting closer to your idol.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“As if you need to say that.” Chen Guo loftily turned around and walked towards the stage with Tang Rou.

“The final two guests have arrived on stage. Two very beautiful girls. Let’s all get to know them.” The host noticed that Chen Guo and Tang Rou were both very beautiful. It could be said that they weren’t much inferior to Su Mucheng.

“Could I ask for your names?” The host asked.

“Chen Guo.”

“Tang Rou.”

The two replied.

“It seems like you two are like Mucheng wanted. Are you two together?” The host asked.

“Yup, we’re good friends.” Chen Guo replied.

“You two were lucky enough to participate in today’s event for the All-Star Weekend. What are your feelings about this?’ The host continued to ask.

“Of course, I’m very excited.”

The questions were pretty much all answered by Chen Guo. After Tang Rou said her name, she just stood on the side with a smile. Her gaze turned as she saw the all-star Su Mucheng, Chen Guo’s favorite all-star, smiling at her. Their gazes met and Su Mucheng waved her hands back, smiling. Tang Rou was somewhat startled, but she quickly returned a friendly smile back.
“Of course it’s Su Mucheng!” At this moment, the host asked Chen Guo who her favorite player was, which Chen Guo replied quickly with Su Mucheng’s name. The host immediately had Su Mucheng come over and interact with her fan. Chen Guo didn’t know whether she was dreaming or not, but everything seemed to go by too quickly as she was rushed over. When she got in front of Su Mucheng, she became a lot more boastful. Hearing Chen Guo’s gentle and low voice talking with Su Mucheng was enough to make people familiar with her feel like it wasn’t real.

But the host couldn’t only revolve around them. After all, the three other pro players and the other two guests were already on stage, as well. They couldn’t be left feeling ignored.

While the host interviewed the other participants, Su Mucheng and Chen Guo were still chatting with each other.

In truth, Chen Guo had no idea what she wanted to say to her idol, though Su Mucheng took the initiative to chat with her about some of the fun things interesting to Glory female players.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to chat. After the host finished with the introductions, the match officially started and the eight players went to their respective platforms.

It was too short!

This was Chen Guo’s only regret. She really wanted to chat with Su Mucheng more. Su Mucheng was no longer that far-away idol that she could only see on the Internet, but instead, she was like a good friend. She really wanted to get closer to her.

Sadly, when the day was over, Chen Guo knew that she would never get another chance. In the end, Su Mucheng was a celebrity-type figure and she was just a normal player. Reality was always like this. When Chen Guo walked up to her platform, she felt quite forced and looked back from time to time at the spot where she had chatted with Su Mucheng.

The event continued.

After the eight players went up onto their respective match platforms, they began to log in with their account cards. The host had obviously asked about their account’s class and level. However, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist wasn’t even Level 40 yet. If she played with the other max-level characters, then it wouldn’t be fair at all, so the host proposed to give Tang Rou a Level 70 Battle Mage account. Tang Rou didn’t complain and gladly accepted it.

The eight players’ characters were projected onto the stage. The electronic screens featured each character’s perspective. But to everyone’s surprise, when Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze appeared on-screen, there was quite a bit of commotion among the audience.

“Chasing Haze? That Chasing Haze?” After seeing that character appear, the audience members suddenly began to discuss with one another.

“Yeah! It’s that one. I remember her equipment.” Some audience members affirmed.

Chasing Haze was quite famous and her fame came from when Ye Xiu used her to battle with Poplar Beach.

Poplar Beach might not have been very well-liked, but in the Heavenly Domain, he was certainly a famous expert. To be beaten so quickly in such a manner caused quite a bit of commotion in the gaming community. The recording for that match had been on the popular videos ranking list for a very long time.

Whoever saw the video knew of Chasing Haze.

During those initial days of popularity, Chen Guo constantly received friend requests every day. Her mailbox had received countless letters with all sorts of content in them. Chen Guo had been tossed from side to side so much that, in the end, she directly closed her ability to add friends and shut down her mailbox in order to go back to her peaceful days.

And now, Chasing haze had suddenly appeared at the All-Star Weekend event, which was quite surprising to the audience members.

Chasing Haze was like a grassroot celebrity. Her fan base could be considered quite large. Her appearance on stage didn’t lose to those three other pro players. As for the other guests, they were only given a polite applause.

The hosts had no way of anticipating this. Quite a few people knew of her. If they had known that such a coincidence would occur, the hosts would have fully utilized it. But right now, the High Jump event was about to begin.

The map was projected onto the stage as the eight characters lined up. The eight characters all had their heads up, looking up at the steps floating in the air.

It was the first time the High Jump event was like this. The floating steps didn’t have any mountain walls as obstacles, so there was much more freedom in the jumping and the competition would be more intense.

The eight players didn’t have much time to look. After the eight characters each got into their position, the match quickly began.

“Bang!” A gun sounded and the match began. The pro players used their own methods to jump up. Su Mucheng, as the all-star, didn’t disgrace her status. She used her Aerial Cannon to jump up and rapidly ascended. After a few ups and downs, she pulled ahead of everyone.

This High Jump event clearly wasn’t as simple as the Hurdles. For that one, if you didn’t know what you were doing, and you just ran straight forward, you would eventually reach the finish line. But for this High Jump, if the players failed their play, they would fall down just as the Sin City clock tower.

Of the four guests, three of them were doing quite well. Only one of them clearly wasn’t good enough. After a few jumps, that player would always fall down. Like that, no one needed to work it out for him. He himself knew that he wouldn’t be able to finish the match.

As for the pros, they began to compete. Like the Hurdles, the pros felt too bad for bullying the guests, so they fought amongst one another. And it was too easy to mess things up for others in this event. If a player was hit by a crowd control or knockback skill, then they would immediately have to start from the bottom again.

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