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Chapter 317 – The Second Event

Star Ray moved quickly and was very difficult to dodge.

However, the more difficult the challenge, the greater the skill required to overcome it. For someone at the top of the pro scene, avoiding the Star Ray couldn’t be said as extremely hard. This was especially so in this sort of scenario where there wasn’t any strategy involved to ensure Star Ray would connect.

However, this wasn’t a serious competition. It was only a show match, so the players wouldn’t think too hard. If they had a skill to use, just use it! It would be a battle of luck!

This Star Ray was thrown out with this type of carefree attitude. As a result, Zhou Zekai wouldn’t be hit by it. The instant the Star Ray flashed out, his Cloud Piercer lightly jumped. While dodging the Star Ray, he also leaped over a hurdle.

“Pa!” The Star Ray directly hit the hurdle and the powerful magic shattered the hurdle.

Wood pieces flew through the air. At this moment, no one was able to hear the quiet “ka” sound amidst this. If they heard it, then the experienced players would realize that this was the sound of a bullet being loaded. Furthermore, this wasn’t a normal attack, but a skill.

As the wood pieces fell, the Witch hastily flew over, when he saw an ice-cold black muzzle pointed at him.


The gunshot was extremely loud. The sparks that flew out were like a small explosion. The gunpowder that flew out raised a dust cloud around Cloud Piercer. It could be seen just how strong the skill was based off of its visual effects. This was a Sharpshooter’s most powerful skill: Thunder Snipe.

Correct, right now Cloud Piercer was holding a giant sniper rifle. When he used the skill, his character would create an item that would fit the skill for the game’s visual effects. Whether it was from the ground or from the air, no one knew where the item came from.

With this distance, wanting to dodge the Thunder Snipe after seeing the gun fire couldn’t be called difficult, but rather impossible.

The Witch was hit in the head by the skill and blood immediately splattered out. Those who were hit in the head by Thunder Snipe would trigger a hidden effect that would cause the bullet to do twice its normal damage.

However, the Witch’s head exploding with one shot was only a visual effect. He would receive a large amount of damage, but he wouldn’t immediately die. However, his rush forward had been interrupted. When the bullet hit, his head flew backwards like a train, carrying his body along with it. In that instant, he went from being second place to last place.

Cheers! More cheers.

In reality, most of the audience didn’t realize that Zhou Zekai’s Thunder Snipe had used the hurdle shattering sound as a cover, but the attack’s power, as well as its quickness, was enough to bring about the audience’s cheers.

Cloud Piercer continued with his Aerial Fire. Behind him were the Battle Mage and Berserker, who were fighting as they ran forward. These two classes lacked long-range abilities. The two were fighting with each other as well and had no way of stopping Cloud Piercer. It was somewhat boring to see the match being decided so quickly. Though for this type of fun event, winning or losing wasn’t really the main attraction.

At this moment, Cloud Piercer’s beautiful and steady Aerial Fire was the biggest watching point, while the two pro players fighting with each other were the second watching point. The four audience members who had entered the show mode and their chaotic fighting were the third watching point. As for the Witch who was blasted away, after climbing back up, his hasty broom riding to try and catch up became the fourth watching point.

The commentators and the screens wouldn’t recap the more technical areas and would displayed the more fun parts instead. For this match, the purpose wasn’t to praise the winners, but to try and get everyone to smile and laugh.

From the looks of it, the first match could still be considered successful. With the winner already decided, the remaining contestants became more relaxed and simply took the match as just a fun match. In the beginning, the pros were only fighting with each other. They felt too embarrassed to bully the audience members. But as the audience members began to attack the pros, everyone gradually began to a huge fight, which was quite funny to watch.

Along with the sound of a whistle, Zou Zekai reached the end destination. And the group behind him? There were only four players left. Of the four audience members, three had already died along the way. The remaining audience member was the female player. The three pros were clearly being somewhat nicer to her. In truth, if the pros were seriously fighting, then the pros would have gotten rid of the audience members long ago and there wouldn’t have been a huge fight. However, since they were simple doing it for fun, the fight turned out like so.

When the four remaining players were about to reach the final destination, the Battle Mage and the Berserker seemed to have suddenly reached an agreement and they began bullying the Witch. Just before they hit the end goal, they killed him off. After that, the two began fighting again, intentionally giving the female audience member an opportunity. The girl swept past the finish line as the second place contestant and the other two also reached there shortly after.

When the match ended, the electronic screen showed everyone’s record and placing. After that, they even put out the stats for things like who did the most damage for everyone to see. The commentators talked about the placings jokingly and the stadium’s atmosphere lightened up even more.

The eight players returned to the center of the stage. The second-place female player received the champion Zhou Zekai’s hug under the host’s directions. With her face red, she scurried off stage, forgetting to pick up her prize.

The other three pros didn’t care at all about the match and were laughing along with the host.

“Zekai, you won the match. How are you feeling right now?” The host still asked the God.

Zhou Zekai replied as if he were extremely prepared and immediately said: “I feel very happy.”

He only said four words and then smiled at the host. The host didn’t attempt to go deeper. The day’s event was mainly for the audience. After saying a few words to the three male audience members, he gave them souvenirs and announced the end for the Hurdles event.

The second event was the High Jump. But for this event, the contestants weren’t jumping for height, but for speed. The goal was to reach the highest point as fast as possible.

In the past years, the map was set on some sort of tall mountain peak. But this year, due to the projection technology, it was only a few platforms floating in the air.

This was done for convenience. If they used some sort of tall mountain peak, then if the projection technology was used, it would be difficult for the audience to see every character. With floating platforms, every player could be easily seen.

“Next up is a pro player from Team Excellent Era. She’s someone we all know and love, Su Mucheng!!”

After the host announced it, the stadium’s cheers and applause shook the heavens and the earth. For a beautiful female player like Su Mucheng, even enemy fans would find it hard to dislike her. It wouldn’t be excessive to say that everyone liked her. Apart from the home team’s players, any other pro or God would find it difficult to contest with the audience’s applause for her.

“Ah, ah, ah, Su Mucheng! Su Mucheng!!” Chen Guo excitedly shouted. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, felt somewhat uneasy. Su Mucheng hadn’t gotten binoculars just to find him and wave at him, right? Right? She hadn’t counted which seat he was in to call him up onto the stage, right?

The occasional joke suited Su Mucheng’s personality. But she knew that Ye Xiu never showed himself to the public, so acting on her own and playing the joke out was somewhat headstrong. Ye Xiu felt like it wasn’t something Su Mucheng would do.

“Mucheng, how do you plan on choosing the four audience members?” The host’s tone was very excited. It was probably because of his previous experience with Zhou Zekai.

“Let’s do it randomly for now!” Su Mucheng said.

“Okay, then we’re going to show the numbers on the screen and it’ll stop when you say stop.” The host said and the numbers began to roll.

“Stop!” Su Mucheng’s shout was almost faster than Zhou Zekai’s. The host almost slipped on the ground, causing the audience to laugh.

After Chen Guo finished laughing, she took a look at the seat number chosen and felt very dejected when she saw that it wasn’t hers. This time, her idol was on stage and Chen Guo wanted to go up very badly.

The speechless host didn’t want to tell Su Mucheng to slow down. He was afraid that she’d be like Zhou Zekai.

For the second roll, Su Mucheng did things normally and told him to stop after a while.

“Ah….. not me again…..” Disappointment was written all over Chen Guo’s face.

“Next up, I’m going to switch methods!” Not waiting for the host to speak, Su Mucheng took the initiative to make a suggestion.

“Oh? Mucheng, what’s your new method?” The host excitedly asked.

“Oh, I don’t have a new one. Can I just randomly call out two seats?” Su Mucheng said.

The host fell over again. Was Su Mucheng going to act like Zhou Zekai?

“I pick Area C.” Su Mucheng said.

“Ah….” Chen Guo cried out in surprise. She was sitting in Area C.

“Row 18.”

“AH……” Chen Guo jumped up. She was in Row 18.

“#21!” Su Mucheng concluded.

Chen Guo’s brain immediately exploded. As if something had blown up, she asked Tang Rou in disbelief: “What number?”

“21! That’s you!” Tang Rou was also happy for Chen Guo. No one knew better than her how much she liked Su Mucheng.

Chen Guo’s gaze was still somewhat blank. Except this time, when she looked around, everyone had their heads turned towards her, their gazes filled with envy and jealousy.

“It really is me!” Chen Guo didn’t know what to do.

Su Mucheng continued: “Next up, I have an idea. I want to choose this friend’s neighboring seats. I think it’ll be very fun if we invite people who know each other to come up.”

“Mm, Mucheng, that sounds like a great idea. Then which one are you going to pick? #19 or #23?” the host said. They were in an odd number only area. Number 19 was Ye Xiu. Number 23 was Tang Rou. After hearing Su Mucheng’s suggestion, Chen Guo shouted excitedly: “AH! We can even go up together!”

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