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Chapter 315 – Event Day 2

“Do you find Glory fun?” Chen Guo asked solemnly.

“It’s not bad.” Tang Rou said.

“Do you think you’ll find it more and more fun as you play?” Chen Guo asked.

“Yeah, I have that type of feeling.”

Chen Guo smiled. Having this sort of upward trend was a good sign. Interest could be built up, too!

After tidying everything up, the three went to eat breakfast together. At the front desk, Chen Guo grabbed a free City S tour guide and looked through it: “See if there’s anything fun to do.”

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou quickly glanced at each other, but Chen Guo caught them. She didn’t even lift her head as she said: “Don’t think of staying in your room and playing games. We’re here on a business trip. There are official matters to attend to.”

Official matters….. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou began to sweat as they listened to Chen Guo studying: “Nanquan Road’s pedestrian street is City S’s largest dining and shopping street. This seems pretty good! Look.” Chen Guo put the tour guide in front of their faces.

Ye Xiu took it and nodded his head. He then suggested: “Boss, what do you say we find a few relatively large Internet Cafes to get a feel for their business and service?”

“I like this idea!” Tang Rou nodded her head.

“No need. I grew up in an Internet Cafe. Who could be more experienced at this than me?” Chen Guo denied Ye Xiu’s suggestion.

After saying this, the three all burst out laughing. Going out on a business trip was obviously complete nonsense. Checking out other Internet Cafes would just be beating a dead horse. Those sorts of thoughts were obvious at a glance.

“Alright, I won’t stop you guys.” Chen Guo was honest, “You guys can do what you want! I’m going to go on a stroll, though. I haven’t come all the way here to do nothing.”

“Uh……” Ye Xiu and Tang Rou thought. Their boss Chen Guo had paid for their tickets, road fares, and hotel fees. She brought them along for a vacation and if the two of them only played Glory, then it’d be somewhat disrespectful. The two slapped the table and decided that they would go out today and not play Glory. They would take a good look around City S.

“Really? Then hurry up and come here. Let’s look for where we should go!” Chen Guo quickly handed over the tour guide to them so they could look at it.

Ye Xiu definitely wasn’t a person who was interested in shopping, so he simply stood to the side and was responsible for nodding his head and saying “Okay.”. After Chen Guo and Tang Rou discussed for a bit, he had no idea where they were going. But in any case, he would follow along!

Their day went by richly. The two bright, beautiful girls attracted the attention of others wherever they went. There was also the person behind the two girls who attracted a different sort of attention. He always looked so lifeless. He seemed like the sort of guy who’d shuffle his feet when he walked.

Ye Xiu’s lifeless look was something Chen Guo and Tang Rou were used to seeing, so they didn’t really care. They followed along their planned route. Initially, they chose five destinations to go to. But in the end, they only got through two of them before they ran out of time. At a modern fashion store, the two sisters spent a full two hours wandering around.

During those two hours, Ye Xiu sat at a seat specially provided by the store for resting. There sat a full row of men. Everyone looked at each other and, if they had something to say, they’d chat with the person next to them. Finally, they chatted until they got to the event that the city was hosting, Glory’s All-Star Weekend, which immediately turned into the main subject. There were evidently quite a few Glory fans here. Everyone discussed excitedly. Some of the men didn’t even want to leave when their female companions finished looking around.

“Go look around some more. Have you went over there, yet?” The men, who were called to leave, often refused in this way.

After finishing up, the two girls had bought quite a lot of things. The most extravagant spender was Chen Guo, who had even bought a pair of high quality binoculars, which were clearly going to be used for tonight’s All-Star Event.

The two girls wanted to continue, but the All-Star Event was something that couldn’t be missed and, in the end, they reluctantly called a taxi and returned to the hotel. After dropping their bags to the floor, they immediately headed towards Samsara’s stadium.

All-Star Weekend Day 2. The pamphlet handed out showed today’s list of events.

The nature of the second day was always as a show. There were almost no competitive elements in the matches. Today’s event was often filled with mini-games, such as Glory’s running race, climbing race, target match, obstacle course, etc.

These very ordinary sounding names naturally had a different feeling to them when they were placed in the game. The key condition was that, in these mini-games, many of them had no restrictions on players attacking each other. Killing opponents was perfectly fine. It was just that everyone had to take note that they weren’t the only contestants there. If two people were too caught up in fighting each other, then the others would win.

These events had been there since the start and were well-received by the audience, so they hadn’t gotten rid of them. Many players even tried to emulate these mini-games for fun.

The second day was also a day where they interacted with the audience more. For these small mini-games, audience members would be randomly chosen to play with the pros.

After showing the mini-game using the projection technology, the event officially entered the first segment: Hurdles.

The projection lit up and an athletic track appeared on stage. Eight runways and eight participants. It looked very realistic.

The host in charge was currently drawing straws. The audience all had their own seat numbers. The chosen all-star would randomly choose audience members to go onstage and play with the pro in the match.

The chosen all-star for the first match was Samsara’s ace player, Zhou Zekai.

“Zekai, how do you plan on choosing four members from the audience?” The host asked Zhou Zekai.

“Uh, it doesn’t matter!” Zhou Zekai said after thinking for a bit.

“We can do it randomly using a computer or you can call out random seat numbers yourself. You could also pick up something and throw it at the audience. Whoever catches it comes. Or if you have any other ideas, you’re welcome to go ahead and do it. How about it? Do you want to think of your own method?” the host said.

“Okay, then that one!” Zhou Zekai said.

“That one?”

“By random.” Zhou Zekai said.

“By random? Are you talking about using the computer?”


“Then, then we’ll use that method to choose an audience member. Look at the screen and when you say stop, then it’ll stop.” the host said. The screen began to display numbers. Zhou Zekai immediately called for it to stop.

The person controlling the screen was somewhat delayed. After Zhou Zekai said stop, two more numbers passed. The host began to sweat furiously: “So you’re yelling stop as soon as possible. Okay, that’s fine. Let’s see who our guest is…… Oh, you’re already here.”

The host didn’t need to call whoever got chosen to come up. The chosen guest had already rushed forward excitedly.

“Okay, next up, for the second guest, are you going to switch methods, Zhou Zekai?” The host asked.

Zhou Zekai’s hands quickly rose. But before anyone could see what he was doing, his hands dropped and he said: “Uh, keep going!”

“Keep going? Are you saying to keep the numbers on the screen rolling? Or are you going to be using a different method?”

Zhou Zekai nodded his head.

“Okay! Then the screen will continue rolling. But this time you can……”


“You can let it roll for a bit longer…..” The host hadn’t finished his words, when Zhou Zekai had already told him to stop. Another seat member was chosen.

Again, without the host needing to call the guest forward, the guest began to head towards the stage.

“Okay, there’s still two more. Zhou Zekai, do you want to switch methods?” The host simply stopped bothering and directly went forward.

“No need.”

“Okay! Then this time, can you wait a bit longer before telling it to stop?” The host asked.

“Okay.” Zhou Zekai nodded his head.

“Good! The rolling continues.” After the host announced it, the numbers began to roll. The host hadn’t been able to stop correctly because of Zhou Zekai’s suddenness, but this time, he was determined to get it.

The numbers continued to roll. The host was ready to stop at any moment. Waiting, waiting. The screen was already growing blurry. He looked at Zhou Zekai strangely. Zhou Zekai was focused on the screen and he seemed to be trying very hard to wait a bit longer before yelling out a stop.



“F*ck!” The host muttered in his heart. He had messed up again. Luckily, the audience was giving him more face and were more empathetic. The guest didn’t come up without him telling him to. Only until the host announced the chosen guest’s seat number did the guest come up.

“For the final guest….. Zhou Zekai, perhaps you could change a method. You can say a random number. It can be whatever you like.” It wasn’t easy for the host either. He hoped that there would at least be some variation.


“Then, what number are you thinking of?”

“17.” Zhou Zekai said.

“17? Oh! 17. How did you come up with the number 17?” The host asked.

“Uh…..” Zhou Zekai “uh”ed but didn’t follow up. His gaze was focused on the host. The host stared blankly for a while and then suddenly thought of something and lowered his head.

The cameraman also figured out what had happened. He quickly switched to the host’s body. His T-shirt had a 17 on it.

The audience laughed. The host wasn’t too embarrassed. He was happy to sacrifice himself for the audience’s pleasure.

Though with just a “17”, it was hard to tell who the audience member was exactly. Samsara’s seats were arranged by area, row, and then number. The host lead him some more until Zhou Zekai finally said a complete seat number.

After sending Zhou Zekai down, the host wiped off a bead of sweat. How tiring! He deserved to be called the most difficult person to interview in the Alliance.

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