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Chapter 314 – I Wouldn’t Get Tired Even After Another Ten Years

“Ha ha ha ha, yeah, yeah. He’s always like that. He’s pretty funny, isn’t he?” Hearing Ye Xiu’s affirmation, Chen Guo also nodded her head and said a few more words about Zhou Zekai.

On TV, the reporters admitted their complete defeat and the scene returned back to Wang Jiexi. His interview session was almost over. Wang Jiexi really knew how to push what he wanted through. During the interview, he spared no efforts in pushing Gao Yingjie into the spotlight. The phrase he used most in his answers was “Tiny Herb’s future”.

Wang Jiexi’s passion might not have been easily felt by the audience, but pro players were easily moved by it.

Especially Ye Xiu, who had seen through his intent. In his eyes, Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie had been the biggest highlight of the Rookie Challenge.

He had silently devoted everything he had to the team. Wang Jiexi’s actions were on a completely different level than everyone else.

He should have been the one to have received the most applause and respect in the Rookie Challenge, but there was no way he was going to get it. In the future, he would be remembered as the God that was beaten by his own team’s rookie.

“Eat! Are you not going to eat?” Chen Guo tapped Ye Xiu, who had been thinking of something else.

“Oh!” Ye Xiu turned his body and continued to eat. Chen Guo once again made a few more comments on Wang Jiexi’s match, which Ye Xiu only smiled at as he listened. He wouldn’t justify what Wang Jiexi did because that wasn’t what Wang Jiexi wanted. Wang Jiexi was a player who was completely devoted to his team. He was the Alliance’s best team captain.

The three finished eating. The news conference was done as well, so the three returned to their rooms. The day had been quite long. After eating, they quickly fell asleep.

Chen Guo had a good sleep schedule. On the second day, she woke up naturally. Although, before she was entirely awake, she heard what seemed to be keyboard and mouse noises.

As the owner of an Internet Cafe, Chen Guo wasn’t a stranger to these sounds. Now that she lived in a room with good soundproofing inside the Internet Cafe, she wasn’t disturbed by these sounds. In the early years, when the Internet Cafe was only a single small room, she shared the room with the customers and the computers. During that time, who knew how many times she had slept on the temporary bed.

At that time, as soon as she woke up, she would hear clicking and tapping noises from keyboards and mice. There was also her father at the bedside, waving his hands as if to fan away the smoke from Chen Guo. No one knew how effective it was, but he always did it like so.

When she woke up today and heard these sounds, Chen Guo felt a sense of nostalgia, as if she were still dreaming.

However, she quickly came to a realization. She was definitely at the hotel and on her bed. She turned her head, along with her blanket, and saw that Tang Rou had already woken up. She was sitting in front of the hotel’s computer. The clicking and tapping was obviously coming from there and, of course, she had woken up early to play Glory.

“You’re really working hard.” Chen Guo said.

“Ah, you woke up?” Tang Rou turned her head.

“Yeah. When did you get up?” Chen Guo got up from her bed and asked.

“Not too long ago.” Tang Rou said.

Chen Guo walked up to her and looked. She thought that there was something really exciting that Tang Rou couldn’t be calm about. But when she got closer, she saw that Tang Rou was only leveling and killing monsters.

“You’re really working hard…….” Chen Guo muttered her previous words.

Tang Rou chuckled. She wanted to hurry and level, so she could play together with Chen Guo in the Heavenly Domain. This had been her previous plan. And now, she had a few other thoughts after seeing yesterday’s Rookie Challenge.

Even though the rookies were some of the least skilled pro players within the pro scene, compared to normal players, they were still extremely skilled. Tang Rou had already experienced this when she fought against Tiny Herb’s members in 1v1s. She had still yet to obtain a single victory. She knew that even though she had some talent, compared to those in the pro scene, she was still far from them.

And this year’s Rookie Challenge had a lot fewer traditional rookies. Participants such as Gao Yingjie, Tang Hao, and Sun Xiang were exceptionally skilled pro players. Their skill levels were on a completely different level than normal rookies. Their spectacular fights against their seniors were truly exciting.

And the atmosphere was only complemented by the new projection technology.

Tang Rou had been moved by it and felt a sort of longing for this type of intense competition. She discovered how lacking everything she did in game was to this. Last night, when she got into bed, she had even thought of the invitation that Tiny Herb’s captain had given to her.

She had already figured out who that person’s identity was.

Tiny Herb captain, Wang Jiexi. After watching yesterday’s interview, Tang Rou remembered the name and remember the person.

Pro Alliance? Tang Rou felt a wave of emotions after thinking of Wang Jiexi’s invitation. When she thought of these two words, she felt an almost magical force attracting her.

However, she clearly understood her position. Wang Jiexi had beaten her in less than 30 seconds. If she really did enter the pro scene……. Tang Rou couldn’t help but think of her initial fight versus Ye Xiu and how she had lost over and over again, completely helpless.

She was still far from being strong! Tang Rou understood this well. In the pro scene, the truly strong could be found everywhere.

That boy who beat Wang Jiexi, that guy afterwards who was the same class as Steamed Bun , that One Autumn Leaf that Chen Guo really liked and the person who beat him……. Against these people, which one of these couldn’t beat her in 30 seconds?

She had to improve! She had to rise!

Tang Rou suddenly felt a rush of motivation. She had motivation and direction.

After getting strong, she would beat Ye Xiu. That was her initial motivation for playing Glory. But now, she was even more motivated because she found so many more opponents to beat.

When she entered the scene, these opponents would fall one after the other to her battle spear. Tang Rou had carried that sort of frenzy with her to sleep.

And when she woke up, it overtook her again. The powerful motivation had gotten Tang Rou to immediately get up and play Glory.

She said to Chen Guo that she had woken “not too long ago”. This was only what she felt. She had already been playing Glory for nearly three hours.

Chen Guo, who had finished her morning routine, saw that Tang Rou was completely focused on the game, so she immediately called: “Hey, hey, stop playing. First, wash your face and brush your teeth, okay? Hurry up and then we’ll go eat breakfast.”

“Yeah, yeah. One sec.” Tang Rou replied, but she didn’t move.

As an experienced gamer, Chen Guo could immediately tell that Tang Rou really did need a bit of time to finish what she was doing, so after throwing down a “hurry”, she left the room to knock on the next door.

“Who is it!” Ye Xiu called.

“You’re still sleeping? Get up!” Chen Guo shouted.

To her surprise, the door quickly opened with Ye Xiu inside, dressed all neatly.

“You woke up pretty early!” Chen Guo said. Ye Xiu chuckled and then ran back into his room. Chen Guo walked in and looked. D*mn, this guy was also playing Glory. These two people had gone out on vacation and they were still like this. The rooms cost 1500 RMB for a day! Did these two guys think that this was an Internet Cafe? That was too luxurious!

“Both of you, stop playing. Let’s eat breakfast!” Chen Guo said.


“You’ve completely ruined Little Tang!” Chen Guo could only scold Ye Xiu.

“She’ll do well in the future.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Oh?” Chen Guo suddenly had interest, “How good do you think she’ll be able to get?”

“As long as she doesn’t lose interest, she shouldn’t have any problems entering the pro scene. As for just how high she’ll go, that’ll depend on how hard she works.” Ye Xiu said.

“How hard she works? You’re questioning how hardworking Little Tang is?” Chen Guo laughed.

“She truly is very hardworking when she’s interested. But what happens when she loses interest one day?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo thought for a bit and then jumped up: “That’s what I mean! You guys need to control your gaming! If you guys keep playing for so long everyday, then won’t you quickly lose interest? Do you understand what it means to maintain the game’s freshness?”

“I don’t need to.” Ye Xiu chuckled, “Even if I played for another ten years, I wouldn’t lose interest.”

Chen Guo stared blankly. Another ten years? Chen Guo thought of herself as someone who loved Glory. But after playing for five years, she couldn’t help but acknowledge that she wasn’t as passionate at it compared to her first years. The current her could control the amount of time she spend on the game very well. Apart from having better self-control, it had to be said that her loss of interest was a factor as well.

Not losing interest even after ten years?

Chen Guo might say it if she was bragging, but Ye Xiu’s tone seemed very casual, but also carried resoluteness and confidence.

Ye Xiu turned his head in a very carefree manner and continued to play.

“Breakfast……” Chen Guo suddenly switched to the subject.

“Oh, oh, one sec!” Ye Xiu played earnestly.

“Okay.” Chen Guo said and left the room, returning to hers. Tang Rou had finished her playing and was currently doing her morning routine in the bathroom.

“Little Tang!” Chen Guo stood by the door and called.

“Hm?” Tang Rou bit down on her toothbrush and turned around to look at her.

“If you kept playing Glory like this, how many years do you think you’ll be able to play for?” Chen Guo asked.

“Years?” Tang Rou was stumped by the question.

“I have no idea.” After a pause, Tang Rou turned her head to reply. To her, this was her most honest answer.

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