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Chapter 297 – I Once Had a Guide

The Sin City’s teams from the top guilds were all undoubtedly from the Christmas event. Through their final present’s rewarded experience and a day of leveling, they were now Level 39. It didn’t need to be said that through the Christmas events, the guilds had obtained quite a few pieces of Level 35 equipment. The members of these teams already had a full set. It could be said that the competition in Sin City had reached a new level of intense fighting. The record previously held by Herb Garden had already been a fairly impressive record.

If it was simply a record being broken, then it wouldn’t be too astonishing. However, Tyrannical Ambition’s record of 29:34:71 had beaten Herb Garden’s by nearly three minutes.

Such a large improvement clearly wasn’t possible to achieve through luck. There had definitely been some sort of trick.

The world was shocked, but when Ye Xiu saw this, his heart relaxed.

“Was it through your guide?” Tang Rou asked.


“Oh? Then how does it compare to your guide?”

“Slightly worse.” Ye Xiu said. This was his reason for relaxing. If Tyrannical Ambition hadn’t made any mistakes during their record-setting run, then Ye Xiu was sure that their guide had a few oversights and wasn’t at the limit yet. As long as Blue Brook Guild precisely did what the guide required, then breaking the record shouldn’t be a problem.

“Then, who bought your guide?” Tang Rou asked.

“Blue Brook Guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh.” Tang Rou had learned these names by now.

It was hard to avoid a discussion in the global chat. After all, three days ago, Tyrannical Ambition had been beaten full of cuts and bruises from public ridicule. But with two back-to-back astonishing records in Line Canyon and Sin City, they came back with a powerful counterattack. With such a record, Tyrannical Ambition’s voice sounded righteous and self-confident.

“Tsk tsk tsk, people from Tyranny are always like this.” Su Mucheng said. As someone from the pro scene, she was used to calling the team’s name this. To Su Mucheng, Tyrannical Ambition was the same as Tyranny.

“Yeah, they’re the type of people to never stop provoking others.” Ye Xiu said.

“If their record gets beaten in a bit, where will their face go?”

“Yeah, they’re too impulsive. They could’ve at least asked me!” Ye Xiu said. If Tyrannical Ambition’s players had come to ask him, he could have told them that their record wasn’t good enough. If they were going to brag, they still needed to try harder or else their reputation would quickly take a blow.

Su Mucheng laughed and then said: “Ask you? You’re the one person Tyrannical Ambition doesn’t want to acknowledge, no?”

“Uh…..” This question really stumped Ye Xiu. Whether it was Tyranny’s people or Tyrannical Ambition’s players, none of them liked Ye Qiu.

When Jiang You saw that the tenth server’s team had broken the dungeon record, he leaped up in joy and celebrated with the person next to him.

“The dungeon run was a success!” Cold Night reported.

“Yeah, I saw it.” Jiang You smiled in response. The guide had been made by him, so he naturally had an idea about what the record should be. Everything that could be done had been done. If they wanted to improve it even further, then it would have to depend on luck. In short, that was as far as it would go.

“We just don’t know about Ye Qiu…….” Cold Night wasn’t as excited as Jiang You.

“Ha ha, the dungeon is fixed. No matter how great Ye Qiu is, there’s a limit to how fast you can go. The record won’t be going anywhere.” Jiang You had put in a lot of effort into creating the guide and had held very high expectations for it. He was clearly a lot more confident in his guide than Cold Night was.

Cold Night saw that the guild leader’s reasoning made sense, but he was still uneasy. He wanted to ask Ye Qiu, but he also didn’t want to appear weak in front of him. Even though Ye Qiu was a great God, as someone from Tyrannical Ambition, he didn’t want to lower his head to him.

Another ten minutes passed from Tyrannical Ambition’s record. The world was still discussing it and no new record came. Ye Xiu’s group of three spent 50 minutes before finally finishing their first run. Without saying anything more, they directly went in again.

Not long after, Ye Xiu began paying attention to the messages again. If a second record was going to come, then it was about time.

Not long after, another announcement really did come out for Sin City. The new record was set by Misty Castle, time: 29:33:46.

1 second! They had only beaten Tyrannical Ambition’s record by 1 second.

Such a small difference was a bit frustrating, but it was common for this type of competition between experts. When Jiang You saw Misty Castle’s record, he wasn’t angry. On the contrary, he laughed out loud and sent Cold Night a message: “Look and you’ll know. His guide is the same.”

Misty Castle had bought the guide last time. Jiang You thought that they did the same this time, too. He hadn’t thought that Misty Castle would do the same as them and also try to create their own guide.

‘Keep trying!” Jiang You encouraged his tenth server comrades. When he thought of Misty Castle’s expense in buying the guide in order to set the record, while their Tyrannical Ambition had relied on themselves, Jiang You felt superior.

Tyrannical Ambition didn’t want to appear weak in front of Lord Grim, but Misty Castle wasn’t the same. Even though they had politely declined Lord Grim’s offer for the guide, with the new record, Hazy Mist sent Lord Grim a message: “How is it? Is this record good enough?”

“Yeah, it’s okay.” Ye Xiu replied.

“If we used your guide, how would it be?” Misty Castle asked.

“It would be better than yours.”

“Really?” Hazy Mist sent a grimaced emoticon. He was unsure if Ye Xiu was cheating him, so he used an emoticon to show his feelings.

“It’s true.” Ye Xiu replied with a sunglasses emoticon. Whether or not Hazy Mist believed him or not was all up to Hazy Mist.

“Uh……. then which guild bought your guide?” Misty Castle wasn’t believing it. If there really was a guide better than his, two records had already been made, so where was that better record?

But he didn’t need to wait for Ye Xiu to reply. An announcement quickly popped up.

Congratulations Blue Brook Guild for setting the Sin City dungeon record, time: 28:12:52.

At the same time, Ye Xiu received a new message from Blue River with two words: “Buy out!”

“Do you believe me?” Ye Xiu grinned.

“I believe you! I believe you! If the price isn’t enough, we can add more.” Blue River even asked to increase the price, showing how confident he was in the guide. The guide’s price had already been cheaper than Ye Qiu personally substituting in. The buyout price was also within Blue River’s acceptable range.

“There’s no need for that. It’ll be the same as that list I sent you in the afternoon!”

“No problem. When we get the materials, we’ll send them to you.” Blue River replied.


He closed Blue River’s chat window. There were still new messages from Hazy Mist.

“Ah ah ah, is it Blue Brook Guild?”

“Sure enough, your guide really is better than ours!”

“What’s your price this time? Tell me it!”

“Hello hello hello hello? Is anyone there?”

Hazy Mist sent him four consecutive messages.

“The guides are sold out.”

“Sold out? You can sell out?” Hazy Mist quickly replied, but when he finished, he figured out the answer: “Blue Brook Guild bought it out?”

“There was once a copy for me, but I didn’t value it……” Hazy Mist left crying. Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night wasn’t as emotional. He had wanted to value it, but guild leader Jiang You was intent on fighting it out. Jiang You had even stopped caring about his work in the Heavenly Domain and focused on the tenth server.

When Blue Brook Guild’s record came out, Cold Night felt that things weren’t looking good. He had previously declined Ye Qiu’s guide. Should he ask him for the guide now? He didn’t want to lower his head to Ye Qiu, but he was always the one who had to do all the dirty work. Cold Night was depressed! However, he hoped that the guild leader would continue being stubborn and refuse to ask Ye Qiu for help. That way, he wouldn’t have to lose face.

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