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Chapter 296 – Can I Buy Out?

Tyrannical Ambition had made their own guide. Ye Xiu wasn’t too surprised by this. With a few prompts to guide their reasoning, it didn’t matter how good they were; anyone would want to try. After all, researching it was free.

Not only Tyrannical Ambition, but Misty Castle was the same. When he asked Hazy Mist, Hazy Mist also evasively laughed, meaning that they didn’t need it for now.

Ye Xiu understood and didn’t expose them. Even if the two guilds researched their own guides, it would only reduce the number of his clients. This type of secret weapon definitely wouldn’t be shared with other guilds or else they would be creating more competitors.

The two guilds that had previously bought Ye Xiu’s guide refused his new one. Ye Xiu chose another guild.

“Another one?” Blue River received the message and replied back.

“Yeah! Last time, you missed it. This time, you should take the chance!”

‘Last time it was Line Canyon. Did Misty Castle use that guide?” Blue River asked.

“Of course.”

“What’s the price!” Blue River said.

A list of materials appeared in front of him.

Blue River quickly skimmed over it and replied: “This…… Not just me, I’m afraid no one in the tenth server can fulfill your needs.”

The list was all Fire Forest uncommon materials. However, they had only begun running Fire Forest two or three days ago and really didn’t have many materials.

“It’s not a rush. It’s not our first time making a deal. We still have trust, right?” Ye Xiu said. What he meant was: ‘you can give it once you have it’.

Last time, when he peddled his guide, Blue River had refused it because he had made a deal with Tyrannical Ambition to give up on competing for the Line Canyon record. He was clearly someone who kept his part of the deal. Even if it was a time when his guild really needed to come back, he didn’t use any loopholes as an excuse to break the deal. How could he not trust someone like this?

“Okay, if you’re fine with it, then it’s not a problem. When we get the materials, we’ll hand them to you. Give me a guide.” Blue River replied.

“Give me your e-mail. I’ll send it to you.”

Blue River gave him his e-mail address and then asked: “Can I ask you something? How many guides have you already sold?”

Blue River was an understanding person. He wasn’t naive. He had completely understood the guide’s value and purpose last time. This guide wasn’t a guarantee for the record. It was only a ticket to the competition. It didn’t make sense for him to only sell one copy. Simply speaking, the tenth server records were once again being controlled by Lord Grim. However, Blue River knew that with Lord Grim’s identity, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Just you for now.”

“Oh? Then….. Is it possible to buy the guide out?” Even though Blue River knew the possibility wasn’t high, he couldn’t help but ask. If he sold these guides, he had ten or so guilds as buyers. Buy out? That would mean that the price would be ten or so times higher. It wasn’t something that they could pay.

“Ha ha…… buy out……”

“I’m going to check the mail.” Blue River saw that Ye Xiu was avoiding the topic, so he said something to break it.

Unexpectedly, Lord Grim messaged him again with a new list: “If you’re going to buy it out, then this is the price.”

Blue River was startled. He discovered that the buy out price which he had originally thought wasn’t possible, looked possible. Compared to the previous list, this buy out price only added a few more items. From the value of the list, it wasn’t ten or so times the price, but only two times the price.

Such a cheap price was completely out of Blue River’s expectations. “No way?” Blue River mumbled and scrolled up and down. That was it. There was nothing after it.

“Is there another message?” Blue River thought. After a bit, another message popped up. When he looked, he saw that it was from Lord Grim: “What do you think?”

“Just this?” Blue River couldn’t help but ask.


Blue River hesitated. It wasn’t because the price was high, but because the price was too low……. How difficult! If the price was high, he couldn’t buy it. If it was too low, he was hesitant because it seemed like there was a trap. Even though the other side trusted him, Blue River wanted to pay him back. But as the guild leader, he was responsible for the tenth server and couldn’t act out impulsively.

“Can I……. think about it?” Blue River asked.

“Oh? How long?”

“Is a day okay?”

“Alright!” Ye Xiu laughed in reply.

How could he not know what Blue River was thinking? If he was going to buy it out, then he had to look at the guide’s value. Blue River would probably test out the guide, especially when midnight came. By then, Blue Brook Guild would begin competing for the records in the 10th server. If he really could set an incredible record, then buying out the guide was the same as buying out the record.

Could the guide help Blue Brook Guild do that? Ye Xiu didn’t know. After all, Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle had already created their own guides using similar reasoning. Ye Xiu didn’t know how good their guide was, either. He was confident in one thing though: Tyrannical Ambition’s and Misty Castle’s guides could be no better than Ye Xiu’s.

There was no limit to player vs player battles because people could progress and change. However, dungeons were fixed. Some of the luck was fixed within a certain range. There was absolutely a limit. As long as the limit was reached, then there was no way the other side could surpass it.

Ye Xiu thought and then continued to play.

He had already finished with Sin City’s dungeon runs. As a result, Ye Xiu did the same as Tang Rou. He flipped through guides while doing the required quests from Level 31-38. Once again, he sat in the same place the entire day, only moving to eat.

At night, Qiao Yifan grabbed his One Inch Ash and got online. When he looked at God’s level, he also coughed up blood. Ye Xiu asked him and, sure enough, their Tiny Herb had their own Christmas event. As a small figure on the team, he couldn’t be so free like Su Mucheng, which was why he hadn’t been online for those two days.

Qiao Yifan knew about the Christmas event’s rewards. He had guessed that he would fall behind in levels, but he had never imagined that it’d be by so much. The God was already Level 38. The two would have difficulty playing with each other. He was currently regretting everything. If he had known earlier, then he would have handed his account over to have it leveled.

Qiao Yifan sighed, but was helpless. There was no way he could catch up on his own; he’d have to have someone level it for him.

As a result, Qiao Yifan didn’t really play much that night. He hastily greeted God and then logged off. He immediately contacted the substitute leveler and handed his account over.

In the blink of an eye, it was midnight again. The entrances to the dungeon areas were packed with players.

Ye Xiu was at his spot during the shift. Tang Rou was in her designated spot as usual. Chen Guo had gone to bed early.

“Are we going to dungeon?” Tang Rou asked. She had been completing quests the entire day. Her brain was fried.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xiu said.

Su Mucheng had already gone online. Ye Xiu and the other two walked over and partied up. Currently, only the elite teams from the big guilds were in Sin City. The wild teams still hadn’t reached here yet. At the entrance, he saw many familiar IDs; they were all players that had teamed up with him during the Christmas event.

They greeted each other half-heartedly and then went into the dungeon.

Three definitely couldn’t compare to five, but that didn’t mean the dungeon would be hard. The three pushed forward. As the time approached 12:30 AM, Ye Xiu began to pay attention to the messages up until 12:40 AM without any news of a dungeon record. Ye Xiu was currently thinking that the first round of running the dungeon has resulted in the guilds all having made mistakes, when he heard an announcement: Tyrannical Ambition had taken down Herb Garden’s Sin City dungeon record.

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