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Chapter 287 – Collaboration

Blue River wasn’t the only one to message him. Cold Night, Plantago Seed, Misty Castle’s Hazy Mist and a few other guild representatives came over to ask as if they hadn’t been involved in Ye Xiu gathering up the Christmas thieves.

“It depends.” Ye Xiu replied to everyone with the same two words.

“God! If you stall like that, then it isn’t good for either of us!” Blue River replied. He had left a few players beneath the clock tower, so those players had seen that Ye Xiu’s group only consisted of three players. Many of the presents had disappeared and weren’t picked up. The scene truly made their hearts ache.

His one wave gathering was a rather heavy blow to them. Everyone was worried that Lord Grim would do it again, so they had to go and ask what he was planning on doing next.

Collaborate with Lord Grim?

It wasn’t as if no one had thought of this. With Lord Grim’s method, it was definitely possible to suppress the other guilds. When the time came, as long as their guild members were a part of the same team as Lord Grim, then they would guarantee a profit. However, when news of that came out, other guilds would certainly group together and attack them.

Thus, after weighing the pros and cons, the guilds that had originally planned on this decided not to and instead decided to urge Lord Grim not to gather the monsters again, so that everyone was on the same level playing field. By helping each other analyze the situation, it was as if everyone was good friends with each other.

Ye Xiu understood this way before they did. The guilds had come across an unexpected accident. They hadn’t had any plans on dealing with Lord Grim initially. When the other guilds saw that Excellent Dynasty held the first fifteen places and were way ahead of everyone else as well, they recognized Excellent Dynasty’s huge investment in the tenth server. Because of this, no one really planned on competing against them on the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards.

The only worried guild was Excellent Dynasty. Only Excellent Dynasty used the Spinning Spiderweb Formation to oppose Lord Grim and only Excellent Dynasty was unhappy with Lord Grim’s placing on the leaderboard.

The first three places had been snatched away, which was already enough to make Chen Yehui detest them to death. But what Chen Yehui didn’t know was that Ye Xiu had then exposed the whole story to the other guilds, instantly infuriating them. They felt as if they had been forced into Excellent Dynasty’s matters and were blamed alongside them.

It didn’t make them feel any better about what Lord Grim did, but their target had increased by one.

Excellent Dynasty!

And at this moment, Ye Xiu actively gave out a suggestion. Collaboration!

Ye Xiu suggested a collaboration, dispelling the guilds’ previous doubts. The guilds had wanted to collaborate with Lord Grim alone, so they had been scared that the other guilds would attack them. But Ye Xiu was asking everyone to collaborate to eliminate the troublemaking Excellent Dynasty.

After the guilds discussed with each other, they felt like it was something they should do. The suggestion called for everyone to work together. The only thing that they were conflicted upon was how the presents would be distributed.

The points from killing the Christmas thieves would be split evenly between everyone in the team. But the presents were free to pick up. Because of this, whoever picked up more or whoever picked up fewer could cause a dispute among them. After all, they weren’t from the same guild and were all enemies. No one trusted each other.

This issue was a very big obstacle. After talking for a while, no one had come up with a good solution.

“That’ll depend on your luck!” In the end, Ye Xiu proposed a suggestion, “We’re all in the same team anyways and can’t attack each other, so it’ll just depend on who’s faster!”

This was pretty much a suggestion to which nothing was said. But in any case, it was a solution which everyone could accept. Players who picked up less were those whose hands were slower. That was their own fault.

The plan was finally made and a team was created.

In Glory, the maximum limit for a party was ten players. Each team could hold ten parties. In other words, a team could house up to 100 players.

And the number of guilds participating was 12. In the end, every guild sent eight players, split between ten parties along with Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou, for a total of 99 players.

The eight players sent from each guild were, without a doubt, the top players of each guild.

Excellent Dynasty executed a sea of people strategy. The other guilds followed the more elite route to counter this. Excellent Dynasty had the advantage in the number of experts they possessed. But the other guilds could concentrate their resources on training a more elite team. After all, only one team was needed to set a dungeon record.

Their collaboration was an opportunity to train their elite team.

If everything went smoothly, then their profits might not be any better than before. But, the important part was that the other guilds not involved would be greatly weakened by this and that Excellent Dynasty would be one of them. If Excellent Dynasty earned less experience in this event, then the experience gap between Excellent Dynasty and the twelve guilds would widen.. Their advantage in manpower would be greatly weakened by a level advantage held by the twelve guilds’ elite teams.

Without delay, the 99-player team immediately began to work together as soon as the plan was made. The players spread out all over Sin City and began searching for monsters.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, who was currently standing next to Soft Mist and Cleansing Mist, didn’t move.

After a short moment, the players that had rushed out had already come back with a Christmas thief behind them.

Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim to meet them and then attack.

One after the other, the Christmas thieves aggroed onto Lord Grim. A team could be considered as an individual entity, so the Christmas thieves’ aggro could shift between teammates. If one player didn’t attack the thief, but another did, the aggro would be snatched by the other player.

After sending Lord Grim their thieves, the other players left. Ye Xiu easily shrugged off the Christmas thieves and began to wander around.

Soon after, a steady flow of Christmas thieves came. Whether due to his own actions or from other players, in the end, they were gathered behind him.

The train once again began. And this time, the train was growing much faster because Ye Xiu had more than 90 helpers.

“He’s started it again!” Chen Yehui didn’t know what the situation was. But as soon as he heard the report that Lord Grim had started the train, he immediately flared up.

“We have to stop him, no matter the cost.” Chen Yehui ordered.

Excellent Dynasty’s players bitterly began to carry out his orders. At the entrance of a street, a team of players had blocked off Lord Grim. Just as they were about to attack, a laser beam shot towards them. Su Mucheng had acted faster.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist also brandished her lance and rushed forward. Her movement speed frightened them. Battle Spirit. For the next 20 hours of the Christmas event, Soft Mist would possess this skill.

With this high-leveled skill that she usually wouldn’t have, the small troop of soldiers were easily blown away.

The players still chased after them, but then they saw a scene that made them dazed.

In front of them was a Tyrannical Ambition player with a Christmas thief. Lord Grim went up and then unexpectedly took the thief’s aggro.

The Christmas thief was set up so that they would only attack the first person that attacked it. For something like this to happen could only mean one thing: Lord Grim and Tyrannical Ambition were on the same team.

This report was quickly sent to Chen Yehui. Chen Yehui was startled at first, but quickly understood what was going on: “Tyrannical Ambition and Ye Qiu are working together?”

Ye Qiu was someone that Chen Yehui detested. Tyrannical Ambition was also their most detested rival guild. Now that two detested groups were collaborating, it made him feel twice the disgust.

“Hmph. The reckless fool.” Chen Yehui laughed coldly. He felt that collaborating with Lord Grim now would make the guild the target of everyone, which would give him the chance to ally with everyone else to take down Lord Grim.

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