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Chapter 285 – We Can’t Let It Go To Waste

The clock tower’s peak was high and distant. From the streets, the only thing that could be seen was a vague, dark shape. Normally, the sudden flashes from lightning scared players. But right now, everyone looked forward to them. It allowed them see clearly, saving them some effort.

“They’ve gotten up!!” a player shouted. He saw a hazy figure leap onto the clock tower’s peak.

“GO!!” Chen Yehui yelled.

He hadn’t given up yet. He had also noticed a Christmas thief breaking in. He had plenty of players handy and immediately split them into two groups. Half of them were to disperse and look for the newly respawned Christmas thieves, while the other half were to prepare to scramble for the pile of Christmas thieves.

Hearing their guild leader’s orders, Excellent Dynasty’s players immediately rushed to the streets. With so many players flooding the streets, it was quite easy for others to take notice of them.

After all, all of the guilds were positioned in a circle, so everyone had a different viewing angle. When Excellent Dynasty saw the Christmas thief go up, the Blue Brook Guild’s players hadn’t seen it yet. However, once they saw the players on the opposite side of them rushing forward, even though they didn’t know which guild they were from, they easily figure out why they had moved out.

“Go!” Blue River also shouted an order and Blue Brook Guild’s players rushed forward as well.

And like this, they tipped off each other and, in a short moment, six different troops had rushed out from the surrounding six streets, forming a giant circle around the clock tower.

“Cough…..” Someone gently coughed. This scene was a bit awkward!

But many of them didn’t care about this at all and had their heads raised, watching the Christmas thieves’ movements. The Christmas thieves were still climbing though, which meant that Lord Grim was still alive.

“F*ck!” Someone cursed on Excellent Dynasty’s side. They watched as the blurry figure that had flipped onto the top of the clock tower made a distant shriek and then fell onto the ground.

“Were we too impulsive?” a player seized the moment to ask.

They had only seen a blurry, dark figure flip onto the clock tower and had rushed out simply because of that. It truly was somewhat impulsive. The players who had positioned themselves and prepared to press the buttons for their skills unhappily loosened up their hands.

Everyone waited a bit, but they didn’t see any other Christmas thief reach the top.

“Should we go back?” The guilds whispered amongst themselves.

“What do you mean, ‘go back’…” a player said, while looking left and right. Everyone was out in the open. In any case, they stayed. Everyone understood that there was no point in hiding things from each other.

As a result, everyone raised their heads in unison and watched.




Su Mucheng was constantly calling out.

“I say, are your cooldowns really that long?” Ye Xiu figured out that there was a problem. Su Mucheng’s Launcher didn’t have as many skills as his unspecialized, so there was no way she could continuously shoot Christmas thieves down like Lord Grim could. A lot of her time was spent observing the thieves’ positions. However, why did it seem like she was attacking less and less?

“Ha ha ha, they’re not! I just thought that it’d be fun like this.” Su Mucheng laughed.

“Are you trying to mess with me?”

“Have you eaten dinner?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Not yet.”

“Really? How sad. Then, I’ll help you out!” Su Mucheng said. She sent an Anti-Tank Missile towards a climbing Christmas thief in Area C. The explosion that resulted from it brought down two other Christmas thieves as well.

“Have you eaten?’ Ye Xiu asked.

“I have!” Su Mucheng hadn’t been gathering monsters the entire time like Ye Xiu, who didn’t even have time to take a sip of water. She had first helped Ye Xiu look for Christmas thieves and after that, went to the main city to buy a bunch of potions. She then came back and jumped up to the peak of the clock tower and waited with plenty of time to eat some food.

After Su Mucheng started trying again, they moved like butterflies floating past flowers. After a short while, the Christmas thieves, which had almost been about to break through, were pushed back down once again.

This scene was something that the guilds didn’t want to see.

“Maybe it’s only temporary?” Everyone silently thought.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed. It was a bit too long for it to be temporary now. Chen Yehui, who was looking at the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards, discovered that Lord Grim, who had fallen off the list, was now shooting up on it like a rocket.

The Christmas thieves that had fallen off from the clock tower might not be dead, but they were pretty much halfway to being dead. As a result, when they climbed up and fell two or three more times, they would eventually die.

Right now, it was time to seize the prize. Every time that Chen Yehui refreshed the page, he saw Lord Grim leap forward. Accompanying this was the repeated cries of the Christmas thieves falling down.

Chen Yehui refused to give up. He raised his head and prayed that the Christmas thieves would grow fiercer. The other guilds hadn’t backed out yet either. Everyone still had some hope and wished that Lord Grim wouldn’t be able to hang on.

They had seen Christmas thieves reach the top several times. They were all ready to attack, but they were quickly blown away, and even bringing a few of their bros along with them.

Another half an hour passed.

The amount of Christmas thieves was reduced significantly. Of the six guilds, only four remained. Two of the guilds had already retreated.

Every time a Christmas thief died, another one would quickly respawn in Sin City. As for them? They didn’t see any signs of Lord Grim’s defeat, so they didn’t want to waste any more time.

Four, three, two….. Finally only Excellent Dynasty was left.

It wasn’t as if Chen Yehui couldn’t see the current situation. It was just that he refused to accept it! From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like Lord Grim was going to have any trouble guarding the clock tower. But what if he suddenly made some sort of grave mistake? Chen Yehui was already betting on his luck.

Lord Grim’s standing on the leaderboards continued to rise faster and faster. Chen Yehui watched as he shot up, but there was nothing that he could do to stop him.

400th place, 300th place, 200th place……

Chen Yehui finally saw another familiar name rising up along with Lord Grim.

Cleansing Mist.

Chen Yehui hadn’t noticed it in the beginning because this name was unexpectedly placed higher than Lord Grim. When Lord Grim hit 200th place, Cleansing Mist was already in the top 200.

Chen Yehui was surprised and checked again and saw Soft Mist’s name, who was unexpectedly higher than Lord Grim as well.

Clearly, these three had partied up to hunt the Christmas thieves. If they were in a party, everyone shared the points from a Christmas thief. As a result, the three rose up quickly in the leaderboards together. Chen Yehui had only been paying attention to Lord Grim. When Lord Grim was gathering up all of those monsters, he hadn’t gained any points, while those two kept their rankings on the leaderboard.

At this moment, after working hard for several hours, it was finally time to harvest the fruits of his labor. As for Sin City’s other players, they were left with the slowly recovering Christmas thief population.

Players were dropping in ranks as they were surpassed by these three. Even though the three were sharing the points, it was still more than enough to surpass the players who had completely lost their advantage.

Midnight. On the tenth server’s Sin City clock tower, the two-hour-long battle finally ended.

Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, and Lord Grim were now ranked first, second and third on the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards. Excellent Dynasty’s fifteen heroes had gotten stepped on in the end, and three times, too. Chen Yehui’s expression was so ugly that it looked like he could die at any moment.

The corpses of the Christmas thieves piled up beneath the clock tower. A large portion of them had already respawned, but the Christmas thieves that were still piled there made the clock tower look like a Christmas tree, even though there was a bit of blood on it.

The bloody Christmas tree was filled with the Christmas spirit, though. The tree was covered with presents; they were presents that had dropped from the dead Christmas thieves.

Soft Mist was currently climbing up the tree and worked hard to collect these presents.

Although the person controlling Soft Mist wasn’t Tang Rou, but instead, was Chen Guo. Soft Mist wasn’t able to jump up onto the clock tower, so she wasn’t able to do much in the battle. Chen Guo had only been there originally to watch, but now she wasn’t able to watch any longer because of these presents.

341 Christmas thieves. 341 presents. The system protected them. Those who weren’t in the party couldn’t pick them up. Leaving them there would be a waste.

Tang Rou didn’t really care and, in the end, was scolded by Chen Guo as a result. Chen Guo then pushed Tang Rou to the side and then personally went to collect the presents for her. Tang Rou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and left Chen Guo to do it.

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