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Chapter 284 – There’s Still Hope

The damage from falling off the clock tower was much greater than the damage coming from players. If players were to fall down, then they would certainly die.

Hearing these Christmas thieves shriek and shrill as they fell made all the players there ache. They wouldn’t die from the fall, would they? Wasn’t that too easy for Lord Grim?

Just as they were thinking of this, they saw a giant beam of light shoot down from the top of the clock tower towards the ground. This was a Laser Rifle from Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist.

This attack was a spectacular sight, though the damage from it wasn’t as impressive as the visual effects. The thieves at the front of the charge ate the Laser Rifle and were pushed apart, falling down from the clock tower. Afterwards, the Laser Rifle’s damage gradually decreased. In the end, the attack had only pushed down three Christmas thieves. Even though the others had been hit, they were able to cling onto the clock tower’s walls.

Whether the monsters could be shot down depended on the skill’s effect. The most optimal skills were the ones with a strong Blow Away effect. Knockbacks, such as from a charged-up Laser Rifle, could knock the Christmas thieves into each other and push a few down. If the skill effect was weaker, then the Christmas thieves would be pushed, but they wouldn’t fall.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng naturally understood this well. All sorts of skills were shot down from the top of the clock tower. Layer after layer of Christmas thieves continuously plummeted. Some quickly fell to the very bottom, while some only fell halfway, and some only just began to fall. Gradually, the shrieks from the falling Christmas thieves combined into one like a chorus, accompanying Sin City’s sinister atmosphere. Players that heard this felt a creeping coldness climb up their spines.

The guild leaders got together again. Some shook their heads in helplessness, while others sighed. Some looked up towards the sky in shock.

The worst among them was Chen Yehui!

This was because his guild currently ruled the leaderboards. The other guilds had already begun to feel the effects from Excellent Dynasty’s huge investment in the tenth server.

Ignoring all else, the number of experts in the Heavenly Domain’s Excellent Dynasty had become fewer. Everyone was aware of Excellent Dynasty’s movements now.

Though even if they knew, every guild had their own plans for their development in the new server and didn’t immediately invest more into it in order to keep up with Excellent Dynasty. And this time, in the Christmas event, Excellent Dynasty monopolized the tenth server’s leaderboards as a result. The other guilds knew that they wouldn’t be able to compete with Excellent Dynasty. They saw this, but didn’t bother with it too much. From a different point of view, Excellent Dynasty may look great in the tenth server, but what about the Heavenly Domain? Without their experts, they were doing extremely poorly in the event. Their performance could even be compared to guilds that had been made by casual players.

As a result, even though everyone was watching Lord Grim show off his might, everyone felt differently about it. Other guilds would only profit a bit less because of Ye Xiu’s move, but no one felt worse than Chen Yehui.

“Should we go and kill them? At the very least, the Christmas thieves will begin respawning sooner. With his method, who knows how long it will take for him to kill them all? I sent some people to check. These Christmas thieves won’t die with a single fall and will even continue climbing. We really don’t know how many times it will take for one of them to die from falling.”

There were already players beginning to discuss whether they should kill the Christmas thieves or not. After realizing that there was no way they could reach Lord Grim, quite a few players were beginning to have this thought.

“Kill them and gift Lord Grim free points? After that, he’ll just gather up more of them and then we go and help him again? F*ck, disgusting!” There were also voices who disagreed, especially from those who detested Lord Grim.

Chen Yehui didn’t want to just do nothing either. He wanted to start another alliance to oppose Lord Grim. But this time, he failed. All the other guild leaders just laughed and cut off the conversation. Chen Yehui also knew that, in this Christmas event, their Excellent Dynasty had profited the most so far. If they were to oppose Lord Grim, their Excellent Dynasty would still profit the most from it. What guild would agree to that?

Chen Yehui was helpless. Lord Grim was at the top of the clock tower, but he had no way of dealing with him. Even though he had many experts under him, none of them could guarantee that they could climb up the tower in a single try. Even if they could, with Lord Grim guarding the clock tower, if they tried to jump, wouldn’t they be in the same situation as the Christmas thieves?

Chen Yehui was at his wit’s end. In the end, his only choice was to bitterly continue looking for Christmas thieves. As Lord Grim killed his thieves, more would begin to respawn in Sin City.

Most of the guilds were already beginning to move out. Quite a few had begun to disperse.

Help Lord Grim kill off the Christmas thieves to have them respawn faster? In the end, no one did this. For people like Chen Yehui and Lonely Drink, doing something like that would make them feel as disgusted as if they had eaten a fly. They truly couldn’t do it. Those who wanted to do this also gave up because, if they did it, their players would be left at the clock tower, while the other guilds who didn’t do this would disperse and start looking for the respawned Christmas thieves. Helping Lord Grim was tolerable, but to be taken advantage of by others wasn’t something that the guilds could tolerate.

“I say we should try to control Lord Grim. We should take advantage while he’s trapped at the top of the clock tower to have a few of our troops kill him when he comes down.” Blossom Valley’s Backlight Bomb said. His team had been killed by Ye Xiu before and he still remembered it well!

“Kill him? To where? He’ll just come back from Congee City.. and then what? Are you going to lock up Sin City’s entrance?” Hazy Mist refuted.

In everyone’s eyes, they couldn’t just chase him like before and split their forces again, right? The Christmas event only lasted for 36 hours. Who would use their limited time wasting their resources?

“F*ck! It’s everyone for themselves!” The guild leaders sighed and then dispersed.

In the square beneath the clock tower, the players had left. But in the nearby streets, some players would walk for a bit and then stop and turn their heads to look.

“In just a short moment, they’ve reached another level.” Blue Brook Guild was one of the guilds that hadn’t completely left. Right now, Bound Boat was looking at the clock tower and talking to Blue River.

Blue River’s character raised his hand and was clearly observing as well. After a short pause, he said: “You’re right.”

“Does this mean that it’s possible that Lord Grim won’t be able to hold on?” Flower Lantern said, while gulping.

If Lord Grim couldn’t hold on, then that meant that the instant he died, the Christmas thieves would return to their original state.

Blue Brook Guild obviously didn’t mind taking the thieves for themselves.

“I’m afraid that we won’t be the only guild to figure this out.” Bound Boat said as he lowered his head and looked around. With Sin City’s visibility, the only thing that they could see was the rain and fog. They couldn’t tell if there were other people around.

“With so many of them, we won’t be able to eat them all. Even if we split the pot up, it’ll still be good for us.”

Blue River laughed bitterly: “Our guild wouldn’t be able to finish the meal and that guy wants to do it all himself.”

“Let him die from overeating!” Flower Lantern said fiercely and hoped that the Christmas thieves would hurry and submerge the clock tower.

“What do you think? Can you hold on?” Chen Guo was worried about this. From the beginning of his resistance, Ye Xiu’s playing had become extremely quick. His character was constantly shuffling about the peak of the tower. But seeing Ye Xiu’s expression and seeing how he didn’t look nervous, Chen Guo couldn’t help but bother him and ask.

“Just barely!” Ye Xiu grinned.

He and Su Mucheng couldn’t stop to rest for even a single moment. The Christmas thieves had climbed up all around the tower, but they weren’t going one at a time. Luckily, the clock tower became narrower the higher up it went. At the very peak of the tower, there was only enough space for five thieves to climb. According to these five spots, Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng split the tower into five sections, which were A, B, C, D and E.

“B!” Su Mucheng called.

Lord Grim hastily rushed over. A Christmas thief was just about to climb up when Lord Grim swept it away with a Falling Flower Palm.


Lord Grim turned around and ran back. This Christmas thief was a Gunner. As he climbed, he even fired at Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu hastily dodged. He extended his arm and threw a grenade at the Christmas thief. Bang!

“A!” Su Mucheng called again.

“Almost, almost……..” Below the clock tower, squatting under the darkness, countless players looked up towards the tower, nervously awaiting the future’s results.

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