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Chapter 283 – To Live High and Look Down

By the time Chen Guo finished saying this, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already jumped twice and began to fire. His character flew through the air in a perfect arc, landing steadily onto the required place.

How was the clock tower climbed? In theory, Chen Guo knew the answer. She had studied Su Mucheng’s video quite a bit. When she watched Ye Xiu’s playing, sure enough, it was the exact same as that video. Every foothold that he took was the exact same as how she knew it. However, every time she tried, she would always fail. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, had already succeeded twice.

Chen Guo began to grow nervous again. She understood very clearly that, for this type of jumping, if a single mistake was made, then all of the previous efforts would be wasted. She had experienced this many times before.

“Guo Guo, look here.” At this moment, Tang Rou pulled at her. Chen Guo turned her head and looked. Soft Mist had also run to the bottom of the clock tower. Her camera was directed towards Lord Grim.

Jump, shoot; Jump, shoot…….

There was almost no pause between Lord Grim’s jumping and shooting. Apart from the times that he needed to turn his body, every time that he landed, he would then immediately begin to jump. His character looked like it was sliding along the wall of the clock tower. After only a short while, he had already reached a quarter of the way up the clock tower.

Slow down! Chen Guo’s hands were sweating from nervousness. Her earphones felt like they were squeezing her head. She took them off, which let her listen to the sounds of Ye Xiu’s playing.

A stop, a pause. The clicking of his mouse and the tapping of his keyboard had a rhythm. With every beat, his character jumped. It felt as if she was watching a movie, where the sound perfectly synced together.

Beneath the clock tower, on the streets, were incoming Christmas thieves. 341 Christmas thieves had finally gathered at one spot. At this moment, more and more were accumulating underneath the clock tower. They surrounded it, restless and noisy. Then, one after the other began to climb the tower.

Chen Guo saw that Ye Xiu had no way of turning back. If he ever made a single mistake and fell down, then he would immediately be drowned in the flood of Christmas thieves and be killed instantly.

The suspense film turned into a horror film. Chen Guo’s heart had leaped up into her throat. She almost didn’t want to watch anymore.

Up! Up!

Lord Grim continued to ascend without any hesitation and without any mistakes. The difficult places that Chen Guo recalled were easily passed over.

And finally, just as he was about to reach the top, Chen Guo suddenly cried: “Ah!”

On the screen, Lord Grim jumped and fired like usual. Except this time, his character was off from the top by a little. He wouldn’t reach it!

Lightning flashed down. Chen Guo suddenly remembered that this final point was very high and required that the character had a certain level of recoil, jumping ability, and weight. The instant that Ye Xiu jumped, he might not have prepared for this most difficult point.

Chen Guo helplessly watched as Lord Grim failed to reach the top. He was already beginning to descend. Just as she was upset that she hadn’t reminded him in time, she suddenly heard Ye Xiu repeatedly tap his keyboard. Lord Grim raised his weapon and then opened it.

“What are you doing? A parachute?” Chen Guo whispered in puzzlement. But the Thousand Chance Umbrella didn’t stop there. The canopy of the umbrella receded back to the umbrella bones. Eight umbrella bones bunched together and then began to rotate.

“D*mn, no way!!” Chen Guo yelled. This time, she recognized it. This was the Mechanic skill: Rotor Wing.

Lord Grim’s descent immediately stopped. After hanging in the air for a bit, he suddenly began to ascend. Following this, Ye Xiu made another move and the Thousand Chance Umbrella returned to its original form, allowing Lord Grim to land on the clock tower’s top.

“This thing can even function as a Mechanical Box!!” Chen Guo said in astonishment.

Mechanical Boxes were special equipment, which were made for Mechanics. Even though Mechanics were considered Gunners, in reality, the majority of their skills didn’t use their guns, but rather a Mechanical Box. It didn’t have any attack stats, but it could increase the levels for skills.

As a result, for Mechanics, they held guns in their hands and carried a Mechanical Box along their waist. Only this setup allowed them to completely use their skills, a unique aspect of this class.

And even though Rotor Wing was a level 20 and under common skill, without a Mechanical Box, it couldn’t be used.

“Or are you carrying a Mechanical Box on you?” Chen Guo asked.

“No, the umbrella has a Mechanical Box function.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck. What a weird weapon!” Chen Guo was speechless.

Ye Xiu chuckled, but didn’t say anything. His character’s camera turned.

“Ah, there’s someone up here!” Chen Guo jumped up in fright, seeing that there was someone up at the top of the clock tower. But after seeing the other person’s name, Cleansing Mist, she recognized her as the person who had helped Tang Rou. This person was one of their friends.

“She also jumped up…….” Chen Guo muttered and felt her heart ache a little. This sister was also a Launcher like her and played with Tang Rou and Ye Xiu, too. Chen Guo couldn’t help comparing herself to this Launcher. Now she saw that this Launcher had actually been able to jump up to the top. Even if it was only for Aerial Fire, she couldn’t compare herself to this Launcher.

“Wow! There’s no need for all of this!!” Ye Xiu was talking with Su Mucheng, in-game. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist and him had started a trade transaction. She had sent him a large amount of potions, which were all mana potions, instantly stuffing his Weight to the max.

“Just in case!” Su Mucheng said.

“I’m not used to having this much Weight.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s not like you need to move too quickly.” Su Mucheng said.

“That might not be true!” Ye Xiu had Lord Grim walk to the edge of the clock tower. The clock tower was very tall. The Christmas thieves looked like ants, which were swarming their way up the clock tower.

Tang Rou, who was beneath the clock tower, was looking at the top of the tower, but the fog made it difficult to see. When lightning flashed down and lit up the sky, she was able to see two figures on top of the tower.

The other guilds were bitterly searching for Lord Grim. Finally, when they reached here, it was too late. Those who were quicker were at least able to admire Lord Grim’s heroic feat of jumping to the top of the tower.

“This is…… hard to stop halfway?” After receiving this news, Blue River helplessly said to Bound Boat.

Bound Boat immediately turned silent.

They had already figured out that these Christmas thieves were probably going to be taken down by Lord Grim, who was now living high and looking down. And the other players, who didn’t know Lord Grim’s true identity, were still amazed at the fact that he had jumped up to the top of the clock tower.

Chen Yehui was extremely vexed. He wasn’t surprised in the slightest that Ye Qiu was able to jump up to the top. But why hadn’t he thought of this place? He had only thought that Ye Qiu wanted to spite them, forcing the guilds to kill his Christmas thieves. But he hadn’t thought that Ye Qiu actually had a plan that he could fall back to. If he had thought of this earlier, Chen Yehui would have been able to guess that he would use the clock tower for this purpose.

And now.. it was too late.

By the time that Chen Yehui had personally reached the clock tower, he fell dumbstruck just like every other player there. There were so many Christmas thieves that it was impossible to count them all. Now that they had all gathered together in one place, the sight was too strong.

The Christmas thieves were completely tunneled in. They didn’t care about the players behind them in the slightest. As if they were going to pay respects at a shrine, they bravely headed towards that clock tower. And the players? They could only stupidly watch.

Chen Yehui looked left and right and saw Plantago Seed, Blue River, Cold Night, Lonely Drink, Backlight Bomb, Hazy Mist…….

The guild leaders of every top guild in the tenth server were all gathered in the same place, staring stupidly…… staring up high at the figures that could only be seen when lightning flashed.

The Christmas thieves leading the character were just about to reach the top, when lightning flashed down, allowing them to see the real situation. On top of the clock tower wasn’t just one person, but two. The moment the lightning arced down, two streaks of flame roared out from the muzzles of these two figures.

Flames exploded on the clock tower’s stone walls. Everyone could hear the sad and shrill shrieks. The Christmas thieves that had been hit were blown flying. What were they going to grab onto in the air? If they weren’t going to fall to the ground, where else could they go?

“These were all points! These were all presents!” the players thought as their hearts ached.

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