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Chapter 282 – Dark

“323…..” Chen Guo watched as Ye Xiu pulled another Christmas thief. The 323rd quickly joined the flood of Christmas thieves behind Lord Grim and was instantly submerged.

Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim and, under his plan, the actual number of Christmas thieves he was facing wasn’t as crazy as others had imagined it would be. If Chen Guo hadn’t been counting the entire time, then if she looked at Ye Xiu’s screen, she wouldn’t have even thought that he was facing a terrifying 323 Christmas thieves.

As he pulled 323 Christmas thieves, the number of remaining Christmas thieves decreased, which made it ever more difficult for Ye Xiu to find new ones. But he wasn’t done yet and Lord Grim continued to rush about. The game’s settings had changed to a windowed screen. Alongside the windowed screen was a map of Sin City, similar to what Wind Following Sword had done.

If he was just running around randomly with the Christmas thieves, it wouldn’t anything difficult for Ye Xiu. But as the guilds began to react, Ye Xiu had to implement more variables into his plan. Chen Guo saw his look of concentration, so she didn’t bother him and only watched quietly as he played.

The map was filled with Christmas thieves running around. These Christmas thieves could obviously be attacked, too. However, those players wouldn’t gain any points from killing these Christmas thieves, so doing so was equivalent to doing free labor for Ye Xiu.

Players could only watch as the grandiose flood of Christmas thieves swept past them, since killing them wouldn’t benefit them. It made the players truly feel gloomy. They continued to search for Lord Grim’s whereabouts and also looked for any Christmas thieves that had escaped from the net.

The progress with the Christmas thieves hunting for the guilds grew more and more disheartening, but there was nothing they could do. They had already been working hard at it for several hours, but Lord Grim was still as alive as ever. Quite a few had seen him, but not a single one was able to follow and block him.

“But if we kill them, then at the very least, there’ll be new Christmas thieves that’ll respawn. We shouldn’t be just standing around without any monsters to kill!” On Blue Brook Guild’s side, Blue River and his friends were discussing amongst each other. They hadn’t made any progress in the past hour. What was happening in Sin City was completely unimaginable.

“But so what if we kill them? When new ones respawn, won’t Lord Grim just gather them again? If he can do it once, then he can do it twice……” Blue Brook Guild’s Bound Boat said.

“Kill Lord Grim!” Flower Lantern was more impulsive.

“Do you think that no one else has thought of that yet? And what are their results?” Bound Boat said. Blue River also let out a long sigh.

“Then what do we do? Are we just going to watch?” Flower Lantern said.

“I’m thinking……. that he’s doing this to create a situation where there’s nowhere for us to go, so we’ll have no other choice but to kill the Christmas thieves. But if we can restrain ourselves, he’ll also be in a situation where it’ll be too late to stop. With so many Christmas thieves, how was he going to kill them?” Bound Boat said. He also knew Lord Grim’s true identity, so he didn’t doubt Lord Grim’s skill. However, Lord Grim killing the mob by himself was still impossible.

“Oh……” Everyone felt that Bound Boat’s analysis made sense.

Blue Brook Guild wasn’t the only guild bound in a knot. Herb Garden, Tyrannical Ambition, Samsara, Misty Castle… Which guild wasn’t scratching at the wall helplessly? In the end, every guild came to the same conclusion as Bound Boat’s analysis.

No guild wanted to help Lord Grim by working for free, especially Excellent Dynasty. They didn’t know how many Christmas thieves Lord Grim had accumulated exactly, but if they helped him kill all of them, then Chen Yehui didn’t doubt that Lord Grim would immediately jump onto the top of the leaderboards, stepping on their Excellent Dynasty’s first fifteen places.

This was something that Chen Yehui didn’t want to see, even more so than not being able to kill Christmas thieves. At the very least, their Excellent Dynasty would be in the lead. Why would Chen Yehui personally help him just for him to step on them?

Every guild entered this type of overcautious state.

Even though Ye Xiu’s routes were mapped out and planned, the pace at which he was gathering monsters was getting slower. He was gradually entering the stage where he could no longer move forward.


After achieving this number with great difficulty, another half an hour passed, but Ye Xiu still wasn’t able to find any new ones.

How many Christmas thieves were in Sin City? It was just something that he had said. How could a single person figure this out? The guilds were all gloomy, but they would sometimes still sometimes be able to find a fish that had escaped from the nets. When these Christmas thieves were killed, another would then randomly spawn. It was just that the number of Christmas thieves that spawned were very few now, so it was already no longer possible to find one just by casually strolling around.

“They’ve all been stolen by him. I haven’t killed one in a long time.” Tang Rou was also one of those in Sin City struggling for a penny. She was also affected by the situation and her progress was becoming more and more miserable.

“Pretty much.” Ye Xiu suddenly said.

“What are you going to do now?” Chen Guo excitedly asked. She had wanted to ask this question for awhile.

“Tsk. I originally thought that these guilds would move out. However, it seems like this time, they’re very reserved!” Ye Xiu sighed. The guilds had clearly determined the pros and cons of the situation this time. Even though they had been chasing to stop him the entire time, none of them had attacked the running Christmas thieves.

“If they’re not going to move, then I’ll have to do it myself.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“How…. how are you going to do that?” Chen Guo asked. She felt as if she waiting for the final climax in a suspense film.

“Just keep watching and you’ll know.” Ye Xiu grinned.

Still stalling! If you weren’t busy, then I’d have beat you to death already! Chen Guo was gloomy, but she didn’t do anything. She mindlessly attacked monsters as she glanced at Ye Xiu’s screen from time to time. Her day had been wasted. The majority of the time was spent watching Ye Xiu play. Especially true when those players had come to stop him, which had made Chen Guo extremely nervous.

Meanwhile, Lord Grim had already shifted directions. After Aerial Firing for a bit, he turned around and rushed straight forward.

In that direction was an enormous clock tower. Under the flashing lightning bolts, it appeared extremely menacing.

“Hey hey!” Tang Rou called for Chen Guo.

“Hm?” Chen Guo turned around. Tang Rou was tapping her screen.

“Oh!” Chen Guo returned back to reality. She had been watching Ye Xiu the entire time and her Chasing Haze was now surrounded by monsters.

She quickly dealt with the monsters. When Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu’s screen again, Lord Grim had already run to the bottom of the clock tower.

“Are you planning on……”

While still in mid-sentence, she saw Lord Grim jump up and fire. Gunshots rang out and Lord Grim flew diagonally, landing on a protrusion on the clock tower.

“I’m going to jump up.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“D*mn, do you think you’re Su Mucheng?” Chen Guo called.

In Glory, there were a lot of these types of high buildings, weird trees, and precipices. Under normal circumstances, it wasn’t possible to climb them. But it was possible to challenge this through one’s skills and through meticulous research. The methods for doing this were something the game developers had never anticipated.

Sin City’s clock tower was one of these buildings. The clock tower didn’t have any stairs. In order to climb up, your only choice was to jump. But so far, very few had been able to accomplish this. There was a video of a successful climb of Sin City’s clock tower on the web. It was a video from long ago, in which Su Mucheng used Aerial Fire to do it and it was recognized as the peak of the usage of Aerial Fire. And now, Ye Xiu just said that he was going to do it too. How could Chen Guo not jump to her feet at this?

“Oh? You watched the video? I’m going to do the same thing.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and expressed his approval to Chen Guo.

“Let’s see you do it!” Chen Guo startled. Chen Guo had also tried to climb Sin City’s clock tower before and clearly understood the difficulty of this task. The footholds weren’t meant to be footholds. Some of them were just a small bulge from the wall. Landing steadily on them required extremely precise playing. Chen Guo had already recognized that she didn’t have the skill to do it, which only made her respect Su Mucheng, who could do it.

But now? Ye Xiu was going to do it?

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