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Chapter 281 – Confusion

Christmas Eve.

Even though Chen Guo had decorated the Internet Cafe in a Christmas fashion, it had only been done for attracting business. Her dinner was even simpler and cruder than usual. She took her bowl to the computer and finished eating it there. She still had to count how many Christmas thieves Ye Xiu would eventually end up gathering!

The count continued to grow. Chen Guo stopped being astonished at every increase. She currently felt like she was watching a thriller. Just how many Christmas thieves would be gathered? That was the answer she was waiting for.

Meanwhile, the other experts in the tenth server’s Sin City were no longer able to sit still any longer.

The number of players who came to spectate grew larger and larger. With such a long train running around in Sin City’s streets and alleys, no matter how bad the visibility was in the city, it was still possible to see an abnormal situation like this quite easily.

What everyone had thought was impossible was slowly becoming a reality.

“What is he trying to do?” The leaders of the big guilds were all discussing this.

The most sensitive among them was Excellent Dynasty. They could already see the effects from Lord Grim’s movements from the data: their hunting progress in Sin City had slowed down. Christmas thieves continued to accumulate under Lord Grim. No matter how hard Excellent Dynasty searched, it was becoming harder and harder to find available Christmas thieves to kill.

Even worse, none of the Christmas thieves Lord Grim pulled were dying. If they weren’t dying, then they wouldn’t respawn, which meant that the number of Christmas thieves the other players could kill in Sin City was becoming less and less.

Excellent Dynasty was leading on the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards and needed Sin City to form a solid foundation. But now, their foundations were slowly crumbling. Their advantage in experts was unable to be displayed.

Chen Yehui obviously didn’t want to lose their advantage. After sending out Wind Following Sword and his troops, he picked other experts to react as well. And this time, they weren’t going to just hinder him. If they found Lord Grim, then they were to immediately kill him!

After Lord Grim died, they would then be able to gather many Christmas thieves. This profit was enough to make Chen Yehui excited.

Chen Yehui wasn’t the only one with this thought process. In front of such a profit, killing others was bound to happen.

Everyone understood that Lord Grim was a skilled expert, but under this type of situation, what did it matter if he was a god-level expert?

As the driver of the train, he didn’t have the opportunity to pause for even the slightest bit. With that type of pressure, how was he going to fight with other players? They didn’t even need to fight him directly. If they just stalled him, the mob of Christmas thieves would eventually swarm him and crush him into a pulp.

The guilds had created their own beautiful plans and then sent out their players to accomplish it. The number of players coming out wasn’t few, either. After eliminating Lord Grim, they would immediately scramble for the Christmas thieves.. so, the more players, the better!

But the reality of the situation wasn’t as beautiful as they had anticipated.

Wind Following Sword, who had been chasing after Lord Grim’s whereabouts the entire time, had discovered the issue long ago.

It wasn’t hard to find Lord Grim’s general whereabouts. The train parading through the streets was pretty easy to see. However, the train was way too chaotic. Finding out where exactly Lord Grim was in the train was extraordinarily difficult.

Different Christmas thieves ran at different speeds, so there were gaps in their chase. Those who were farther away could no longer even see where Lord Grim was, but with their AI’s automatic searching, they were able to still know where Lord Grim was. When they chased, they chose the most convenient route, which might not necessarily be Lord Grim’s original route.

Players would often see these Christmas thieves chasing Lord Grim, but the problem was, these thieves’ movements were completely out of sync. Some were running east, some were running west, some were climbing over walls……

Wind Following Sword compiled the reports from the players he had sent out and then used the map to determine where Lord Grim was located.

Every time he directed players to a location, they would always reply that there was nothing there.

This was already his fourth time of receiving “nothing there”. Wind Following Sword’s confidence had been struck once again. He was already feeling embarrassed about having the players continue running nowhere.

“Ye Qiu is moving too quickly.” Wind Following Sword reported to Chen Yehui, “He’s using the Christmas thieves’ random running movements to create a very confusing situation. We can very easily chase after the thieves, but.. we can’t verify his exact location.”

“What do you mean? You can’t find him?” Chen Yehui’s mood immediately turned sour.

“Only by luck……” When Wind Following Sword’s Spinning Spiderweb Formation had been broken through, his confidence had already dissipated. After a single match, he had already understood the distance between him and his opponent. After this, even though he continued to persist, the reality was just too cruel. Ye Qiu was still a level higher.

Luck wasn’t something that anyone could control. Ye Xiu used his movement speed and terrain to cause the Christmas thieves to cause chaos, but if you had good luck and randomly bumped into him, then there was nothing he could do about that.

Currently, there really were a few players like that. When they ran past a street, they turned their cameras.

“Lord Grim!!” The players were surprised to discover him.

Even though they weren’t able to see his ID, with a single person in front and countless Christmas thieves behind, if that person leading the mob wasn’t Lord Grim, who else could it be?

They then saw Lord Grim jump and, with a gunshot, hop onto the roof.

After three seconds, all they saw were a bunch of Christmas thieves climbing up the wall. The players immediately ran to the nearby street.

Huh? There were thieves climbing up the walls by the nearby street too.

Lord Grim was still on the roof!

And that rooftop wasn’t a place that just anyone could reach. Those who could go, went up. Those who couldn’t, ran along the two side streets and hastily called for help.

After that, they saw Lord Grim run onto the street and then jump onto another roof. After doing this several times, the majority of players immediately lost him.

A Gunner was able to catch him though. He was also very familiar with going up and down like this and was able to chase Lord Grim onto the streets.

Lord Grim began using Aerial Fire.

The Gunner began to sweat. When they used Aerial Fire, they were flying backwards, so they wouldn’t use Aerial Fire to chase. Because if they chased while going backwards, their backs would then be exposed to the opponent’s gun. So if you used Aerial Fire and the opponent used Aerial Fire, you’d be hit by the opponent’s bullets. Under this type of situation, chasing would be very difficult.

Everyone knew that Lord Grim was a great expert. The Gunner didn’t dare play anything difficult in front of Lord Grim, so his only choice was to run instead, while reporting the situation to his boss. Those Christmas thieves were also following closely after. From this, the gunner was able to personally feel just how chaotic Ye Xiu’s train was.

Lord Grim rushed to the end of a street and then made a right turn, disappearing from the Gunner’s line of sight.

The Gunner immediately turned back and used Aerial Fire to increase the speed. How could he know that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim would turn around and glance at him? Seeing the Gunner use Aerial Fire, Ye Xiu immediately took advantage of the fact that they were still far from each other to sneakily slip away to a nearby street.

This type of trick might not be enough to trick the opponents, but these small details were what allowed Ye Xiu to create such a confusing situation.

The orders from many guilds were very simple: follow the Christmas thieves. Because of the Christmas thieves’ AI, they didn’t need to see Lord Grim to know where he was. Their paths would never be wrong and they would always head towards Lord Grim.

However, these Christmas thieves’ movement speeds couldn’t be compared to Lord Grim. If players only followed them, they would never be able to catch Lord Grim.

Just from movement speed alone, Ye Xiu was faster than the majority of players. And this was a huge advantage for Ye Xiu.

With a Silver Weapon as a gun, along with his stable and adept playing, no Gunner could beat him. As for other classes, their movement skills had cooldowns and they couldn’t last as long……

After six hours of persistence, Ye Xiu had already gone past the most difficult part of the plan. The more Christmas thieves behind him, the greater his advantage was and the more difficult it was for players to find his position.

322 Christmas thieves.

No guild knew of this terrifying number. The only person who knew of it was Chen Guo, who had been quietly counting the entire time.

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