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Chapter 259 – Misty Rain

12/24, 2:03 AM.

Tyrannical Ambition’s overall guild leader, as well as the other famous top-tier experts that he had brought over, gave their final blessings after struggling in the tenth server’s pioneering battle.

Jiang You’s group had come to set the record in order to save Tyrannical Ambition from their predicament. At the same time, they had unexpectedly also resolved the Lord Grim problem. They took down Line Canyon’s dungeon record without a hitch. Their mission had been quite successful.

Even after running the dungeon three times, they still weren’t able to beat the record that they had set at the end of the first run. Once they had finished, their mission ended. The reason that they were staying for a while longer was to celebrate with the tenth server’s players and also to see whether Lord Grim would keep his promise to not touch their record.

At this moment, over half an hour had passed since they had exited the dungeon and there hadn’t been any announcements. They had all relaxed. Lord Grim hadn’t beaten their record and hadn’t set a ridiculous record beforehand; nothing bad had happened.

“Okay, the tenth server will now be in your hands.” Jiang You said to the tenth server’s guild leader, Cold Night, and its core members, such as Endless Night. The four elites that had come over were all old core members of Tyrannical Ambition, so the guild members that had come over to pioneer in the tenth server knew them. The four were talking with members one on one, encouraging them.

Just as the friendly ceremony was proceeding, an announcement suddenly popped up. Tyrannical Ambition’s hadn’t noticed it in the beginning. It was only after the announcement had passed by did they realize what the announcement was about……

Not good!!!

Practically everyone realized this simultaneously. In that instant, Tyrannical Ambition’s players all made the same movement: they moved their mice in order to check their messages and read the message that had just been received.

But in reality, they didn’t need to.

While Tyrannical Ambition’s players had been distracted and missed it, the other tenth server players had all seen the message clearly.

The players who had seen it already then began to discuss it amongst themselves. The discussion had caused Tyrannical Ambition’s players to miss the announcement message. But right now, the discussions in the world chat were all talking about what they didn’t want to see.

A new record……

They saw these three words. Tyrannical Ambition’s players hadn’t seen wrong. In that instant, a dungeon record announcement had been made.

Their excited and joyous guild suddenly turned deathly.

Correct, deathly. Even though everyone was sitting in front of their computers looking at their screens, they had all felt as if their souls were leaving them.

Doubt and disbelief……. floated in the air.

“Who was it?” Jiang You suddenly asked. His words were full of bitterness and pain.

Who was it? Wasn’t that an easy thing to check? If a record had come out, then it would show up on the leaderboards. However, Jiang You seemed to have forgotten this and didn’t go and check. Why? Did he not want to see a particular name on there?

Jiang You didn’t look, but others did.

“Misty Castle……” Cold Night said, carrying a hint of disbelief. However, it was true. He had checked the name three times. It really did say Misty Castle.

“Misty Castle?” Jiang You repeated the name in even greater disbelief.

Misty Castle. It was true that the guild was backed by a Club, but Tyrannical Ambition rarely saw that guild as an opponent.

Misty Castle along with Team Misty Rain were strange entities.

They were actually quite good, but their strength was always neglected by others, which seemed to be because of their temperament. Their temperament was greatly influenced by their ace player.

Team Misty Rain’s ace player was a girl.

She was a girl who loved to watch all sorts of random Twilight-type TV shows and loved to talk about random gossips.

Of the twenty teams in the Alliance, Team Misty Rain was the only one whose ace player was a girl.

Of course, Chu Yunxiu’s skill level wasn’t low at all. As the team’s ace player, she was good enough to be considered one of the Alliance’s top-tier Gods. But compared to male players, Chu Yunxiu’s performance never felt tough enough. In tense situations, her win rate was very low and in those matches she lost, many saw that it appeared as if she had modestly declined to fight it out.

In those matches, it appeared as if she should have been able to continue for a bit longer, but for some strange reason, she always silently lost.

No one knew if this was due to her temperament or personality. But as a result, a lot of people on the outside said things like “She’s just a female player, after all.” in order to explain it.

ESports was different than traditional sports, where players directly competed with their bodies and physical strength. As a result, it seemed as if males and females were on equal grounds in eSports. But because girls generally weren’t interested in these types of intense fighting games, there were a lot fewer female players in eSports than males and their skill levels were usually worse than male players by quite a bit.

Chu Yunxiu was a rarely seen female God-level player. But because of this reason, a lot of people thought that she lacked competitiveness.

Ace players often decided the team’s style and their temperament. Thus, Team Misty Rain was seen as a team that lacked competitiveness.

Their achievements reflected this as well.

After Chu Yunxiu joined the team, Team Misty Rain had entered the playoffs three years in a row. But no matter how amazing they performed in the regular season, they always lost miserably in the first round of the playoffs. Team Misty Rain didn’t seem to fit in with the playoffs’ serious and fierce competition.

In their first playoffs, maybe it was because they weren’t experienced enough. But the second and third time? They couldn’t always use a lack of experience as an explanation for everything.

Thus, Team Misty Rain and its players were labeled as such.

Since the team was relatively ignored, their in-game guild was ignored as well. Misty Castle wasn’t small by any means and they had many experts, but they never looked outstanding when competing against others. Perhaps it was because they weren’t performing well or perhaps it was because they didn’t even try, but their rare good performance usually lasted only for a brief period or sometimes didn’t even appear.

Soft! Too soft!

That was what many players saw Misty Castle as, which suited the team as well as their ace player, Chu Yunxiu.

But since Chu Yunxiu was a girl, everyone understood if she was a bit softer than others.

The guild was mostly filled with males, yet they were also soft, making a lot of people look down on them.

Tyrannical Ambition, on the other hand, was different. From their ace player to their team to their guild, they possessed tyrannical strength and a strong character. Yet they had unexpectedly been stomped on by the soft Misty Castle. This type of dramatic development was too hard to accept.

“Misty Castle? IMPOSSIBLE!!” Jiang You’s voice suddenly rose. He personally checked the leaderboards. The first place name really was Misty Castle and their record: 25:21:78.

Tyrannical Ambition had stepped on the entire server’s records by 2 minutes and now, Misty Castle had stepped on theirs by 2 minutes.

Jiang You’s complexion changed. He, who had personally researched the low-level dungeon, had no idea how Misty Castle had beaten their record by a whole 2 minutes.

“Are these players actually from Misty Castle?” Jiang You tried hard, but didn’t see Lord Grim as any of the five players’ names. Perhaps they had invited a few experts to sub in? Or maybe some recently retired pro-players came to mess around in the new server?

“They’re all from Misty Castle.” Cold Night confirmed after looking at the leaderboards.

“Their characters might be, but the people playing on them might not be. How shameless.” Jiang You said.

“Cough!” Cold Night coughed in embarrassment.

Jiang You heard the reminder and then immediately felt even more embarrassed.

He had played in the tenth server with this Elementalist, Crowd Lover, for too long. Jiang You had even forgotten that he wasn’t the original user of the character. He was also one of those “shameless” players.

Luckily, besides Cold Night, no one had noticed Jiang You’s error.

Everyone was still dumbstruck by Misty Castle’s record and began looking at the world chat.

They all wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Right now, ignorant noobs were saying: Tyrannical Ambition is so bad! The record they set didn’t even need to be beaten by Lord Grim. Misty Castle? What guild was that?

A lot of naive players didn’t know of Misty Castle’s background. They took the guild to be a small guild that showed Tyrannical Ambition’s inability. And a lot of noobs believed it all, discussing just how weak Tyrannical Ambition was.


Even when Tyrannical Ambition had their team wiped out, no one ever dared to call them “weak”.

The experts were furious. Everyone in the guild was furious.

Not waiting for their guild leader’s orders, Tyrannical Ambition’s players had already begun arguing with these players on the world chat.

Jiang You’s group watched in pain…… Their guild’s players had clearly come off worse. Those noobs’ words had clearly pricked their skins.

There was nothing they could say! They had no grounds for an argument!

Their first kill and record had all been done with Lord Grim’s help. And their hard-earned record had been crushed “without the help of Lord Grim by some random guild”.

Misty Castle was just some random guild…… Tyrannical Ambition really wanted to cry. How were they going to argue against that?

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