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Chapter 243 – Rescuing Steamed Bun

Han Wenqing opened up the recording he had just closed. This time, the camera was focused on Lord Grim. He fast forwarded several places and only stopped to carefully look when Lord Grim switched weapon forms.

The camera could be moved freely and zoomed in. The different forms of Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella were obvious at a glance.

“Unprecedented.” Han Wenqing said. He had seen all kinds of weird equipment and play styles, but he had never even heard of a weapon like the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

“This type of weapon shouldn’t have appeared in the new server. Jiang You discussed this with me. He had suspected that someone from a Club was testing this Silver weapon, but after seeing Lord Grim’s attitude in-game, it doesn’t appear to be so.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Then what do you think?’ Han Wenqing asked.

“I think we need to take another step in order to gather more information.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“You’ve already come to a conclusion right?” Han Wenqing said.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t say anything.

“This weapon was clearly made for an unspecialized to use. However, possessing this type of weapon only resolves half of the problems that an unspecialized has. Besides having a strong character, the person controlling it must be skilled as well.” Han Wenqing said, “At present, who do you think is the most suitable for playing an unspecialized?”


“Without a doubt, Yu Wenzhou. He’s good overall and even though his hand speed isn’t that good, he should be more than good enough to support his team with this class.” Han Wenqing said.

“Ah?” Zhang Xinjie was somewhat startled, but after thinking about it some more, he felt like it made sense. Flowing Tree was truly too similar to Huang Shaotian so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was with Yu Wenzhou. Testing the Silver weapon could be one of Club Blue Rain’s goals, but…..”

“But from the guild leader’s reports, Lord Grim is on every day for a very long time, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is substituting in for him. Whether it was Yu Wenzhou or anyone in the Alliance, no one had that kind of time on their hands. In reality…….there’s one other person…….” Zhang Xinjie was unable to resist giving his uncertain conclusion.

“Are you saying.. Ye Qiu?” Han Wenqing suddenly laughed coldly when he said this name, “He’s already been kicked out of the Alliance. Why would he appear again?”

Ye Qiu’s retirement made many fans surprised and sad, but Han Wenqing felt disdainful instead.

“Coward.” This was the comment that Han Wenqing gave when news of Ye Qiu’s retirement came. Zhang Xinjie felt that, underneath the disdain, Han Wenqing was probably also hiding a bit of unwillingness and loneliness. Even though right now there were a few competitors who wouldn’t lose to Ye Qiu right now, Ye Qiu was special. The number of times the two had fought was also a record in the Glory Alliance.

“What plan did you come up with?” Han Wenqing continued to stay on task.

“I set up another appointment for a match. I was thinking about bringing a few team members to come over.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Oh? What accounts do you have on hand?” Han Wenqing asked.

“There’s a Striker.”

“I can go and take a look.” Han Wenqing said. His gaze continued to stay on Lord Grim in the recording. Even though the most brilliant play had been enacted by Flowing Tree, Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie’s main focus was still on Lord Grim’s unspecialized.

In game.

They had unexpectedly lost the match, so Cold Night had to prepare the materials. The materials they had bitterly gathered up were taken away by Lord Grim. He felt even worse than Jiang You did.

However, he was quickly told that Zhang Xinjie was preparing to bring the pro team over, which brought his confidence back up. However, he still had to gather the materials for the new bets. Cold Night sent players over to the market, while telling those running dungeons to gather up the materials. As a result, he didn’t have time to waste on searching and pursuing Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were residing in a small town. Steamed Bun Invasion, on the other hand, was in Congee City and was being watched by who knows how many people. As soon as Steamed Bun Invasion left the city, there were many people there who were waiting to welcome him.

“Come out a bit more. A bit more!” Some were silently thinking in their heads. Right now, Steamed Bun Invasion was too close to the safe area. He just had to take a few steps and he’d be safe.

In the end, Steamed Bun Invasion only walked a bit forward and marched left and right two steps. He laughed out loud: “Ha ha ha ha, you noobs. Did you really think I’d fall for your trap?” After saying this, he walked back into the city.

Everyone there spat blood in fury, but what could they do? If there were too few people, they wouldn’t be able to stop him; too many people and it’d be like now. Even a blind person could tell something wasn’t right.

“Senior, what do I do? I can’t go out.” Steamed Bun Invasion appeared arrogant, but he had secretly gone and asked Ye Xiu for help. He had only been able to notice something was off because of Ye Xiu’s warnings.

“We’re coming to get you. When things become messy, squeeze your way out of there.” Ye Xiu directed.

“Gotcha!” Steamed Bun Invasion set up a vendor booth inside of the city. He ran dungeons every day and Blue equipment often dropped. The way their parties worked was that if no one needed the item, then whoever wanted it could have it. Because of this, Steamed Bun Invasion picked up quite a few items. Right now, he was selling them under the name “The Greatest Items in the Universe.”

The players outside could only grind their teeth and wait. This guy was just standing there loftily, mocking them. He was even chatting happily with the nearby players.

Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng left the small town and arrived outside of the city. Without saying a word, they began their rescue operation.

Ye Xiu’s unspecialized and Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist jumped out into the open and each fired Anti-Tank Missiles towards the players who were waiting outside of the city.

“Lord Grim!!” Everyone immediately began counter-attacking amidst the smoke, but the two didn’t move closer and stayed on the outside, firing from afar.

PKing outside of the city walls was a very common occurrence. Many battles could take place at once. In the Arena, winning or losing would only account for points and statistics. Apart from this, there weren’t any rewards or losses, which was why revenge matches usually weren’t decided within the Arena, but rather outside of the city walls. Whoever died could come out and fight once again.

At this moment, there were two players dueling, but compared to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng’s battle, their match was nothing. Over there were two players sneak attacking a group of a hundred. Even more so, it was done by the famous Lord Grim, which immediately caught their attention. The two decided to stop fighting and first, watch the commotion before continuing.

This type of commotion was the opportunity Ye Xiu was giving to Steamed Bun Invasion.

Many players in the city had gotten the news and came to watch. Steamed Bun Invasion received Ye Xiu’s message and followed the plan. He had even incited the two vendors next to him and ran out of the city together with them.

The players, who were watching Steamed Bun Invasion, saw him and two others suddenly mix into the crowd. After that, which one was Steamed Bun Invasion? They didn’t know. They just didn’t know!

The players who were watching pursued, looking madly into it. In Glory, there wasn’t a mark that you could put on a player’s ID and players couldn’t do a bird’s-eye view. In this type of crowd, there were way too many players and the IDs were all in a jumbled mess. There was no way to tell who was who. At this moment, they were all cursing at Glory’s setup.

Steamed Bun Invasion hid in the crowd and moved towards the outside while looking around, but the crowd also made it difficult for Steamed Bun Invasion to figure out where he was going.

Finally, Steamed Bun Invasion saw the guild players fighting with Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist in the distance. The two were fighting back to back, shooting around. The guild players were rushing from every direction to surround them and were currently contracting.

“Senior, you’ve been surrounded!” Steamed Bun Invasion was about to come help.

“Oh? You got out? Okay, head towards an empty place. We’ll be following closely behind.” Ye Xiu replied.

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