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Chapter 242 – My Mistake

Tyrannical Ambition’s work studio was extremely quiet. Even though there were only three players participating inside, the others had all been watching.

As the guild leader, Jiang You felt somewhat lost after losing. The battle from the start to finish had simply gone too far from what he had expected. With Zhang Xinjie’s help, he thought that the conflict between Tyrannical Ambition and Lord Grim in the tenth server would finally end.

In the end, not only did the conflict not end, but the conflict escalated. After exiting the field, Jiang You had to resist smashing the table. After all, Zhang Xinjie had participated in this fight. Becoming furious wouldn’t look good for Zhang Xinjie.

Being thrown into the river of lava and burning to death was a type of noob-stomping strategy. We had a higher chance of winning?? Jiang You silently cursed a few words. He hadn’t seen any of the advantages that Zhang Xinjie had talked about for them. If Zhang Xinjie wasn’t Zhang Xinjie, he would have started shouting angrily long ago.

“My mistake.” Someone suddenly said in the studio. Everyone’s gazes shifted to the speaker, Zhang Xinjie.

“I vastly underestimated the other side’s strength. Whether it was Lord Grim, Flowing Tree, or Cleansing Mist, all of their individual skills are very high.” Zhang Xinjie said, “In that match, just the three of them were enough; the other two weren’t important.”

“How high exactly?” Jiang You couldn’t help but ask.

“Maybe we should try to further understand their skill.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Further understand?”

“Bet with them again.”

“Again?” Jiang You jumped up in fright.

“He said that we could bet with him anytime, no?” Zhang Xinjie said.

“He did say that, but we……”

“I’ll bring people over.” Zhang Xinjie said.

Everyone in the work studio was shocked. Zhang Xinjie was going to bring the pro-players from the team over? Was Lord Grim really so strong that the pro-team needed to come out?

Jiang You immediately lit up with excitement.

This time, they would most certainly win! He immediately thought. If Lord Grim and the others were so strong that even Tyranny wasn’t able to bring them down, then what were they doing in the tenth server? They could just enter directly as a pro-team and slaughter their way to become Champions.

“When?” Jiang You excitedly asked.

“In two days.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Okay!” Jiang You immediately replied and went to contact Lord Grim.

“He agreed.” He quickly received a reply.

“Good, I’ll be going off then.” Zhang Xinjie nodded his head and then left.

The match had ended quickly. It hadn’t even been 10 when Zhang Xinjie returned to the team and saw that the lights were still on in the practice room.

Zhang Xinjie walked over and saw Han Wenqing sitting in front of a computer, conducting a conventional practice with his Desert Dust.

Han Wenqing had his headphones on and was completely focused. The only sounds that could be heard in the practice room were the sounds of his keyboard tapping and mouse clicking. Zhang Xinjie quietly walked over behind him, but Han Wenqing didn’t notice.

Their practice was only ⅔ of the way done.

Desert Dust was Swift Running on the platform. He Z-Shook to avoid incoming arrows and then jumped over a deep trench and then rolled, dodged, and punched four floating balls. There was no longer a road in front of the platform; there were only a floating, moving rocks of different sizes.

Desert Dust didn’t hesitate and directly jumped and landed on top of a floating rock.

Without stopping, he continued jumping.

Onto the second, third, fourth…… Desert Dust continued to rush forward, quickly jumping forward, enough to make others gasp in amazement.

But Zhang Xinjie knew that things weren’t going that well. Desert Dust’s jumping rhythm had already gone awry. The problem might not have been from the jumping, but from the previous ⅔ of the practice. The slight mistimings from then might have finally taken its form here.

“Not enough time…..” Zhang Xinjie silently said to himself.

Desert Dust landed on another rock, but this time, he had to stop jumping because there were no more rocks for him to jump onto. He had to stand on the rock and wait for a bit.

But Han Wenqing continued to move forward following his style: aggressive and fearless. However, the rock he was jumping towards was off and his character brushed right past it.

Han Wenqing angrily tapped his keyboard. He should have already known the outcome.

Desert Dust fell and the screen turned black. The practice hadn’t been completed yet, but a progress bar and time record appeared as well as the reflection of Zhang Xinjie, who was behind him.

Han Wenqing turned his head, but Zhang Xinjie didn’t say anything. This wasn’t his first time seeing this.

Han Wenqing, the King of Fighting, Desert Dust. He had lost three times, but never gave up. Finally, in the fourth season of Glory, he defeated the previously undefeated Ye Qiu and Team Excellent Era. He had personally buried the reign of Excellent Era and became a legendary top-tier God. However, from the start of his career till now, his reaction speed and hand speed had already declined greatly.

The previous drill had all kinds of obstructions that required the user to attack, move, dodge, roll, jump, etc. to overcome. It was a drill that tested everything.

It wasn’t that Han Wenqing wasn’t able to complete the drill, but rather it was just that he was no longer able to reach his previous record.

Han Wenqing was still fighting against aging. He knew he wasn’t able to jump onto that rock anymore, but he still went ahead and did it. Because of this, Zhang Xinjie couldn’t say anything to comfort him. Even more so, Han Wenqing didn’t need any comforting words.

Han Wenqing didn’t need to do any explaining to Zhang Xinjie because he only turned around.

“How’d it go?” Han Wenqing asked. He knew what Zhang Xinjie had gone to do in the afternoon.

“We lost.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Lost?’ Han Wenqing’s mood slid down. He might not be in the best condition of his career, but his stern eyes remained the same.

“The opponents’ strength far exceeded my expectations.”

“How strong?”

“Pro-level.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“What a joke. Pro-level players going to that server to play?”

“I went too.”

“Let me see the recording.” Han Wenqing said.

Zhang Xinjie contacted Jiang You and had him send the recording. The recording began to play. There was nothing to look at on Tyrannical Ambition’s side, so Han Wenqing put the camera directly onto their opponents and then saw Zero Kills fall into the river of lava.

“What is this? How’d you guys lose to this type of opponent?” Han Wenqing was clearly angry.

“That person can be ignored.” Zhang Xinjie said.

Han Wenqing continued to watch.

The fight in the middle of the river of lava unfolded. The movements and tactics of the two sides were all common knowledge for the experienced Han Wenqing.

He watched up until Lord Grim used Aerial Fire in midair to dodge the combined assault Zhang Xinjie had put in order.

“Unspecialized? His speed is quite good.” Han Wenqing said. Zhang Xinjie knew that Han Wenqing was talking about Lord Grim’s reaction speed and hand speed.

Han Wenqing rarely praised anyone so his “quite good” remark was a very high appraisal.

And then Flowing Tree’s sword slash. Han Wenqing even paused the video there and replayed it three times.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t say anything. The most astonishing part of the battle occurred right here.

“This type of movement…..” Even Han Wenqing had no words.

However, this was just a video recording. Even though this person was able to do this, how many times could he do it successfully? Was it real skill, or was it luck? The answer couldn’t be found just from this. This movement truly was God-level, but to immediately view this player as a God-level player would be too careless. Zhang Xinjie understood this and Han Wenqing obviously did too, which was why he watched it three times before continuing.

And then the four players were repeatedly thrown into the river of lava.

The more Han Wenqing watched, the angrier he became. He closed the video. There was nothing else to see. The outcome was obvious. Forcing the four players to stay in the river of lava, there was nothing amazing that was needed to do that.

“Flowing Tree didn’t say anything during the fight, but before it, he was very talkative.”

“What are you trying to say?’ Han Wenqing said.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t definitively conclude anything. He just added: “Lord Grim’s weapon is completely suitable to unspecialized characters. It’s a weapon that allows the class to be viable. Cleansing Mist might not have done anything eye-catching, but you can see her extremely high-level knowledge of tactics and her ability to coordinate with the team, especially with Lord Grim.

“Even with all this, you guys lost a bit too badly, no?”

“It was my mistake.” Zhang Xinjie replied.

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