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Chapter 241 – The Joke’s Gone Too Far

Zhang Xinjie understood exactly how skilled Jiang You and the others were. As the most skilled players of Tyrannical Ambition, they might not be good enough to be pros, but they weren’t so bad that they could be bullied by just anyone.

But right now, the four were struggling in the river of lava. They were pretty much being toyed with by their opponents. They were trying their hardest too. Who knew how many times they’d already tried jumping up. The four tried gathering together, separating, diversion tactics, hiding and then popping out, etc. They tried everything, but nothing worked. Their opponents’ defenses were impenetrable. Their opponents wanted to wait for them to burn themselves to death in this river of lava.

Their health slowly burned away. And as for Zhang Xinjie, after leading them through several failed attempts, all he could do was run around. Seeing this, the four players understood that even Zhang Xinjie was at wit’s end.

Seeing that Zhang Xinjie was still healing them, even though the four players were already exhausted,all they could do was continue trying to escape.

“Run! Run far far away!!” Jiang You shouted.

One on each side, the Sharpshooter and Blade Master ran along the banks as far as they could. This was already their final gamble. By splitting far apart, they would leave the Cleric’s healing range and then there would be no way of coordinating with each other whatsoever. Without the healing from the Cleric, they would eventually be burned to death.

However besides this, what other method was left?

Zhang Xinjie bitterly laughed. He originally wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

Jiang You’s method truly was stupid. Their opponents had experts and were superior to them in 1v1 scenarios. What Jiang You was doing was playing to their opponent’s strengths and their weaknesses. But since the situation was already like this and Jiang You and the others were still trying hard, it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop them.

And thus, Zhang Xinjie didn’t say anything. He continued to heal the members that were in range. Facing the unspecialized Lord Grim, who could be both close-range and long-range, he was finally able to witness the ever-changing Thousand Chance Umbrella. The two players were gradually getting farther and farther away and their opponents also had two players follow them, Cleansing Mist and Flowing Tree.

Everything was as Zhang Xinjie expected. This type of tactic hadn’t brought anything good to the table. The Blade Master and Sharpshooter were still being suppressed by Cleansing Mist and Flowing Tree just like before.

Zhang Xinjie sighed. He already knew the battle was already over. Cleansing Mist’s bullets fired and the Sharpshooter died, the Blade Master closely following after.

Crowd Lover and the Striker were under Endless Night’s healing, but they wouldn’t be able to stay alive forever.

“We’ve lost.” Zhang Xinjie typed the message into the public chat.

“Ha ha, I agree.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Who are you?” Zhang Xinjie asked.

“Just as who you think I am, an expert.” Ye Xiu said.

Zhang Xinjie was silent.

Ye Qiu, Huang Shaotian, Su Mucheng. These three names had flashed by in his head long ago, but he was a cautious person. If he wasn’t 100% certain, he wouldn’t be able to easily come to a conclusion.

If they really were these three, then Zhang Xinjie had to admit that he had played the joke too far this time. Trying to beat those three with just Jiang You and the others was impossible.

He had originally believed that the coordination and synergy between Jiang You and his team were their advantages.

But, in the Glory pro-scene, in the seven completed seasons, Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng had won Best Partners four times. The three times that they hadn’t won the award was because Su Mucheng had yet to entered the pro-scene.

Facing the two players with the greatest synergy in the entire pro-scene, how could Jiang You and his team’s synergy be an advantage? Hilarious.

If it really was like this, then Zhang Xinjie would feel very embarrassed, but he wouldn’t be able to take back his assumption.

He had intuitively felt that they were Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng, but he had no definitive proof. As for that Flowing Tree, his playing completely exposed his god-level skill. But once he got on stage, he quieted down. Before, the reports said that he was very talkative, so why was he quiet now?

Were they different people?

Talking a lot wasn’t his habit, but something he did on and off?

Or maybe he really was Huang Shaotian, but he intentionally hid his specialty?

Maybe he doesn’t want to be exposed? He’s afraid of being seen through? By me? Speaking of this, do they know who I am?

When Zhang Xinjie thought, he didn’t ignore any possibility. He thought, while quietly watching Lord Grim and the others. Crowd lover and the Striker had already jumped out but they were still burning. The two were silent; their current moods were obvious.

“If there’s nothing you guys want to talk about, then let’s leave?” Ye Xiu said.

Is that Ye Qiu’s voice? Zhang Xinjie tried hard to recall. Voice chat wasn’t allowed in pro-matches, so he wasn’t very familiar with Ye Qiu’s voice.

“Lord Grim……” Jiang You grinded his teeth. He really wanted to say some bad words.

“Are we going to meet up again at Line Canyon?” Ye Xiu laughed.

Jiang You really wanted to jump over the river and teach Lord Grim a lesson but he didn’t move because he clearly knew that he would lose if he talked.

“You just wait!” Jiang You threatened.

“Ha ha, I’ll wait. You can come bet with me anytime you’d like. I welcome you to try again.” Ye Xiu said.

“Let’s leave!” Zhang Xinjie left and the system announced that Lord Grim’s side was the winner.

“Ha ha ha ha, Zhang Xinjie is nothing! I can’t help but say that he was too naive. To think he’d be able to block me! Did you see my beautiful swordplay?”’ Huang Shaotian couldn’t help but begin chattering once he saw that the other side had left.

“Yeah, not bad. “ Ye Xiu said.

“Not bad? F*ck, let me tell you. At that time, the number of players who could do what I did can’t be more than ten.” Huang Shaotian said.

“I should be one of those ten, no?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course.”

“Then I don’t understand why you’re trying to brag.”

“Let’s see who’ll win! I’ll go and switch accounts!” Huang Shaotian called.

“Your beautiful swordplay definitely aroused Zhang Xinjie’s suspicions. But with his personality, he won’t come to a conclusion without solid evidence. If you log out of Flowing Tree and go onto Troubling Rain, are you trying to provide him proof?” Ye Xiu asked.

Huang Shaotian stared blankly.

The Assassin Zero Kills also stared blankly. Seeing the large list of items they had won from the info list made him thoroughly stunned. He hadn’t noticed that this had been a match with bets.

“Let’s all leave too!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah…… that……” Zero Kills muttered. He wanted to ask what all those items were about and whether it was split between members.

“Thanks, brother! I’ll gift you this!” Ye Xiu prompted a trade with Zero Kills.

Zero Kills accepted and looked. The other side had unexpectedly put up a Level 30 Purple Twin-Tailed Swords.

Zero Kills happily accepted it. He hadn’t done anything in the match and won a Purple weapon. Was such good luck even possible? Zero Kills hadn’t yet fully thought it through yet, when the others left.

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