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Chapter 234 – Two Traps

Lord Grim was launched into the air by Raging Flames and the Cleric’s Sacred Fire hit its target as well. Lord Grim’s movements had been seen through by them.

Ye Xiu could only quietly watch as his Lord Grim was once again burned by Sacred Fire and Silenced for another 3 seconds.

The damage overlapped, but the CC did as well, so having the skills overlap was a waste.

However, Tyrannical Ambition’s two Clerics linked their Sacred Fires almost perfectly, maintaining the Silence on Lord Grim for 5-6 seconds. The Striker, who had been shot down, had already caught back up and the Sharpshooter had gotten up as well. They clearly wanted to kill Lord Grim right here.

Jiang You and the others shouted in happiness and pounced over. But Zhang Xinjie was a bit disappointed; he hadn’t seen what he had wanted to see.

“Why didn’t he use Aerial Fire?”

This was something that puzzled Zhang Xinjie. If Lord Grim were any other class, there wouldn’t have been any possible way of him escaping, but Gunners could use Aerial Gun to move in the air and stall for time. Aerial Gun was only a normal attack, so it wouldn’t be Silenced. There was no difference in this aspect between unspecialized and Gunners.

But Lord Grim hadn’t done so. After Raging Flames took effect, he directly dropped down.

Jiang You already had his Crowd Lover cast another spell. The Blade Master was ready to provide backup at any moment. The Striker rushed forward with his fists and the Sharpshooter slid on the ground. They didn’t want Lord Grim landing onto the ground.

“Pa!” A sound was heard among their yells, seemingly unimportant. But the Sharpshooter’s Slide Kick was stopped because of this sound. He kept his sliding position on the ground but on his screen, he could see his right leg was clamped onto the ground by steel spikes.

Thief skill: Spike Trap!

The Sharpshooter was startled.

Where’d the trap come from? Did Lord Grim set it? No way! Ever since Lord Grim appeared in front of them, not a single movement of his had been missed. This place…… Lord Grim had only rolled over here for a bit. Could he have actually set such a trap while he was rolling?

Since the trap had been set earlier, it wouldn’t just disappear after being Silenced. As soon as someone touched it, it would trigger.

The Sharpshooter hadn’t yet figured out what had happened when he heard a rippling sound. A light smoke came up from the ground and spread out. The Striker had been caught inside the fog of poison and his face quickly turned green.

Another Thief skill: Poison Gas Trap.

Earlier, when Lord Grim rolled to dodge the bullet, he hadn’t set only one trap, but instead had set two. The Sharpshooter had a hard time believing it, but the reality was in front of his eyes. It couldn’t have been placed by some random person.

When the Sharpshooter saw the position of the two traps, he instantly figured out the reason. This was an escape route that Lord Grim had kept in case he needed it. If he ran into trouble when he jumped up, he still had somewhere to go. He had set up these traps to protect himself.

And his escape route had worked. If those two traps weren’t there, then the Striker and Sharpshooter would have plastered Lord Grim onto the wall forever.

And now? Even though the Sharpshooter hadn’t taken much damage, he had been stalled.

The Poison Gas Trap, on the other hand, mainly did damage and didn’t have any movement restriction effects. However, the instant the target was poisoned, it would create a very brief Stun, interrupting the Striker’s Dashing Jab. With this, Lord Grim was able to land and roll away. Roll was a common skill and didn’t count as a skill from a class, so it wasn’t Silenced by Sacred Fire.

Crowd Lover’s Blizzard had arrived though. His Blizzard stormed down, but Lord Grim was able to roll away.

All of this happened in a mere three seconds.

In the first second, two of the players fell for the traps. Lord Grim’s Quick Recover was successful.

In the second second, Lord Grim rolled past the Sharpshooter. The trap didn’t restrict attacks, so the Sharpshooter tried to shoot him, but how could he compare to Ye Xiu? Lord Grim’s left hand took out a sword and slashed, hitting the Sharpshooter.

The Striker rushed out from the Poison Gas but the green-color on his face hadn’t gone away. The poison was still lowering his health.

And in the third second, Ye Xiu didn’t even need to look at his status bar to know that the Sacred Fire’s Silence was gone. With the status effect gone, how could he be afraid of facing the Striker? The two characters clashed; the Striker punched forward, but Lord Grim suddenly ducked and then countered.

The sword light curved into a beautiful arc. The Assassin skill: Shining Cut. The Striker’s fist hit nothing but air, while his body was left open. Shining Cut sliced across his waist, leaving a trail of fresh blood. Two sword lights crossed and intersected at his neck, cutting across like a giant pair of scissors.

The two swords returned and the blood flowed outwards from the Striker’s neck.

The spray of blood looked terrifying, but this was a game, so the injury didn’t mean that the Striker was dead.

This sudden change was completely outside of everyone’s expectations. By the time the Blade master jumped down to give chase, Lord Grim had already run far away.

Crowd Lover was the closest to Lord Grim now. Jiang You hoped for Zhang Xinjie’s instructions, but he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t just watch as Lord Grim ran past him, so Jiang You pounced after him to try and block him. However, Elementalists weren’t good at blocking. Crowd Lover put his staff behind him and prepared to use a Falling Flower Palm.

Jiang You wasn’t very good in this area. In front of him was the forefather of the Battle Mage as well. Jiang You was pretty much displaying his measly skill in front of a God. But if Ye Xiu was hit by this Falling Flower Palm, then retirement was the right choice.

Lord Grim gently turned and Jiang You’s Falling Flower Palm flew by him. Lord Grim jumped up and the Twin Tailed Swords in his hands picked Crowd Lover into the air using Assassin skill: Leaping Blade.

Lord Grim landed first and then sent Crowd Lover flying away. At this moment, the Sharpshooter finally freed himself from the trap. But the Striker’s Poison hadn’t ended yet and green spots covered his body. The Blade Master was also still far away from him.

And Endless Night? Ye Xiu turned his camera and saw Endless Night behind him, still standing there, not moving.

Ye Xiu chuckled and sent a message to him: “Almost. A bit more and you would have gotten me. Try again next time.”

After sending him the message, Lord Grim turned his head and left. He didn’t plan on continuing to fight with this team. The team had some sort of expert helping them, who had forced him into a dangerous situation. If he hadn’t judged incorrectly, then the person controlling Endless Night was probably Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie.

Luckily, the others weren’t pro-players. Their ability to carry out his instructions weren’t good enough. If not for this, it would be hard to say whether he’d have been able to escape from these six with just the Twin Tailed Swords in his hands.

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