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Chapter 225 – A Separating Wall

“How’s it going over there?” Cold Night asked the person watching the BOSS.

“Guild leader’s here. The BOSS has also been pulled, but Lord Grim is too dirty. We have to bring the BOSS further in and try to hide it.”

“Sigh!” Cold Night could only sigh. Luckily, the players guarding the Line Canyon entrances had been stopped by Chen Yehui.

“Looking at the time, if Lord Grim’s group went to dungeon, they should be done soon, so the players who are guarding the dungeon entrances cannot leave. Open your eyes widely.” Chen Yehui said to everyone. He then sent a message in secret: “Coordinates 2441, 3212, go check it for me.”

Chen Yehui wasn’t lacking in manpower. He had invested a lot in the tenth server. He had already moved a large number of players trying to suppress Lord Grim and a considerable amount of elites were leveling and dungeoning as well.

Chen Yehui was hiding his strength, so there were many who weren’t participating. However, these players, who were hidden in the darkness, were without a doubt Excellent Dynasty’s most loyal and skilled players.

Right now, he was telling the six other guilds’ players that it was “a plot by Lord Grim”, while holding back a, “it’d be better to believe it, than not to” and sent players to the coordinates to check.

However, in his eyes, only the hundred players at Line Canyon had been held. As for the other six guild’s possibly hidden players, he had no way of stopping them.

In Line Canyon, Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu: “That’s your strategy?”

“Yeah, to scare them.” Ye Xiu said.


“Those coordinate aren’t accurate, but right now, a lot of players in Line Canyon are going to head over there and they might pass by here. They’ll definitely bring the BOSS to a place where they won’t be found.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh really……” Tang Rou replied, while listening to the sounds of battle.

“It seems like they’re coming over.” Tang Rou whispered.


“We….. won’t we be found if we stay here?” Tang Rou looked at the surrounding terrain.

“They won’t be coming here unless they plan on bumping into players heading to the fake coordinates from the dungeons.” Ye Xiu said.

The three no longer dared to say anymore. The Cliff Ronin quickly whistled by and Tyrannical Ambition’s six players surrounded it. The person in front pulled the Cliff Ronin back, while the people at the rear used Blow Away and Knock Backs to push the BOSS forward.

Here was a small slope. From afar, it looked like a cliff; splitting this area’s Line Canyon in two. As of right now, the three were hiding on the left side of the cliff, while Tyrannical Ambition’s players were heading towards the right side of the cliff. It was the place where they had first seen the BOSS.

“Look, if it keeps heading that way, it’ll be convenient for us and we’ll have a good cover.” Ye Xiu’s plan succeeded. He had completely predicted what the other side would do.

Tyrannical Ambition’s six players consisted of Jiang You’s group and the player who had discovered the BOSS. After Lord Grim announced the fake coordinates on the world chat, Jiang You cursed while hastily guiding the BOSS to a different area. Right now, the players at Line Canyon were increasing. The further they were from the fake coordinates, the better. They had to escape the onrush of players coming there as well. Jiang You looked at the map and chose the only safe spot, which just happened to be the spot Ye Xiu wanted.

They were worthy of being great experts of the Heavenly Domain. After picking the “correct” path, they quickly pulled the BOSS over.

“They’ve gone further. Let’s go.” Ye Xiu called. Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun Invasion followed behind Lord Grim as they drilled out from behind the cliff. The cliff wasn’t too high or steep, so the three climbed up.

When they climbed up onto the wall, Tang Rou looked at the IDs of the players fighting the BOSS.

“It’s that team from before!” Soft Mist peeked out and then quickly pulled back.

“Oh, that team. Their skill level’s pretty high.” Ye Xiu said.

“Senior.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.


“If we jump down from here, will we die?” Steamed Bun Invasion looked down, studying the cliff’s height. The ground grew more and more distant as they climbed up the slope. They were no longer at the height they were at before.

“We won’t die. We’ll probably be half-dead!” Ye Xiu said.

“How high till we fall to our deaths?”

“I’ll tell you when it happens.” Ye Xiu replied.

“How steep does it have to be for us to stand steadily on top of it?” Tang Rou asked another question. Compared to Steamed Bun Invasion, it was a question of better quality.

“Oh, there’s no standard for that. It depends on the terrain. A slope will affect a character’s move speed. One of the guides I gathered for you earlier talks about this.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? I haven’t seen any!”

The three continued chatting as they glanced down from time to time.

“If we continue going up, won’t we eventually exit Line Canyon?” Tang Rou asked.

“We’re almost at the end. This is just one small mountain in Line Canyon.” Ye Xiu said.

After climbing up for a bit, Ye Xiu called for the other two to halt: “Okay, let’s go down. Look, Steamed Bun. At this height, if we directly jump down, we’ll die.”

“Oh I see.” Steamed Bun Invasion looked at how high up they were. Then he discovered that there were players on the left side of the cliff as well, but they weren’t looking up.

“Oh, there are players coming from the dungeon. They’re going to those coordinates.” Ye Xiu said.

The three hid on the cliff, between two sides. On the left were players looking for the BOSS, and on the right were players attacking the BOSS.

Quite a few players had already reached the fake coordinates, but after seeing no sign of the BOSS, they began telling everyone in the world chat. However, the players heading over wouldn’t believe them and continued to rush there.

2441, 3212.

The place at those coordinates was already becoming more and more lively. The ones who hadn’t arrived yet were rushing over there. After arriving, they would begin searching around. Those without parties would ask to party up and those who were already in a party were asking for players to join their party…….

On Ye Xiu’s side, they had already found an opportunity to climb down the small slope and a small pit to hide in.

“When are we going to move out?” Tang Rou was tired of waiting.

“It’s still too early.” Ye Xiu said, “With only six players, it’ll take at least half an hour. We’ll just sit here for now. Everyone can go and watch some TV or take a look at a guide, whatever you want.”

“I’m going to get some water.” Tang Rou said.

“Then…… what should I do?” Steamed Bun Invasion was currently in deep thought. The other two had already stopped moving.

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