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Chapter 223 – Wild BOSS Discovered

2 AM, Line Canyon.

The pitiful players of the seven guilds weren’t sleeping, leveling, dungeoning, or questing, but were forced to blindly search the leveling areas instead.

The players at the dungeon entrances weren’t having it any better either. They were extremely lonely. Even worse, were the hundred players outside of Congee City. They had already been waiting for so long…….

They searched the leveling areas and possible quest locations, but found nothing.

And just like this, half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

News of Lord Grim’s group suddenly popped up in front of everyone.

System Announcement: Congratulations to players Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, and One Inch Ash for breaking the Line Canyon record, time: 29:51:44.

“F*CK!!” This sound echoed from all around Line Canyon. The seven guilds had searched madly around the entire world, while their targets went to set a dungeon record.

The Line Canyon dungeon record had already been broken by Lord Grim twice. In the past, whenever Lord Grim’s team broke the record, they always did by more than 1 minute. Afterwards, no one could even hope to compete, but these two records that were set by them had only improved the record by a bit. It wasn’t as ridiculous.

However, now that they thought about it, right now, Lord Grim’s team consisted of four Level 31s and one Level 30. When they hit Level 33, what record would they be able to achieve?

As for how they had somehow escaped from under their watchful gaze, there was already no point in figuring it out.

“Dungeon!! Guard the dungeon entrances.” Everyone immediately received new orders. They could only curse as they rushed towards the dungeon entrances.

“BOSS! Wild BOSS!” More news arrived. Of course, the messenger didn’t send it to everyone; it was only sent to his guild leader.

“There’s no one else here. It’s only me. This place is really empty!” The player who discovered the wild BOSS was somewhat incoherent.

They hadn’t found Lord Grim, but they had found a wild BOSS. Cold Night was very moved.

It’s been such a terrible night! Who could have suffered more than my Tyrannical Ambition? Maybe the system is feeling sorry and is taking care of us?

The cold night stayed silent. In the currently sparse Line Canyon, they might be able to take down the wild BOSS without anyone knowing.

But the other guilds were still guarding the Line Canyon entrances. If he suddenly maneuvered a large amount of troops, he might arouse their suspicion. As a result, Cold Night reported this news to Jiang You.

Jiang You hadn’t logged out yet and was still in the tenth server. He was currently together with the four other experts that had come from the Heavenly Domain. Their wipe-out half an hour ago was still looping through their minds. It truly wasn’t a happy memory.

They had specially come over to compete with Lord Grim for the dungeon records, but they had been defeated by their opponents in direct combat. They weren’t even been able to last long enough for backup to arrive. In just a few minutes, they had bit the dust……..

If news of this got out, how could they have the face to consider themselves top-tier experts? They’d probably become a laughing stock. Poplar Beach was an example of this.

If Poplar Beach were to ever have the chance to turn back time, he definitely wouldn’t try to challenge Lord Grim. Even if he decided that they would battle, he would go in with an alternative account.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened. Poplar Beach dueled Lord Grim and lost extremely miserably. Who knew how many players had already gone to laugh at him?

Ever since then, Poplar Beach never appeared online again.

Thinking of Poplar Beach, Jiang You and the others could only feel that they were considered lucky. They were, at least, wearing armor and weren’t the center of everyone’s attention.

Lord Grim was very strong, but Jiang You and the others wanted to redeem themselves. During the past half an hour, they had been discussing the strategy and tactics Lord Grim’s team had employed, Lord Grim’s difficult to deal with unspecialized, as well as how they would beat them next time.

“What about Lord Grim?” Jiang You was more concerned with Lord Grim.

Cold Night was startled. Lord Grim had just gone on TV, did Jiang You not see it? What had they been doing the past thirty minutes?

“They were dungeoning. They just broke the record.” Cold Night could only say the truth.

“Record?” Jiang You immediately checked the record leaderboards. He looked at it and then let out a sigh of relief: “It doesn’t look like it’s anything impressive.”

“Yeah, they probably weren’t going all out.” Cold Night said.

“By the time we wait for them to go all out, it’ll be too late. Have you found their location yet?” Jiang You asked.


“What do you mean no?” Jiang You was not in a good mood.

“We didn’t know how they got into the dungeon. This time, we’ll guard the dungeon entrances better.” Cold Night could only try and explain.

“They can still dungeon one more time. If we guard the Line Canyon entrances, we’ll definitely catch them.” Jiang You said.

“Okay…. then what about the wild BOSS?”

“Let’s go!”

“Do we need more players?”

“No need. More players will attract too much attention.” Jiang You replied. He suppressed the urge to prove that they really were experts.

“Okay…..” Cold Night said.

After setting the dungeon record, Ye Xiu immediately led the group away.

“We can’t continue dungeoning.” Ye Xiu said. Previously, they had gone around the guild players in order to enter the dungeon, but there was no way they could ensure that they wouldn’t be found this time.

They wound around the map until they reached a very remote place. They looked around and there wasn’t a single person there, which meant that they hadn’t been discovered.

“If I knew of this earlier then we could have ran it one more time…… Well, whatever. Let’s just kill some monsters and level here!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I’ll be going off.” Su Mucheng said.

“Me too.” Qiao Yifan said. The pro-players couldn’t stay up all night.

“Go ahead!”

The two players said bye. Only Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun Invasion could stay up and play until daylight.

“Pay attention to any suspicious movements. The other side might be looking for us.” Ye Xiu warned them.

Even though the monsters here weren’t as strong as the monsters in the dungeons, they could still be used as practice. Ye Xiu gave them a limited practice set to see who would advance through it. The three players had previously cleared monsters like this in this desolate area in Line Canyon.

Ye Xiu was looking around at the surroundings. His camera turned and found something: “Oh? Isn’t that the legendary wild BOSS?”


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