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Chapter 219 – PvP Is Even Scarier

Cold Night received Jiang You’s message.

They were just so unlucky. Their Tyrannical Ambition already had a team wiped out and another team encountered them. He had originally planned on waiting for the other guilds to suffer, but he was the one to suffer again. Cold Night really wanted to shout “Why always me!!!” to voice his current feelings.

But he had received the coordinates and there was no time to waste. The important part was to hurry and save them and possibly kill off Lord Grim too. Of course, this wasn’t something he was going to do alone. He needed the strength of everyone. Cold Night was just about to speak, when someone else shouted: “Coordinates 2873, 3398!”

The person yelled, while typing out the coordinates for everyone to see. Cold Night looked and saw that it was a player from Blossom Valley. The coordinate was similar to the one Jiang You had sent.

Cold Night was slightly startled. Clearly, Blossom Valley’s players had also encountered Lord Grim.

“Yes! Lord Grim’s here. Let’s hurry up and go!” Another one shouted. Seeing that he no longer needed to personally act, Cold Night didn’t say anything and informed his Tyrannical Ambition players to immediately go.

Currently, three teams were fighting Lord Grim’s group and there was still time for them to be rescued. It was different from Endless Night’s and Samsara’s teams where the battle was sudden. The fight was over in an instant, so Cold Night and Lonely Drink didn’t receive any messages until it was all over.

Seeing how all the guilds were beginning to move, Lonely Drink guessed what had happened. Even so, he still acted slowly and asked: “What happened?”

This guy wanted to sit down with everyone and talk for half an hour. Before, he had also wanted to kill Lord Grim, but after having his elite team wiped out, Lord Grim was placed last in his mind. He wanted the other elite teams to be killed off and then kill Lord Grim.

“Lord Grim’s appeared.” Cold Night simply said. He had already guessed what Lonely Drink was thinking and doing, which was why he didn’t say anything more. After saying it, he began to organize the movement.

Lord Grim’s appeared.

This was enough reason to act. The others began to move and there was no point in Lonely Drink stalling, so all he could do was order his Samsara to move out as well. The guild alliance had been split up to guard the city and check the dungeon entrances, so there were only a hundred elites gathered together. Even so, this was more than enough to defeat Lord Grim and the other four players.

However, these so-called “elites” were only relative. In the new server with new players all over, they were elites. However, if they were in the old servers, they would only be considered as veterans. The true elites were those who were currently running dungeons. Unfortunately, two teams had already been wiped out and the remaining were also in danger.

Jiang You could be considered as a top-tier player among the normal player population. After having his magic borrowed by Lord Grim, he didn’t lose his cool. He rolled and sent out a Frost Ball and then fired another Flame Explosion, this time, towards One Inch Ash.

At this moment, Jiang You’s Crowd Lover was attacking different players and his heavy magic was fired gently like a true mage.

“Careful, Steamed Bun.” Ye Xiu hastily yelled. The Frost Ball was headed towards Steamed Bun Invasion. Jiang You planned on making a sneak attack.

With him acting out, things couldn’t have been more clear.

This Crowd Lover was definitely the same expert as the one who had dungeoned with them in the past. Ye Xiu understood why this type of expert would silently run to the tenth server. Tyrannical Ambition urgently needed to take back their pride in this dungeon.

Su Mucheng immediately placed Crowd Lover as her target. Cleansing Mist fired a Gatling Gun, spraying bullets towards Tyrannical Ambition’s players, However, this was a game, so players wouldn’t die from one bullet. With Su Mucheng shaking her gun, the scattered bullets had their damage split.

Using Gatling Gun this way wasn’t for damage, but rather for temporarily stopping the opponent’s offense. Against a new player, they would probably be running away in fear right now, but Jiang You and the experienced veterans knew what was happening. The few bullets that would hit them wouldn’t do much damage. The annoying part was the brief stun and interrupt after these bullets hit.

These five players moved about impressively; they were running, jumping and rolling to break through the rain of bullets.

The Sharpshooter amongst the five players dodged and also raised his gun to fire back. Cleansing Mist was still in mid-animation and had no way of dodging. This Sharpshooter wasn’t bad and used this opportunity to fire at Cleansing Mist.

Su Mucheng was helpless. She could only cancel her skill to avoid the bullets. She then sent Anti-Tank Missiles to counter and in the blink of an eye, the two began firing at each other.

This team was different!

Seeing how strong this team was, the longer this went on the worse the situation would become. Ye Xiu immediately made a decision. He used a Sky Strike to launch an opponent into the air and used a Falling Flower Palm to send him towards Crowd Lover’s team. He then used “Fling” to throw another opponent over, this time, disrupting the enemy team’s formation.

After throwing the two Blossom Valley players like bullets, Lord Grim immediately used a Shadow Clone Technique and appeared between all five experts.

The five players were originally in formation, but were disrupted by the two meat bullets. Ye Xiu used this opportunity to instantly move to the opening.

“You’ve got guts!!” A Striker shouted and rushed forward to Front Kick him.

Front Kick was a Striker skill and had a slight knock-back effect. Ye Xiu wasn’t worried. He moved his mouse and returned with a Dragon Tooth.

The Striker felt that his Front Kick would connect, but a white light suddenly flashed and Lord Grim’s battle lance appeared in front of him.

The lance was long and the leg was short. At this moment, there was no way his Kick would hit first, so he immediately cancelled the skill. He didn’t expect the Dragon Tooth to be so quick though and was stabbed mid-jump. His heart suddenly dropped. The battle lance arced towards him and a Sky Strike launched him into the air.

He had incredible mechanics and his lance speed was also quick!

The Striker had suffered an attack, but instantly understood what went wrong. Ye Xiu’s hand speed, as well as the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Attack Speed of 5, were both uncommonly quick, causing him to lose.

Circle Swing captured the Striker mid-air. Lord Grim flung hard and he became another meat bullet. The surrounding players dispersed to dodge. Lord Grim retracted his battle lance and fired three Anti-Tank Missiles, attacking the three front players.

This Gun Shake maneuver was unimaginably difficult. At such a short range, he was able to scatter the artillery shells at such large angles apart from one another. Of the three artillery shells, two were unable to dodge, hitting and exploding at contact.

Lord Grim then turned around and tossed a grenade into the air.

“F*ck!” The Blade Master behind him had jumped and planned on using a Falling Light Blade to make a sneak attack. But this Lord Grim unexpectedly seemed to have eyes at the back of his head and threw a grenade at him mid-air. After the explosion, the Blade Master fell like a broken-winged angel and fell face first into the ground.

How unfortunate. He had planned on using a Front Roll to Quick Recover, but he made a mistake. He messed up his Front Roll and crashed into the earth.

Tyrannical Ambition’s five, top-tier, experts were being 1v5ed by Lord Grim, who had instantly hit four of them. Jiang You was dumbstruck. Lord Grim’s PvP was even scarier than his PvE! During this moment, he was thankful that he had sent a message to Cold Night before-hand.

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