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Chapter 218 – Crowd Lover

Sword Boundary!

The Sword Ghost flowed outward from One Inch Ash’s sword, creating a circular boundary. Tang Rou was inside the range, so her strength and intelligence were increased.

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist stepped in as well.

Qiao Yifan had calculated the range of the Sword Boundary to envelop both players. Then he stepped forward two times and raised his sword to prepare to cast an Ice Boundary. This Ice Boundary was meant for the enemies, so it wasn’t placed in the same spot as the Sword Boundary. One Inch Ash moved accordingly and began to chant.

“Interrupt him!” Void Walk’s team leader hastily shouted and a Striker pounced over. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Three shots rang out and the Striker was forced back. Cleansing Mist had fired to protect One Inch Ash.

The time gained from this was enough to cast the Ice Boundary.

“Back!” Void Walk’s team leader shouted again.

Against a Ghostblade’s formation, the best way to deal with them was to retreat outside the boundary range. This way, it didn’t matter what boundary you cast or how terrifying it was, it would only be a backdrop.

But retreating wouldn’t be so simple. As soon as his voice fell, Soft Mist’s Scarlet Moon Lance stabbed forward. Once Qiao Yifan finished casting the Ice Boundary, he immediately sent a Ghost Slash towards two players, who had rolled to the side.

Ghost Slash was a skill with a considerably long attack range. An arc of purple shot out and passed through both players like a skewer through meat.

The other two players were able to successfully retreat. But when they looked back, they saw that the other three were trapped inside the Ice Boundary. Being the only ones that had escaped, they didn’t know what to do. Should they rescue their allies or not?

One of them felt like it wasn’t right to run away, so he moved just outside of the Ice Boundary’s range and began sending out long-ranged attacks to save his teammates. But, Void Walk’s players weren’t sure what to do and were all doing their own thing. Everywhere they looked, there seemed to be Chasers and sword lights flying towards them. There was also that Launcher, who was always sending them gifts when they didn’t need them.

The person at the edge of the Ice Boundary was closed in on by One Inch Ash, who used a Moonlight Slash to launch him into the sky. Then One Inch Ash leapt into the air and turned around to use a Falling Light Blade. While sending the person into the Ice Boundary, he also knocked down another player with the shockwave.

Tang Rou, Qiao Yifan, and Su Mucheng controlled the four players, while focusing one of them and quickly killed him off.

“Retreat!” Void Walk’s team leader finally shouted again.

He had been trying hard to direct everyone during this battle and had made a total of three commands: “Interrupt”, “Back”, and “Retreat”. From these three words, anyone could clearly see their preparation from going to battle to their downfall to fleeing for their lives.

Unfortunately, only the player that stood far outside the boundary had the opportunity to follow it. As soon as the team leader shouted the command, he was hit tumbling by Soft Mist and then hit again by a Chaser, exploding him to death. Even though the other two hadn’t died yet, they were currently airborne.

The player that was far away had awkwardly stood there in hesitation. Only until he heard “Retreat!” did he begin to run. Soft Mist immediately chased after him with a movement speed buff. Su Mucheng also fired a few shots to block him but sadly, he was caught by Soft Mist.

‘He almost got away.” Tang Rou said as she used a Falling Flower Palm to blast him backwards. As for the rest, 2v3ing wouldn’t be a problem for them, so Su Mucheng stopped helping them and went to focus on the Blossom Valley battle.

Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had been making fair progress. They had killed off two players and only Backlight Bomb was a bit of a problem.

Ye Xiu reckoned that he was a fan of the recently retired, Hundred Blossom’s team captain Zhang Jiale. Unfortunately, he was drawing a tiger like a dog. Even with the same class, he didn’t have the dazzle that Zhang Jiale had and was fighting wretchedly. In fact, he was quite similar to Steamed Bun Invasion.

He had clearly been engrossed in his fight with Steamed Bun Invasion and when he recovered and looked back, he saw that two of his team members had already been killed. The Cleric was now running madly from Cleansing Mist’s attacks.

This short distraction was taken advantage of by Steamed Bun Invasion. He punched, kicked, and bricked Backlight Bomb, who was unable to resist. After all, Backlight Bomb was a long-range class and wasn’t good at close combat.

It would only be a matter of time before the remaining players were killed. Ye Xiu wasn’t wrong when he said this was the most frequented road in Line Canyon. Another five players from a guild appeared and these guild experts cleared at similar speeds, but because they entered at different entrances and at different times, their exit from Line Canyon was different.

Tyrannical Ambition!

Ye Xiu immediately noticed their guild tag. He even recognized one of the players in the team.

Crowd Lover. The appearance of this ID was quite appropriate.
This Elementalist had helped them in setting the dungeon record for Frost Forest. Even though his hand speed might be a bit slower than Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s, he was much more experienced and had an impressive understanding of strategy. He wasn’t someone Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion could compare themselves to.

Hand speed wasn’t a conclusive factor. This person was without a doubt the most skilled player amongst all the normal players he had met in the tenth server.

Ye Xiu believed that this type of, hard to come by, expert wasn’t a nobody in Tyrannical Ambition. He was definitely an experienced veteran from Heavenly Domain who had come to substitute for the dungeon records.

However, was this Crowd Lover the same as that time’s Crowd Lover?

Jiang You was also startled when he saw Lord Grim and the others. Their guild alliance had already arrived at Line Canyon and these few still dared to run amok?

He knew that Endless Night and the others had been killed. Cold Night had also warned him to be careful because of that.

When Jiang You exited the dungeon, he was already on guard, but after finding out that Lord Grim wasn’t there waiting for them, he put aside the matter. How could he have known that they would encounter Lord Grim’s group here? It even looked like they were currently in the middle of wiping out Blossom Valley’s and Void Walk’s teams.

“Forward!” Jiang You said without hesitation. Of the teams that had come, they were the first to initiate an attack on Lord Grim and the others.

Jiang You saw the situation clearly.

He had only seen Lord Grim and his team run a simple dungeon once, so his insight on them was limited and he wasn’t able to see exactly how deep each player’s strength was.

But at this moment, it could be seen that Lord Grim’s team clearly had the advantage against the two other teams. PK was the best indicator of how strong someone was. A judgement based solely on sight could only go so far.

Jiang You was no longer bringing with him experts from the tenth server, but instead brought the strongest elites from Tyrannical Ambition’s headquarters. In a 5v5, he still didn’t have too much confidence. As a result, he didn’t want to waste any time and would immediately rescue the remaining Blossom Valley and Void Walk players. Together they would be able to suppress Lord Grim’s team.

Flame Explosion!

Jiang You used this low-leveled skill. Raging Flames and Blizzard had high damage and high range, but they would also entangle the players from the two guilds. They weren’t partied together, so they would take damage too. Jiang You was scared that his attack would kill them off.

His Flame Explosion flew directly towards Lord Grim. Ye Xiu dodged to the side and stabbed with his lance. He forced his opponent to step to the side and unfortunately, this opponent was hit by Crowd Lover’s Flame Explosion.

‘F*ck, this b*tch is too evil.” Jiang You cursed, while immediately sending Cold Night a message: “Lord Grim, coordinates: 2875, 3400.”

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