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Chapter 211 – The Waves Behind Drive the Waves Ahead

“You don’t even know who Huang Shaotian is??” Concealed Light was flabbergasted. In his eyes, Steamed Bun Invasion was quite strong. He hadn’t expected him to ask such an ignorant question.

“What’s that?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“Sword Saint! Do you understand?” Concealed Light said.

“Nope.” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

“The strongest of the Blade Masters.” Concealed Light said.

“Oh? That sounds interesting. My spirit’s fired up. You’re the Sword Saint?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked Huang Shaotian.

“Not me. Huang Shaotian is.” Huang Shaotian replied dully. This nooby Steamed Bun Invasion was much easier to lie to.

“That’s too bad. I would have fought with you if you were.” Steamed Bun Invasion said high and mightily.

“Yeah yeah……” Huang Shaotian said, resisting the urge to kick his ass.

“Who’s the strongest Brawler?” Steamed Bun Invasion was already past Huang Shaotian and now asked Concealed Light.

“Uh, most people say that Team Hundred Blossom’s Tang Hao is the best, but his Brawler character Delilo isn’t the strongest. The strongest is probably Team Wind Howl Lin Jingyan’s Three Hits.” Concealed Light said.

“Oh…… really……” Steamed Bun Invasion listened while scratching his head. This time, there were two players and two characters. One was the strongest player while the other was the strongest character, making him a bit confused.

“You know quite a lot, Concealed Light!” Ye Xiu said. Concealed Light was a new player just like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion, but he knew a lot about Glory. This was at least a show of his passion and interest in the game.

“That’s what I read online. Is it right?” Concealed Light said.

“Pretty much. But Lin Jingyan is probably going to retire soon.” Ye Xiu suddenly said with lament. This type of feeling was something he was currently going through.

“Yeah…… after this season ends, he’ll probably be able to play for at most another year.” Huang Shaotian added after hearing Ye Xiu’s lament.

“Wind Howl will probably find a way to snatch Tang Hao!” Ye Xiu said.

“Right now, pretty much everyone knows that Lin Jingyan is going to retire soon. Wind Howl will probably get ripped off. From a business standpoint, Hundred Blossoms is doing a lot better, so it’s very likely that Hundred Blossoms will buy Three Hits.” Huang Shaotian said.

Apart from buying and transferring players, accounts could also be traded. How many equips the character has is negotiated by the two parties involved. Usually, the character brings all of its equipment. A character without any equipment might have a few more skill points and some fame, but that’s all.

“That’s true.” Ye Xiu said.

“See how smart your Excellent Era is? Without any word, they brought in Sun Xiang and then made you retire…… if they made you retire first and then had Sun Xiang come over to fill in the spot, then he’d be at a completely different price.” Huang Shaotian said.

‘Yeah.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha, in any case, another strong opponent is about to be born. Lin Jingyan is already no longer a top-tier Brawler like he was before. Tang Hao and Three Hits…….. a new God!” Huang Shaotian swiftly returned to the topic.

eSports was cruel like this. As soon as your skill started declining, you could be replaced at any time. Formerly famous names eventually disappear one after another and a new generation with new faces appear. Sun Xiang, Tang Hao…… these risings stars of the new generation were slowly climbing up onto the stage as the main characters.

When I came back, how many familiar people will be left? Ye Xiu thought.

How sad! Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree moved a bit closer to Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. He lowered his voice and said: “I see it.”

“See what?” Ye Xiu asked.

“When you return to the Alliance, you’ll pull together your own team!” Huang Shaotian said, “Su Mucheng of course will obviously come over when her contract ends. That sis there and even that Steamed Bun have huge potential. I know why you’ve come to the new server to play. The new server is full of opportunities and talents. Besides the new server, where else would you find so much fresh blood? In the old servers, all of the big guilds would have already found the talents.”

“Ha ha, it’s all a coincidence. That sis is a co-worker at the Internet Cafe I work at. As for Steamed Bun, I just randomly bumped into him. It really wasn’t intentional.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then that Qiao Yifan? You’ve even scooped someone out from the pro-scene! Which team is he from? I’ve never heard of him.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Tiny Herb.”

“Tiny Herb? D*mn, a member of the Champion team, yet I haven’t even heard of him. This kid’s been buried into oblivion! No wonder you were able to dig him up.”

“Dig him up? You’re exaggerating too much. I’m currently retired and working at an Internet Cafe. What digging? The kid needed some help, that’s all.” Ye Xiu plainly said.

“For now, maybe. But when you return, how could anyone know about these circumstances? With so many outstanding new players beside you, don’t tell me you don’t have any plans for them.” Huang Shaotian said.

Ye Xiu fell silent. As he had said, meeting Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were fairly coincidental.

But in the new server, just like what Huang Shaotian said, meeting these types of players with potential, some were incidental, some were inevitable.

Meeting Tang Rou was purely coincidental. Meeting with Steamed Bun Invasion was somewhat inevitable and somewhat coincidental. As for discovering Concealed Light, there was a bit more initiative on his end.

As a new player, Concealed Light’s mechanics were far from Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s. However, he had a strong grasp of the theory and possessed a certain amount of tactical intuition. If his mechanics improved, he would also become a good player.

Even though Concealed Light and Steamed Bun Invasion had coincidentally met, even without these two meeting, Ye Xiu would have actively looked for him. Because of these Idiot’s Guides, he had already seen this person’s potential.

Towards new players, Ye Xiu never felt begrudged teaching but the people he taught had to want to be taught and had to want to learn.

Of the people beside Ye Xiu, Tang Rou had great enthusiasm. Not only did she want to learn, she also wanted to exceed him.

Steamed Bun Invasion was already following his own path. Ye Xiu was really only giving him basic reminders. Afterwards, he would form his own playing style.

Qiao Yifan didn’t need to be talked about since he was the one who asked Ye Xiu to teach him.

Concealed Light was able to create such detailed guides without any practical experience. However, he had written them for people who didn’t need it and his talent was being wasted in the wrong place. In reality, the reason Ye Xiu was looking for him was to tell him this.

Gathering these people together and forming a team…….

Huang Shaotian wasn’t wrong. Ye Xiu had thought of this before, but all he had done was thought about it. Ye Xiu understood clearly that making it into reality wouldn’t be easy.

Forming a team and going pro wasn’t simple. It was a type of life. Ye Xiu could determine his own life, but he had no way of determining other people’s lives.

Become a pro-player? Perhaps this was something many Glory players wanted to become. But what about them?

The main reason Tang Rou entered the game was to compete with Ye Xiu. Her interest in Glory was still developing. She had even rejected an invitation from a Champion team like Team Tiny Herb. What could Ye Xiu do to persuade her?

Steamed Bun Invasion, on the other hand, was simpler. Ye Xiu didn’t doubt that he’d nod his head and accept immediately. But because of this, he would have to set the road for Steamed Bun Invasion and take full responsibility over Steamed Bun’s life.

Qiao Yifan was a member of a Champion team. For Team Tiny Herb to add Qiao Yifan to the team meant that they felt he had potential. Qiao Yifan might only be overlooked because of Gao Yingjie’s talent. As long as he practiced, his skill level would definitely rise. There was no way he’d be abandoned.

As for Concealed Light, his research spirit would definitely be beneficial if he joined a team. Researching a map, researching the opponent’s tactics, creating tactics for his own team….. at the pro-level, strategy and tactics were definitely a big factor in whether a team won or lost. Winning or losing wasn’t as simple as which team had the better equipment and mechanics. But Ye Xiu had only just met him and wasn’t familiar with him yet. So wanting Concealed Light to do as he wished was unrealistic.

Huang Shaotian’s chatter made Ye Xiu seriously ponder over this issue.

Bringing a new team to the Alliance, that really would be as if the waves behind drove the waves ahead!

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