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Chapter 205 – You’ve Been Surrounded

“One died!!”

“Another one!”

“So quick…….”

“What’s going on? Why haven’t the other teams arrived yet?”

In the group chat, the players saw system notifications that said two of their players had died. After the four Tyrannical Ambition players met with the enemies, they immediately reported it. The other players hastily headed over there to surround them, but midway, they received two notifications that two had already died. The players ran crazily, while grumbling in the chat.

“Stay in formation! This time, we definitely won’t let them escape. Blossom Valley, attack from the 8 o’clock direction. Excellent Dynasty, go from the 4 o’clock direction. Void Walk, 12 o’clock. We’ll surround them and then close in. Tyrannical Ambition, stand firm. We’ll be there soon.”

Lonely Drink’s messages popped up in the group chat. Each of the teams knew they had to cooperate, so they didn’t have too many objections towards Lonely Drink’s commands. Sure enough, the three guilds rushed out towards the directions Lonely Drink had suggested.

Lonely Drink’s Samsara was on Tyrannical Ambition’s right side and should have been the first to arrive at the scene, but their team stopped in the forest and had no intention of moving.

“Let them be killed. If we don’t give them more time to play around, then our encirclement won’t be completed in time.” Lonely Drink gave his guild’s brothers an explanation, while exposing a sly grin.

“Ha ha ha.” The players laughed as well.

If they went to rescue them at this moment, Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian would immediately run away and continue to hide in the forest. The teams that were heading towards their position were at different distances from each other, so it wasn’t possible for them to complete the encirclement in such a short amount of time.

As a result, Lonely Drink held back his troops. With no one disturbing them, Lord Grim and Flowing Tree wiped out those four Tyrannical Ambition players. In the end, this sacrifice gave them time to complete the encirclement and completely blocked off the entire area.

Lonely Drink had intentionally suggested such a formation with the intent of using those four low-defense Tyrannical Ambition players as bait. Four players in each team? That amount of players wouldn’t be enough to defeat two great experts. Lonely Drink believed that the other side would definitely find this flaw.

Reality didn’t let him down. In Congee Forest’s southwest area, Tyrannical Ambition’s group was ambushed by two players. The other players were preparing to perform a pincer attack. This was all according to plan. The goal was to defeat them with superior numbers.

“Another one died!!!” After Tyrannical Ambition’s third player fell, players began panicking.

“What position are you guys at!!!” Lonely Drink seemed to be the most alarmed. Of course, he was worried. Except he wasn’t worried about whether Tyrannical Ambition’s players would live or die. He was only worried that the other teams wouldn’t arrive at their positions in time. If that happened, then their sacrifice would have been for nothing.

The three teams reported their positions, but Lonely Drink wasn’t sure how long the last Tyrannical Ambition member would last. Everything depended on luck.

“After getting into position, immediately head towards the targets!” Lonely Drink sent the message and finally had his Samsara’s five players move out.

While dashing over, Lonely Drink watched the final member of Tyrannical Ambition closely. Finally, after a system notification, the final member fell.


“What’s going on, Samsara?”

“Samsara’s too slow!!!”

The other three teams were naturally complaining. They made an alliance with the agreement that they would save each other if something were to happen, but Tyrannical Ambition’s team was wiped out without any sign of Samsara’s players. This conflicted with their expectations. How could they know that Lonely Drink had done so intentionally?

“Calm down! The other side is extremely strong. Going out one by one is just asking for death! Are you all in position yet? Everyone, forward.” Lonely Drink wouldn’t waste his time explaining every detail. He believed that the other guilds wouldn’t be too distressed over Tyrannical Ambition’s small team. In the end, everyone was only worried whether those two would escape again. But this time, with their arrangement, 18v2, Lonely Drink was confident they would win.

“Charge!!” Some typed out it out in the group chat; some directly shouted it out. The four teams closed in.

“Force them out of the forest!” Lonely Drink yelled. There wasn’t enough time to completely surround their targets, but their current position was close to the edge of Congee Forest, which would force their two targets out of the forest. There would be no place to hide out of the forest and it’d be difficult for them to escape again.

Lonely Drink was extremely satisfied with their positions and felt that he had created a rare masterpiece.

“I see them!!”


“In their original position. They seem to be resting.”

“Don’t rush! Wait for us!” Lonely Drink sent the message and saw their targets. One was standing up with his lance, while the other was sitting on the ground, drinking potions, recovering mana.

“Are you all there? Are you all there?” Lonely Drink was anxious.



“Hurry, hurry, hurry.” One team hadn’t arrived yet. Lonely Drink urged them.


“Up!!” Lonely Drink shouted. Bringing with him his anger towards Lord Grim, he bravely charged forward. At the same time, he also saw movements from several directions. Their players had already completely surrounded the area. This time, there was no escape!

“Lord Grim!!” Lonely Drink shouted and dashed in front of the two targets.

“Bang!” A huge noise erupted. The sound of an explosion came from the southwest direction. Lonely Drink looked towards there in surprise. All he saw was the smoke from the explosion.

“What’s going on?” Why did someone attack from over there? Which idiot used a skill?

“You’ve been surrounded. There’s no escape!” Ye Xiu said.

Lonely Drink was completely dumbfounded. Wasn’t that what he was going to say? Why did it just come out from Lord Grim’s mouth?

“What……” Lonely Drink was only able to say one word, when the Blade Master, Flowing Tree, suddenly jumped out. A string of word bubbles flew above his head and a sword leapt at him.

Lonely Drink had heard of this Blade Master’s strength. He had no intention of fighting him one on one and surrounded him with his four brothers. What did Lord Grim mean by that? Lonely Drink fought, while wanting to ask in the group chat, but there was no time to. In front of a God, he didn’t have the ability to fight while asking.

Players poured out from all around the forest. The more Lonely Drink watched, the more confident he became. Weren’t these all his players! Weren’t they the ones surrounding them?

With this confidence, Lonely Drink’s fighting became braver.

“Not bad. You’re the strongest one I’ve met so far today.” Huang Shaotian gave him a compliment.

“But it’s no use. I think it’d be best for you to give up. You seem to be the leader. If this continues on, then things will turn ugly. Are you willing to lose face in front of your bros?” Huang Shaotian’s word bubbles poured out as always. His attacks never stopped either as well as his mouth.

“Move to the side a bit!” Ye Xiu yelled.

“What do you want!”

“Your word bubbles are blocking my view!” Ye Xiu cursed.

“What do you know!”

“We’re here!” Another gun sound erupted from behind them. Cleansing Mist jumped out from the smoke with her heavy cannon. A female character with a heavy weapon burst out, brining a strong visual impact. Behind her was Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash, who was carefully treading forward. A purple aura emanated from him and a Ghost Slash was sent flying towards the player closest to him.

“We’re here? Who are these guys? Your friends? …… oops……” From a different direction, Steamed Bun Invasion came out with his hand clutching another player’s throat. Behind him was a Summoner, who tripped. A bunch of pets walked around randomly behind the Summoner. They were clearly not being well controlled.


It sounded like a gunshot, but experienced players knew that it was the sound of a Battle Mage using Falling Flower Palm. Judging from how loud the sound was, three or more targets had been hit. Sure enough, three players flew out from the forest although they did complete a Quick Recover to land well. Tang Rou’s Soft Mist carried her Battle Lance with Chasers surrounding her. Without a word, she chased them out and headed towards the closest players. She had died quite a few times today…….


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