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Chapter 204 – Bullying Cloth

Summoner, Elementalist, Ghostblade, Assassin.

Three Cloth-armored classes and one Leather-armored class. Right now, they were positioned on the left-most side of the formation and were maintaining contact with the other four small teams using the group channel, while carefully looking around.

These four players were from Tyrannical Ambition. They didn’t have any high-positioned officers among them, but were all veterans from the Heavenly Domain. After coming to the new server together, their relationships had grown closer and they were already almost inseparable friends. This was why they had even participated in this type of activity together.

Speaking of them, they had a small relationship with Lord Grim. They had once fought together shoulder-to-shoulder for the Goblin Merchant First Kill, but right now, their guild was in a difficult situation because of Lord Grim. The guild leader had decided to take a hostile stance and they could only follow along with the decision.

However, they had personally witnessed Lord Grim’s skill before, so they didn’t dare act careless, especially after two of their guild buddies had been swiftly eliminated. One was killed by Lord Grim while the other by Flowing Tree, but in both cases, their reports were the same; they weren’t able to fight back.

They had witnessed Lord Grim’s skill level before, but for an unknown Level 27 Blade Master to have been so dominating… where did this holy saint come from? Why did Lord Grim always have experts cropping up here and there? Every one of the members in his party: Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, Cleansing Mist, Flowing Tree, and even the newest name, One Inch Ash…….. the records they set were already proof that they were strong.

But, to be able to completely dominate someone six levels higher, “strong” wasn’t enough to describe him.

And that brother, who had been killed by Flowing Tree, emphasized angrily about that Blade Master’s endlessly moving mouth and stressed the anguish Flowing Tree’s trash talk gave him.

The person on the scene is baffled, the onlookers see clear.

Hearing this description, the experienced Glory players all thought of one person.

Huang Shaotian. Of course, they thought of Huang Shaotian. The Blade Master in Glory, who was most famous for his non-stop talking, would definitely be him.

Even though they thought of him, there was no way they believed that it was actually him. A God like him would enter the game and play cat and mouse in the forest with them? No one would believe that.

“This person is definitely a fan of the Sword Saint.” The Ghostblade reckoned.

“Yeah!” The others agreed. The God obviously had a lot of fans. Fans would mimic their idols. It was a case in every game.

“I once knew a person like this. He would always shout randomly when PKing, making your head go dizzy.” The Assassin said.

“Ha ha. How does that count as anything? I’ve even seen players that talk to monsters.” The Elementalist laughed.

“But this guy really is strong. We should be cautious.” The Summoner said.

“Of course.” The other three replied. The players continued to carefully tread through the forest.

A word bubble suddenly popped out from the forest.

“Over there!” The Assassin yelled as he headed in that direction. The other three players looked as well, but didn’t see anything, so they didn’t dare act too careless. The Summoner waved his magic staff and prepared to summon a pet. The summoned pets only lasted for a certain amount of time and each summon required quite a bit of mana. Because of this, Summoners usually summoned at the beginning of battle or before the battle began.


A gun sound and a flash of light.

A bullet flew out and the Summoner’s cast was interrupted.

“Triple Slash!”

“Upward Slash!”

“Watch my sword!”

“Sword Draw!”


They hadn’t even found their opponent yet, when a chain of word bubbles floated up.

While they were surprised, Flowing Tree rushed out using a Triple Slash with the word bubbles above his head. He slashed the Summoner and interrupted the Summoner’s casting again.

“He’s here!” They cried out in fear. The Summoner did his utmost to try and escape, while the other three players rushed forward together. Magic and swords exploded towards Flowing Tree.

At this moment, a blur went by the three player’s eyes and a figure appeared before them. The figure swung his arm and with a whoosh, a giant umbrella opened up in front of them, blocking their attacks.

The Elementalist’s burst wasn’t large enough, but the Assassin’s Shining Cut and the Ghostblade’s Ghost Slash attacks weren’t light so Lord Grim was pushed back.

“F*ck! You crashed into me.” Lord Grim was pushed back into Flowing Tree. Huang Shaotian immediately responded. The collision had affected his fighting.

“My shield’s weight is low.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? How light?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“So noisy. Concentrate.” Ye Xiu said.

Word bubbles continued to spout out.

In order to maintain relevant even without a pet, many Summoners spent a few skill points on Level 20 and under Mage skills, especially Battle Mage ones.

The Summoner was like this, but…….. at this moment, he felt that using his skill points like this was a bit of a waste.

The skills he learned were completely useless. No matter which one he used, the outcome was still the same.

His attacks and magic were all interrupted.

Seeing those word bubbles say the name of the skill, it was as if the system was telling him which attacks he was going to be hit by. All he could do was watch, unable to find a way out.

His three friends were in a deadlock with Lord Grim and had no way of helping him. From what he saw, if they didn’t get any help, his three friends might not even be able to last themselves.

Their two opponents suddenly teamed up. Weren’t they doing their own thing before?

He finally had time to think about this issue. Under the constant attacks, the Summoner quickly fell to Flowing Tree’s blade.

The reason Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian chose to go after the Cloth-armored ones first was because they would die quicker.

Their first target, the Summoner, wasn’t chosen at random. A Summoner without a summon was just looking to be bullied, but once a few summons came out, he would be a difficult class to deal with and could survive for a very long time.

And in the end, the Summoner wasn’t able to show off his strength before he turned into a corpse.

“You should have been the one to kill him. Your level is higher and you do more damage, so it would have been quicker.” Huang Shaotian immediately went to help Ye Xiu after killing the Summoner. Having him stay quiet was obviously impossible.

“What’d you say?” Ye Xiu said while stabbing the Elementalist with a Dragon Tooth and that Elementalist never stood up again…….

“F*ck……” Huang Shaotian cursed. He was 4 levels higher with a Silver weapon too. His damage was much greater than his low-leveled Blade Master. In the time it took him to kill one, the other side was fighting three while killing one too.

“Stop that one!” It was now 2v2. Ye Xiu put the Assassin into his sights and gave the Ghostblade to Huang Shaotian.

“Watch my sword……”

Word bubbles began to roll out again. Not just his opponent, the Ghostblade, but even the Assassin were starting to feel irritated. After looking at the scene carefully, in reality, the Blade Master’s attacks weren’t as quick as the word bubbles. It was because he was using a Broadsword and his Attack Speed wasn’t enough. Even so, his skill name shouting never stopped. Could he be typing blindly?

The Assassin was never Ye Xiu’s opponent. He was even distracted by Huang Shaotian’s trash talk. His loss was inevitable and he was quickly defeated. That Ghostblade was the same. Under Huang Shaotian’s attacks, he was unable to hang on and backup hadn’t yet arrived. Their ambush had gone even more smoothly than they had anticipated. They originally thought that they would kill off two or three and then be forced to retreat, but right now, they had killed them all.

“Watch my sword. Watch my sword. Watch my sword.”

Huang Shaotian continued to shout using only normal attacks. Ye Xiu knew that this guy had no more mana and helped him kill off the Ghostblade. He also threw him some potions and food to use.

“Let’s run.” Huang Shaotian said, while Flowing Tree picked up the items.

“There’s still no one here. That’s strange.” Ye Xiu said.

Huang Shaotian thought for a bit and agreed: “After killing off two of them, the closest team should have arrived.”

“Did they go somewhere else?” Ye Xiu looked around.

“Maybe they ignored these four players and used the time to surround us?” Huang Shaotian said.

‘This position…….” Ye Xiu looked at the coordinates, “It’s a trap…….”


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