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Chapter 197 – Opposite Direction

Blue Brook Guild was the first guild to think highly of Lord Grim and ask him to help set a record. Naturally, they were also the first guild to try and rope in Lord Grim. For such a talent to appear, as long as the guilds recognized it, none of them would be indifferent.

But now, Blue Brook Guild was the guild that had been damaged the most by Lord Grim. It didn’t matter how they had first met. From Chen Yehui’s eyes, Blue Brook Guild had to be filled with resentment. Their current situation was even worse than Tyrannical Ambition’s current situation. Who would have thought that they would immediately reject his proposal without hesitation?

Their firm attitude made Chen Yehui feel indescribably sour. He felt that Blue Brook Guild’s calm and resolute rejection wasn’t out of impulse or fear, but rather a strategic decision made after much consideration.

“Could they have realized that Lord Grim is Ye Qiu?” Chen Yehui felt uncertain.

Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. This was information that he definitely wouldn’t tell others about. Ye Qiu’s awe-inspiring skill wasn’t the reason. After all this was still just in the game. If five can’t beat you, then I’ll send ten. If ten isn’t enough, then I’ll send twenty. If twenty isn’t enough, then I’ll send a hundred! It didn’t matter how skilled you were, you would eventually be killed from being attacked from all sides.

The reason Chen Yehui was too afraid to tell others of Lord Grim’s identity was because of Ye Qiu’s fame. A God for ten years! How many Glory fans looked up to him as their idol? If this came out, Chen Yehui was afraid that a bunch of experts would run over to Ye Qiu’s side and beg him to take them in as disciples. Especially his Excellent Dynasty, he didn’t dare tell them. Ye Qiu’s fans were even more loyal here.

In the end, he decided not to probe out Blue Brook Guild to see if they knew.

Fortunately, the number of guilds he had gathered was already enough.

This time, not only did he want to exterminate Lord Grim, but he also wanted to take down Ye Qiu’s team. Taking out his anger on Ye Qiu was for his own selfish reasons. Chen Yehui was more concerned about guild matters. If he didn’t take down the team, he had no way of effectively carrying out his plans.

He had already experienced the battle strength of Ye Qiu’s team when they were together. The strength of Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion left him in fear, but this time, their forces had an even greater advantage in numbers. They had also surrounded them separately. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Chen Yehui listened to the reports from those beneath him and also led others to provide further assistance to their troops, but when he got to Desolate Land, he saw the players scattered about, running around with their target’s whereabouts unknown.

“Where are they?” Chen Yehui saw players from his guild and went over to ask them. He ignored the others. Even though he was a guild leader, the others wouldn’t follow his orders. It was even possible for die-hard Tyrannical Ambition players to secretly ambush him. Chen Yehui didn’t doubt this. This alliance was simply to gather players to deal with Lord Grim. There was no intention of becoming friends.

“They went into the houses. The left and right ones.” An Excellent Dynasty player immediately answered.

“Then what are you waiting for? Chase!” Chen Yehui said.

“We have them surrounded…….” The player said helplessly, while looking at the chaotic scene. Right, they were surrounding them…….

“Our people, come here!!” Chen Yehui didn’t attempt to command the entire scene, and only called over his brothers.

Seeing their guild leader, the Excellent Dynasty players gathered together.

“You two stay here. The others come with me.” Chen Yehui had two players stay in position. Positions that the other guilds weren’t covering.

Players had already begun storming into the houses on the left and right.

“They’re not in here!” The players yelled and leapt out of the window. Those who made a mistake wound up getting stuck in the window, causing players from other guilds to laugh at them.

The others who had spread out and surrounded the houses didn’t find any signs of Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!!” Everyone shouted and immediately rushed forward, thinking that their targets had taken the chance to widen their distance.

Under their eyes, in the empty house pressed between the house on the left and on the right, Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash were quietly crouching in a corner.

Cleansing Mist slowly moved to an opening in a wall and took a quick glance outside.

“Ha ha, we’ve fooled them. Just as expected, they got used to us running in the same direction.” Su Mucheng messaged Qiao Yifan.

“They’re not organized well, which was why I believed they would make such a mistake.” Qiao Yifan said. He had noticed their opponent’s disorderly movements and had come up with this plan after consulting with Su Mucheng.

Before, they had used blind spots to escape. Once, twice, thrice, they made an impression on their enemies. As a result, they made a sudden change in this terrain and didn’t continue running. Instead, after passing through the left and right houses, they snuck into the house in the middle.

Everyone hurried past these houses in order to see where the two had run off to.

“Let’s go.” Su Mucheng told Qiao Yifan. They obviously couldn’t stay here forever. When their enemies realized that there was no sign of them, they would definitely look around and find them. The two wanted to use this opportunity to escape in the opposite direction.

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash immediately moved to entrance to the house, but just as he exposed half of his body, he immediately went back.

“There are players outside……” Qiao Yifan messaged Su Mucheng.

“What?” Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist also went to the entrance.

“Sorry, Sis Mu…….” Most of this escape plan had been proposed by Qiao Yifan. It was a rare moment of confidence, but in the end, he found that there were enemies left behind. Seeing that he had made a mistake, Qiao Yifan immediately felt upset and scared again.

“No problem, rush out!” Su Mucheng said as she moved out from the room. The enemies that had stayed behind were the players Chen Yehui had ordered. In reality, there wasn’t any error in Qiao Yifan’s plan. He just hadn’t thought that backup would arrive at this moment and there just happened to be a guild leader level character like Chen Yehui.

The new players were naturally unaccustomed to their previous pattern. Chen Yehui also had authority over his players. Qiao Yifan’s plan had been formulated throughout their escape, so new players hadn’t been taken into account.

As soon as the two saw Cleansing Mist rush out, they were surprised, but quickly sent messages to everyone. Cleansing Mist’s artillery shells flew over. The two immediately tried to dodge it, but Su Mucheng’s Anti-Tank Missiles were sent in three different directions, so it would have been better to stay still, but it was too late by the time they realized it.

The smoke from the artillery barrage hadn’t yet dissipated when One Inch Ash rushed in front of one of the players and used a Ghost Slash. The player hastily jumped back and dodged it, but One Inch Ash quickly matched it with a Moonlight Slash. The player wasn’t able to react in time and was launched up into the air by the Moonlight Slash. A Full Moonlight Slash followed after the Moonlight Slash, a very common Ghostblade combo. The Full Moonlight Slash caused the player to fly higher into the air. A series of gun fire followed closely after. Cleansing Mist shot up towards the sky with a Gatling Gun. The brother rolled about in the air and took a while before he fell to the ground.

The other player had wanted to help, but was easily knocked to the ground by a few normal attacks from Qiao Yifan. Qiao Yifan raised his sword and cast a Sword Boundary. Cleansing Mist entered it and fired a Laser Rifle and Cannonball. The buffed damage and explosiveness from the Sword Soul added to its might. These two unfortunate players didn’t have any chance of fighting back. If they weren’t rolling around in the sky, then they were rolling around in the dirt. After a short moment, they turned into two corpses.

Chen Yehui received the messages from the two who stayed behind and immediately led his Excellent Dynasty players to return and chase them. The other guild’s players saw this and stared blankly. Without anyone guiding them, they just did what everyone else did and followed along. In the end, when they returned to the rooms, there was no sight of them.

“Where are you?” Chen Yehui asked the two players.

“Where are they?’ The other guilds all asked Chen Yehui.

“Dead…..” Those two’s replies were quick, but Chen Yehui wasn’t able to reply to the other players.

“Everyone split up and search…..” Chen Yehui looked around and then helplessly said. There were quite a few destroyed houses, walls, and holes, and it wasn’t easy to check every one of them.

“F*ck, what are we looking for?” The other guilds’ players didn’t know what had happened and were cursing.

“Those two players hid over here and took the opportunity when we rushed out to kill our two brothers. Right now, we don’t know where they escaped to.” Chen Yehui wasn’t happy either, but had no choice but to explain it to these people.

With this, there was nothing they could complain about. Search!

Everyone split up and searched around, but they didn’t know that Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash had already returned to the destroyed house and jumped out of the window, playing another game of opposite direction.

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