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Chapter 196 – Temporary Alliance

These players were all from the big guilds. This could simply be seen from their levels. However, it was impossible for a single guild to be able to produce so many high-leveled players. How many guilds had acted out? One, two, three, or more? Maybe even all of them?

No matter what the number was, Ye Xiu wouldn’t be surprised. He clearly understood the current plight the big guilds were in; the dungeons records were being held hostage by him, restricting their development in the tenth server. These big guilds weren’t able to rope him in and they definitely weren’t happy, but how could they surrender so easily?

It didn’t matter whether they were making their decisions based on emotion or reason. In such a hopeless situation, it was very common for people to choose the option of simply eradicating the direct cause.

“Don’t leave the city for now. We’re being watched by others.” Ye Xiu told Tang Rou. Only this complete noob might not have experienced this type of fighting and killing in a game.

“Where are you guys?” He then asked Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan for their whereabouts.

“We’re still in Desolate Land.” Su Mucheng said.

“The enemies might not be limited to just them. There might be backup that will come later. Some of the lower-leveled players may not directly participate in the battle, but they could be messengers. Head towards a place without any players and we’ll look for an opportunity to group.” Ye Xiu messaged.

“Okay, we’ll send you our coordinates from time to time.” Su Mucheng replied.

“Steamed Bun, where are you?” Ye Xiu decided to instruct Steamed Bun Invasion on what to do next.

“I’m at the outskirts of Congee City, near Hades Village.” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

“Oh? Not bad! You’ve already run there.” Ye Xiu praised. Steamed Bun Invasion, this guy, even though he was a noob at Glory, it seemed like he had played quite a few games before. He had already taken the lead and found an area without many players.

Hades Village was one of the small villages on the outskirts of Congee City. Players would only come here from time to time for a few quests. Besides a few NPCs for quests, one, there weren’t any monsters, and two, there wasn’t good scenery so no one would come here, even if they were bored.

This was the best type of place to escape to. If not, then whether it was a leveling area or a safe area, there would be players from big guilds everywhere. There would be nowhere to hide.

“Yeah, it’s the closest place.” Steamed Bun Invasion’s reply made Ye Xiu realize that he had thought too highly of Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Did you throw them off yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’m looking.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Be careful.” Ye Xiu said and had Lord Grim look behind him.

The crowd of Level 33 players still hadn’t given up. They were all chasing behind him. On this strip of flat land, there was nowhere to hide. Ye Xiu also needed to find a place similar to Hades Village, so there was where he was heading towards.

“What’s going on?” A voice asked, not from the game. Ye Xiu turned his head and saw Tang Rou was at the front desk looking at him.

“It’s probably players from the big guilds. We took their dungeon records, which is something they care a lot about.” Ye Xiu summarized the situation.

“Because they weren’t able to take the dungeon records, they resorted to this?” Tang Rou looked down on them.

“Who allowed us to be so amazing?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“What do we do now then?” Tang Rou asked.

“Go to the official site and look up the Heavenly Domain guild rankings. Any of the first twenty ranks could be our enemy right now. Take note of their guild names and keep a look out for those names in-game. Walk around in Congee City and try to go to places with fewer players. Also, check if there are any characters following you. Once your Critically Ill State has worn off, look for an opportunity to leave the city unnoticed and I’ll meet up with you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou nodded her head.”

Desolate Land Leveling Area.

After finding out where Cleansing Mist and Once Inch Ash were, quite a few players had joined in on the chase. Some were Level 33 elites, while others were normal, second-rate characters. Even though they hadn’t been required to do so, after knowing about the affair, they voluntarily joined in.

Seeing a destroyed, empty house, Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash seized the opportunity to rush into it. The number players chasing behind them hadn’t decreased though. There even appeared to be more of them.

Cleansing Mist looked out from the window on the left while One Inch Ash looked out from the window in the rear.

“There’s no one here.” Qiao Yifan called.

“Go.” Su Mucheng had her character run out. The two characters jumped and crouched in mid-air, escaping from the rear window.

There really weren’t any players behind the house, so the two of them took advantage of the fact that their chasers’ view was blocked, and sprinted away. They jumped gently over a dirt wall and when they landed on the ground, they crouched and moved along the wall.

“Over here.” Qiao Yifan carefully paid attention to the surroundings, while leading the way.

“Places with fewer monsters will naturally have fewer players.” Having little confidence in himself, he explained his reasoning towards Su Mucheng.

“Yeah, let’s hurry!” Su Mucheng said. This was her thought as well.

The dirt wall didn’t stretch too far. Even though their sneaky movements would throw off their enemies temporarily, they would definitely be exposed soon. They only hoped that this would earn them enough time to widen the distance between them.

When they reached the end of the wall, the two characters rushed out; one in the front, and one in the back. The two turned their heads to take a look. Their chasers were currently scattered around the outside of the empty house. Clearly, after finding out that they weren’t there, they were looking around for them.

As soon as they exposed themselves, the enemies immediately began chasing again. Cleansing Mist lifted her gun and sent Anti-Tank Missiles towards them. However, they were too far away and they easily dodged it. Su Mucheng obviously wouldn’t stop to fight with them. She continued to run away like crazy.

“Sis Mu, see those four houses ahead? How about we split up?” Qiao Yifan said. He already suspected that Cleansing Mist was Su Mucheng, but he was too afraid to confirm and too afraid to ask. He believed that he was relatively young in their team, so he called them brothers and sisters: Steamed Bun Bro, Sis Mu, Sis Rou, as well as the most honorable senior.

“I’ll take the one on the right.” Su Mucheng said.

“Then I’ll take that one on the left.”

The two said as they entered their respective houses.

“They hid in houses again!!” The chasers behind them angrily shouted.

The size of these empty houses in Desolate Land were all around the same. They were all damaged beyond repair. Some had windows and some had large holes in the wall. In short, there was always more than one exit. When their targets went in and jumped out through the window, they lost sight of them for a quick moment. They had been thrown off several times already by this sort of tactic and the more those two moved, the more energetic they became.

“Spread out! Surround them!” One person yelled.

Except when they heard this command, only a few of them followed it.

“Spread out!” The person roared.

A few others moved, but the majority stood still.

“We don’t all need to spread out, do we? We just need to have some go around and look.” Someone laughed.

Clearly, this crowd didn’t have a single leader.

The plan to get rid of Lord Grim through force had been prepared in advance, but they had only begun gathering after finding out that Lord Grim and his team had come online. The experts from the big guilds simply chose the targets that they happened to be closest to.

This type of temporarily put-together team didn’t have a leader. Even though they all had the same goal, there were still obstacles.

In the alliance Excellent Dynasty had set up, they weren’t asking the guilds to completely unify. They only hoped that the guilds would put out some man power. First, they went to find Tyrannical Ambition because Tyrannical Ambition was in the most desperate situation and naturally wanted a way to resolve the problem.

This was why, even though the two guilds weren’t usually cooperative, Chen Yehui was confident that the force sent by Tyrannical Ambition would be massive.

However, forming an alliance couldn’t just be said and done. It didn’t matter if it was Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You, or the tenth server’s Cold Night, they would be suspicious of Excellent Dynasty.

Lord Grim was a mutual enemy of their guilds —- that was a fact, but at this moment, the other guilds should first be waiting to enjoy the show before acting. And the guild that should have been the happiest was Excellent Dynasty.

However, it was Excellent Dynasty that had asked them to form an alliance with them. It was impossible for them to resolve their desperate situation and no matter how much they thought about it, there seemed to be an ulterior motive.

As a result, they probed each other out for almost three hours. During this, Chen Yehui invited several other guilds to participate. Only then did Jiang You and Chen Yehui gradually comply.

In total, there were 7 guilds that joined in. Naturally, they all had an ambition towards dungeon records. Everyone was originally opponents, but currently, they were all set on eliminating their mutual enemy, Lord Grim.

Among this, what surprised Chen Yehui was that Blue Brook Guild had actually decided to reject their temporary alliance.

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