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Chapter 195 – Pursuit From Every Direction


Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was on his way towards Line Canyon. The world was bustling with excitement as the time approached midnight. Quite a few players, like Ye Xiu, were impatiently waiting for the dungeon entries to refresh, and many of them were hurrying along the same road as well.

Ye Xiu had already contacted Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan. The two had both gone offline at Desolate Land. As soon as they got on, they headed towards Line Canyon and would arrive before those coming from Congee City.

Outside of Congee City was a vast expanse of barren land. Although there were a few Level 30 monsters scattered here and there, it couldn’t be counted as a leveling area. The spawn rate and the concentration of monsters just wasn’t enough to satisfy a player’s leveling needs. Aside from killing them for quests, no player trained here.

After this, the road split into two. The left path led to Desolate Land, while the right led to Line Canyon. When the players reached this point, their levels were obvious at a glance. Those who went left were all Level 30 and under and those who went right were all Level 30 and above. These were the players who were considered high-leveled on the new server.

When Lord Grim reached the fork in the road, he went to the right. Coincidentally, the several players beside him unexpectedly all went to the right as well.

In the front, many players were heading towards Congee City from Line Canyon. During this time, these players, who were heading in opposite directions, bumped into each other.

A total of eight players, four on the left, four on the right, formed a “V” formation.

The players behind him, those who were going along the same route, had unknowingly gathered close to Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu suddenly realized that something wasn’t right and forced Lord Grim to halt.

The several characters next to him instantly halted as well as if they had received orders.

As I thought!
Ye Xiu didn’t think too much and took the initiative to strike first. His left hand gently moved across the keyboard and executed the first move.

These surrounding players didn’t react slowly either. As soon as everyone halted all at once, they knew that they had been exposed.

The mid-ranged characters immediately began their offensive. Bullets and magic bombarded Lord Grim from several directions. Lord Grim was instantly vaporized. Not even a corpse remained.

Shadow Clone Technique!

Lord Grim’s real body had flashed in front of someone towards his right, just before they were able to begin their offensive.

Without any warning, he lifted his lance and attacked.

Right when the Shadow Clone was extinguished, the players blocking the road were blasted away by Lord Grim with a Falling Flower Palm.

Since he was in a melee form, the players had thought that he was planning to take them all at the same time; but their characters suddenly launched into the sky.

Even after being blown away by the Falling Flower Palm, they still hadn’t figured out what had happened.

These flying bodies opened up the way for Ye Xiu.

He had realized that something was wrong earlier than expected, the players wouldn’t have completed their formation. The instantaneous movement from his Shadow Clone Technique was directed towards the weakest part of the not-yet completed encirclement.

The character that had been blown away smashed into one of their allies. Another character, a Sharpshooter, tried to dodge the human meat bullets, as he fired towards Lord Grim in an attempt to stall him.

Ye Xiu saw what he was doing clearly. Lord Grim, who had been rushing forward in a straight line, suddenly moved horizontally, avoiding the string of bullets. He then leapt forward and spun around 180 degrees. His Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into its Gun Form and let out a storm of bullets, flying away with an Aerial Fire.

With this sudden increase in speed, the bullets and magic missiles that were flying towards Lord Grim missed. After using Aerial Fire, Lord Grim landed right next to the Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter didn’t react slowly. He lifted his leg and sent a Knee Strike towards him, but midway, he was stomped onto the ground by Lord Grim. However, Ye Xiu had used Punisher one step faster.

“Bang bang” Lord Grim shot twice and then continued to rush forward. Two players, one to his left and one to his right, had caught up and sandwiched him.

On the left was a Berserker. He raised his hands and leapt up high using Collapsing Mountain. Instead of hacking at Lord Grim, he attacked the empty space where Lord Grim was heading towards. Clearly, this attack wasn’t done to do damage, but rather to block Lord Grim from moving forward.

Lord Grim didn’t seem to have noticed him and continued to rush forward, as if looking for his own death. The Berserker was obviously very happy, but the instant his Collapsing Mountain was about to hit, he suddenly saw a cold light flash. Lord Grim drew his sword and accurately Guarded against the Collapsing Mountain.

The Collapsing Mountain looked mighty and powerful, while Guard looked tiny and weak, but the effect of a skill wasn’t always related to its appearance.

“Dong!” A loud sound rang out. The Berserker’s Greatsword clashed with Lord Grim’s sword. The Guard effect activated. A portion of the damage was mitigated and Lord Grim was pushed back by the attack.

This wasn’t something the player on the right had expected. He had originally anticipated for Lord Grim to be blocked by the Collapsing Mountain, but after Lord Grim unexpectedly Guarded, the knock-back effect had caused him to move to a different spot, one right next to him.

The player panicked. How could he be as quick as Ye Xiu, who already had everything planned out? As he was pushed back, his Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into a Tonfa. As soon as he arrived next to the player, he immediately Flung him. On that side, that Berserker was still in the middle of the recovery animation from using Collapsing Mountain. His shouting ally flew towards him, and the two were sent rolling into a ball.

Ye Xiu didn’t chase them, but rather Lord Grim immediately turned around and ran. A mob of players were roaring at him while chasing him. A Witch was even more active. He rode his Broom and flew quickly. Lord Grim ran a few steps before suddenly turning around and firing, hitting the Witch’s head. Blood blossomed out like the autumn leaves. In this moment of confusion, the Witch crashed into a tree, causing roars of laughter from behind him.

“What are you laughing at!” The Witch, who had crashed into the tree, climbed back up. His tone wasn’t friendly.

Not many paid attention to him. The others continued to chase after Lord Grim.

“Flank! Flank!!” Someone shouted.

“What f*cking flank! How are we supposed to flank with this speed?”

“Is there anyone in that direction? Find someone to block him for a bit.”

“From where? That place isn’t a leveling area.”

“This guy is doing it on purpose. He deliberately went towards a direction where there isn’t anyone positioned.”

“Just chase him. Cut the bullsh*t. We’ll see how far he can run.”

It seemed like a discussion, but also an argument. The mob of players noisily chased like so.

Ye Xiu turned his head to look at the distance. It wouldn’t be hard for him to get away, but looking at how orderly everyone was, he was afraid to just let the matter go.

These characters didn’t have any guild names next to them, but during the fights with a few of them, Ye Xiu had taken note of a few of their IDs. He searched them up as he ran and they were all Level 33 characters.

Currently, in the tenth server, Level 33 characters were practically all elites from big guilds. Even if they didn’t have a guild name next to them, that didn’t mean that they didn’t belong to a guild.

Ye Xiu suddenly thought of Tang Rou’s Soft Mist dying in the afternoon. Was that an unlucky tragedy or an intentional ploy?

Thinking of this, Ye Xiu immediately sent messages to the other members of the team, asking them for their situation.

“Dead…..” Tang Rou replied.

Her Soft Mist had been in a Critically Ill state the entire time. She had planned to recover as she walked over, but how could she know she was being watched?

In a Critically Ill state, all stats would be reduced by 80%. Besides looking for a NPC doctor to treat it, the state could only be removed by waiting for ten minutes.

Tang Rou had believed that the walk from Congee City to Line Canyon would be long enough for her to recover from the Critically Ill State, so she didn’t go and look for a doctor. But with an 80% reduction in stats, how could experienced players not immediately recognize such a chance.

Against such a weakened character, no matter how great of an expert they were facing, there was nothing to fear. Tang Rou was met with attacks from all sides. There wasn’t much resistance she could put up, and she was sent back to the city again. She was still trying to figure out what had happened!

“Ahh! Ahhhh! Why are there people trying to kill me! Boss!!” Steamed Bun Invasion replied in panic.

“Did you die?’ Ye Xiu hastily asked.

“Not yet. I’m running, but they’re still chasing.” Steamed Bun Invasion said. Ye Xiu had predicted that even if Steamed Bun had encountered this type of situation. He would find all sorts of wretched ways to escape.

As for Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan, he didn’t need to worry about them. The two were both pro-players. They obviously couldn’t stop this group, but running away with their lives should be something they could do. Plus, those two were together.

“Senior, there are people chasing us!” This was Qiao Yifan’s reply.

“Is it Liu Hao again?” Su Mucheng guessed.

“It’s not clear yet. Are you fine? Are you with One Inch Ash?”

“Yeah, we’ve both ran off. The other side has quite a lot of people!” Su Mucheng said.

“How many?” Ye Xiu asked.


“So many! What level are they?”

“From the ones I’ve seen, they’re all Level 33.” Su Mucheng said.

“A single guild shouldn’t have that many Level 33 characters.” Ye Xiu had a feeling that the situation was a lot worse than he had originally guessed.

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