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Chapter 186 – An Unspecialized Character’s False Combos

When comboing, the numerous skills an unspecialized possessed was a huge advantage. No other class had so many short cooldown skills. Of course, this also meant that using them was more complicated.

In order to do the same amount of damage as a single high-leveled skill did, unspecialized characters would need to chain several skills. Moreover, there couldn’t be any mistakes. Unspecialized characters were actually quite a difficult class.

However, to Ye Xiu, who had played Glory for ten years, his mechanics were as precise as a machine.

His opponent Yu Wenzhou was also an absolute expert in the professional scene though. To be comboed until death, that was something that would only happen to someone like Tang Rou and Poplar Beach.

Even under the relentless attacks, Yu Wenzhou was able to find an opportunity.

With a swing, a cold light flashed and Flowing Tree used Sword Draw. The sword aura flew in an arc towards Lord Grim.

Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella shook and a Dragon Tooth thrust forward at Flowing Tree.

Two blood blossoms flew out into the air at the same time. Flowing Tree had been hit by Dragon Tooth. Lord Grim had been cut by Sword Draw.

Characters that were hit by Dragon Tooth would be briefly stunned. Characters that were cut by Sword Draw would fly backwards. However, while flying back, Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into a Gun Form. A burst of flame shot out from the tip of his umbrella and Anti-Tank Missiles shot out. The three Anti-Tank Missiles exploded into a blazing flame, burning Flowing Tree from top to bottom.

Lord Grim used Quick Recover as he landed on the ground. He flipped over and stood up. His hands continued to fire, attacking from afar. Even though Flowing Tree’s Sword Draw had done damage to Lord Grim, it hadn’t interrupted Ye Xiu’s offense.

The situation didn’t change much. Yu Wenzhou had been able to find an opportunity several times, but he had no way of taking back the initiative. Ye Xiu had been able to adjust to Yu Wenzhou’s counter attacks every time, quickly changing his path and staying on the offensive.

The constantly changing combos didn’t seem to go on for very long, but the control and pressure put on by them couldn’t be ignored. Moreover, many attacks were hit in quick succession. However, these attacks weren’t considered as combos by the system, so they didn’t count towards the total.

These attacks may not have been counted towards the combo by the system, but in actual battle, they could be used to chain attacks, which was why players called them “False Combos”. It was possible to avoid false combos, but players couldn’t play perfectly, so they would sometimes fail to dodge these attacks for various reasons.

(TLC: Combos are strings of attacks that cannot be dodged or blocked if the first hit connects. “False combos” are similar to combos, except they can be dodged or blocked, so they are technically not true combos and thus aren’t counted by the system.)

In this match, even though Yu Wenzhou wasn’t completely powerless like Tang Rou or Poplar Beach were, he was still struggling. But even in this situation, the two were still doing two things at once, fighting while chatting. If a normal player was watching on the side, he definitely wouldn’t believe that it was possible to chat with such liveliness in such a high-skill fight.

In the end, the launched Flowing Tree was hit by a Falling Flower Palm and then a Sword Draw. The last sliver of health fell and Yu Wenzhou lost in the end.

“You won.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Very normal.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“The advantages of an unspecialized really are clear. Plus, you have that mysterious weapon. However, the higher the levels, the weaker they become.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Yeah….. What do you think the limit is?” Ye Xiu asked.

“To be honest, I don’t think there’s any point discussing unspecialized characters. There are too many difficult requirements that have to be met in order to play them well. First of all, without that weapon in your hand, there’s no way you’d be so oppressive. Next, only you can fully utilize the advantages of an unspecialized. For this specific class, there’s only meaning if these conditions can be satisfied.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Right now, they’re all satisfied.” Ye Xiu said.

“With all of the conditions you’ve met, I think that at Level 70, the advantages of an unspecialized will still be greater than the lack of high-damage and high-level skills. Remember, this is only if you have a weapon like yours! But let’s say that Glory raises the level cap from Level 70. Level 95. The limit is Level 95. At that level, even if it’s you, unspecialized won’t have any value.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Woah, you thought the same as me. How unfortunate!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“If this was a bit earlier and you caught up with the Level 50 era, then your unspecialized would be extremely strong. It would have been considered a BUG.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Right now, it’s not too late yet.” Ye Xiu said.

“However…… After this season, Glory won’t have raised the level cap in three years.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Yeah….. it might be soon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Level 75? Level 80?…… unspecialized will grow weaker as the other classes gain more skills.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“But it’ll at least be in the acceptable range. Do you think I’ll still be able to play until the day the level cap reaches Level 95?” Ye Xiu said.

“If you only play like this in the tenth server, what isn’t possible?” Yu Wenzhou laughed.

“Ha, you’re right.” Ye Xiu also laughed.

“Another round?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

“No need. I won’t let you see my strength clearly.” Ye Xiu said.

“Did you not use your full strength?” Yu Wenzhou asked.

“Of course, I’m old. I need to take care of myself.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I guess that’s it!” Yu Wenzhou chuckled and then left the field. After the two characters bumped into each other again outside of the Arena, Ye Xiu said bye and then left.

“What do you think?” Yu Wenzhou turned his head to ask Huang Shaotian.

“He did a total of 21 False Combos.” Huang Shaotian said.

“He really knows what my weaknesses are.” Yu Wenzhou said. Hand speed. This was Yu Wenzhou’s fatal weakness. As a result, in this type of fight, his hand speed was incapable of keeping up with his opponent’s movements. His character would move too slowly, making it so that attacks that could have been avoided weren’t, which in the end, became false combos.

“Yeah.” Huang Shaotian nodded his head and then said, “He knows all the weakness of all his opponents in the Alliance. If I was his opponent, then he wouldn’t have use so many false combos.”

“If he wasn’t an unspecialized, he also wouldn’t be able to put out so many false combos.” Yu Wenzhou said, “If you had been playing under the same circumstances, then how many of those 21 false combos would you have been able to dodge?”

Huang Shaotian stared blankly.

“You should look at the recordings again.” Yu Wenzhou got up and patted Huang Shaotian, “The unspecialized character’s unpredictable and complex style creates these constant false combos…….”

After Yu Wenzhou left, Huang Shaotian returned to in front of his computer. He logged out of the game and opened up the recording app, bringing up the recording of the fight with Yu Wenzhou versus Ye Xiu.

21 false combos, how many could he have dodged?

When he was watching the fight, Huang Shaotian really hadn’t considered this issue. The two had been fighting very quickly, so Huang Shaotian didn’t have time to think of that. Now that he had looked at the recording, Huang Shaotian played it again except this time, he imagine that he was the one playing against Ye Xiu.

If it was him, it would have turned differently here…..

First, he noticed the difference in hand speed. There were a few places that he could have done better. Even though he probably wouldn’t have been able to win against the enormous advantage of an unspecialized, he could have at least played more beautifully than Yu Wenzhou.

But, these 21 false combos……

After counting them out one by one, Huang Shaotian began to sweat.
21 false combos. If he were the one playing, it might not have played out like that. However, when he imagined himself playing, Huang Shaotian discovered that of these 21 false combos, he would have only been able to dodge 4 of them.


This was something Huang Shaotian hadn’t expected.

The difference between his hand speed and Yu Wenzhou’s was quite large. Huang Shaotian had originally thought that these false combos sent to Yu Wenzhou were done to bully him, but he now discovered that these 21 false combos wasn’t as simple as taking advantage of Yu Wenzhou’s weakness.

Huang Shaotian recovered and played the recording again.


After watching it again, Huang Shaotian couldn’t help but curse.

3 times!!

The number of false combos he could have dodged was actually three. He had made an oversight on one of them. That false combo looked easy to dodge from a spectator’s perspective, but in the actual battle, Lord Grim had attacked from Flowing Tree’s dead angle. That attack was a sneak attack with a 100% chance of succeeding. Even if it hadn’t hit, the many attacks after it would definitely have hit out a false combo.

For someone so perceptive as him to have made an oversight, that only showed how sneaky and hidden that attack was. It was just that against someone with such a weakness in hand speed like Yu Wenzhou, there was no need to use such a complicated attack.

How many of these tricks was this guy hiding?

Huang Shaotian though. A cold chill went down his spine. He once again studied Lord Grim’s fighting style. He wanted to carefully analyze how many hidden attacks were made.

Soon after, he discovered another terrifying reality.

Even for a God-level character like him, he truly lacked too much experience towards these false combos done by Lord Grim.

Falling Flower Palm followed by a Sword Draw……

In a one on one match, he had never seen such a combo before.

Lord Grim’s numerous combos and false combos, these sort of chaining attacks, could be considered as coordination.

The coordination done by several classes was being done by a single character. The more Huang Shaotian thought, the stronger this feeling.

Flowing Tree’s opponent wasn’t a single person, but rather two, three……. or perhaps even more, but it couldn’t be seen in this match because…… the opponent hadn’t used his full strength!

If he had gone all out, what would the result be? Huang Shaotian was very curious about this question, so he quickly logged into the game.

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