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Chapter 173 – He’s No Good For Dungeoning

Changing Spring was clearly taking this seriously. Blue Brook Guild had power in every one of Glory’s ten servers. Changing Spring had contacted the guild leaders of each server a while ago and sent the Level 30 accounts to the five players. At this moment, they were going to begin in the ninth server. With three chances in every server, they began their slow practice.

Every run would be within thirty minutes, which meant they could clear the dungeon twice per hour. From three in the afternoon to twelve at night, Blue Brook Guild’s strongest team ran Desolate Land eighteen times, making them feel like vomiting just at the mention of the two words, Desolate Land.

However, the results made them happy. The coordination between the five of them grew better and better and their ability to suppress Toya also increased as well. No one in any of the servers had ever placed so much value into researching Desolate Land. Starting from the seventh server, the five man team began to break records. In the sixth and fifth servers, they put the final record under Blue Brook Guild’s name. Unfortunately, these were old servers, so not many paid attention to these low-leveled dungeon records.

“Rest for half an hour. At 12:30, we’ll go back to the tenth server and set the record!” Changing Spring said to the four other team members. At 12 o’clock midnight, the dungeon entries in every server refreshed. They had been running the dungeon so much that their vision had become somewhat blurry. Resting was a necessity. They had to at least get some food to eat! While they were running Desolate Land, they didn’t have any time to eat.

After resting for half an hour, the five characters showed up at the tenth server’s Desolate Land.

Coincidentally, when these five players went online, they saw a character with the name “Lord Grim” outside of the dungeon entrance with his team.

The record had already been broken?

That was the first thought that flashed by in Changing Spring’s mind. He immediately opened up dungeon leaderboards and checked. The record they had set in the afternoon was still at the top!

He looked up and saw that Poplar Beach was walking towards Lord Grim.

“You’re Lord Grim?” Poplar Beach’s tone was always extremely arrogant, always making others feel unhappy. When Ye Xiu heard this voice, he turned Lord Grim around and saw the sign Blue Brook Guild next to the name Cloud Listening Blade.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’m called Poplar Beach.” Poplar Beach said.

A loud laugh suddenly interrupted: “Not only is this guy illiterate, he can’t count either! His name clearly has three words, but doesn’t Poplar Beach only have two? Is he stupid?”

Poplar Beach turned furious. Without any warning, he used Sword Draw. How could Steamed Bun Invasion not be able to dodge this? He jumped backwards with a “Woah” and without any warning, countered with a Brick.

Poplar Beach deliberately showed off his skill by immediately raised his sword up and used Guard. However, Steamed Bun Invasion had quickly rushed forward after using Brick and initiated with Sand Toss.

Poplar Beach hadn’t expected that Steamed Bun Invasion would be so quick. He hastily leaped backwards and rolled, however, dodging this Sand Toss would be difficult. But as a player who dared to contend to be one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts, Poplar Beach indeed had some skill. Although it was close, Poplar Beach was able to dodge in time. He immediately raised his hands and used Triple Slash.

Triple Slash was an upward, downward, and horizontal slash performed in quick succession and was executed much faster than the speed at which normal attacks could be chained.

Poplar Beach’s dodge and counter was completed in a single breath, putting Steamed Bun Invasion as the one in the difficult situation this time. Steamed Bun Invasion hastily leaped back twice and avoided the first two slashes, but it didn’t look like there would be enough time to dodge the third slash. Poplar Beach was laughing in his heart, when he realized that his third slash had hit nothing but air. Steamed Bun Invasion had crouched to dodge the attack.

Poplar Beach wasn’t able to pull back in time. Steamed Bun Invasion got up and grabbed Poplar Beach’s throat with a Strangle.

Level 30 characters only had so many skills. Steamed Bun Invasion had become extremely familiar with his class. With one hand holding onto Poplar Beach’s throat, his other hand immediately used Brick again, hitting the back of Poplar Beach’s head with a whirl of his arm. Taking advantage of Poplar Beach’s Dizzy condition, Steamed Bun Invasion swiftly circled around to behind his opponent and Uppercutted, launching his opponent into the air. Steamed Bun Invasion quickly followed up with a Knee Attack.

“F*ck off!!” Steamed Bun Invasion shouted and kneed his opponent’s back. If this was just a normal Knee Attack to the back, then Poplar would have only been pushed back. However, because Poplar Beach was in the air, Poplar Beach would be sent flying away.

However, Steamed Bun Invasion’s prediction was wrong. After all, Poplar Beach was an expert. He took advantage of the opportunity to Quick Recover. His character rolled forward and then immediately turned around to counter with a Sword Draw.

By the time the sword aura had arrived, because it was so sudden, Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t able to dodge in time. In the end, he heard a crash. Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella had opened up in front of him. The sword aura hit the umbrella without a metallic ring and dissipated.

After blocking this attack, the Thousand Chance Umbrella immediately closed. Poplar Beach clearly wasn’t happy with how Steamed Bun Invasion had kicked him. Right as he was about to rush forward again, Changing Spring’s character blocked him off. On the other side, Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t happy either with how he had nearly been hit by the Sword Draw. He also wanted to go up, until when he heard Ye Xiu shout: “Steamed Bun.”

“Don’t be so hasty!” Changing Spring warned in a heavy tone to Poplar Beach.

“The previous Sand Toss you used wasn’t good. Why were you so hasty in using Sand Toss?” On this side, the atmosphere was much lighter. Ye Xiu was lecturing Steamed Bun Invasion.

“I wanted to take advantage of the fact that his Guard was on cooldown!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Guard only works against physical attacks! Sand Toss is magic damage. You even know the cooldown for Guard, how do you not know this?” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Oh, so it’s like that?” Steamed Bun Invasion felt unsure. He looked around left and right. They didn’t have any Blade Masters on their side, so he looked towards the other side: “Hey, can you tell me what the description for Guard is?”

Poplar Beach and Changing Spring stared blankly. They were in such a tense situation right now. What type of question was this?”

In the end, they heard Steamed Bun Invasion say: “Oh shoot. I forgot. He’s illiterate. He probably can’t read the words.”

“I’m going to kill him!!” Poplar Beach jumped out ready to fight. However, this time Ye Xiu moved his Lord Grim forward, blocking him as he said: “Don’t be hasty, don’t be hasty. I don’t think you’re illiterate, but who are you guys?”

“Changing Spring, Blue Brook Guild’s guild leader.” Changing Spring’s character went forward to speak.


“Steamed Bun!” Ye Xiu immediately warned Steamed Bun Invasion. He knew that Steamed Bun was definitely about to say that this person was also illiterate.

“Blue Brook Guild’s guild leader.” Ye Xiu repeated. He had already figured out what was going on and laughed: “Are you here to set the record?”

“Correct.” Changing Spring said.

“It must have been difficult for senior to have come from so far away.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s all because of you!” Changing Spring said.

“Ha ha, I’m very competitive, so you guys are going to have to try very hard.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“It sounds like you’re very confident.” Changing Spring said.

“How so?”

“It was you who told Blue River that we wouldn’t be able to compete against you, right?” Changing Spring asked.

“I think so.”

“You punk, you’re too arrogant! Do you dare duel me?” Poplar Beach shouted. Changing Spring calmly stood to the side and didn’t stop him.

“Blue River didn’t come?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked this random question.

“No.” Changing Spring said.

“Then you guys should call Blue River over.” Ye Xiu said, “If we’re talking about PK, then this person is probably a bit better than Blue River. But for dungeoning, Blue River is more steady and would be better in terms of teamwork.”

Everyone heard this and stared blankly. They didn’t know how well Lord Grim understood Blue River, but they were certain that this was his first time seeing Poplar Beach. With just that short exchange, he could already see how skilled Poplar Beach was?

“What are you saying!! Fight me!!” Poplar Beach shouted.

“See, he knows this too.” Ye Xiu said to Changing Spring, “Let him go wild in the Arena and let Blue River set the records.”

How could Poplar Beach take this? He drew his sword and rushed forward. Steamed Bun Invasion was about to welcome him but this time, Changing Spring didn’t just stand there. He roared, “Stop right there!”

Poplar Beach heard this and immediately halted. After staring blankly, Steamed Bun Invasion stopped as well, seeing that his opponent wasn’t moving. He then heard Ye Xiu follow up: “Correct, don’t be hasty. If you really want to fight me, then you’d at least have to use your main account.”

Changing Spring, Flying Brushstroke, Chilling Nightfall……. stared foolishly.

To them, Poplar Beach was already a very arrogant guy. But Lord Grim was even more arrogant! He actually dared to fight against Poplar Beach’s main account with his Level 30 character? That was a 40 level difference!

Both being equally arrogant, Poplar Beach was someone Blue River could never get along with. , However, it seemed like this Lord Grim was someone who Blue River revered.

They were still puzzled over this, when they heard Poplar Beach reply back with a laugh: “Smart! If you fight my main account with your level 30 account, then it won’t matter if you lose. Do you really think I’d fall for such a stupid trick? I don’t need my main account. I’ll fight you with this Level 30 account.”

“Don’t worry! I won’t be bullying you with this low-leveled account. I’ll borrow a random Level 70 account to fight with you.” Ye Xiu said.

A low-level account bullying a high-level account? Everyone began to sweat. Lord Grim had made “low-leveled” sound like an advantage though.

“Good, where to?” Poplar Beach asked.

“Up to you. We’re going to go dungeoning first. Let’s meet again later.” Ye Xiu said.

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