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Chapter 172 – A Well-Thought Out Long Term Consideration

Changing Spring’s decision startled everyone.

“Substitute” was an extremely sensitive word. Everyone knew what Changing Spring meant on the outside, but on the inside, did he mean that, from now on, Blue River’s spot as one of the Five Great Experts was going to be replaced?

From a skill level point of view, Poplar Beach was superior to Blue River. Changing Spring wasn’t the only person who saw this. However, the reason why the Five Great Experts were great wasn’t simply decided on their skill. Blue River was far more popular than Poplar Beach was.

However, when Changing Spring suddenly announced his decision, no one approached him to inquire for more information. After all, they were only guessing. They didn’t have the willpower to confirm that those were Changing Spring’s actual motives.

On the other hand, Poplar Beach and his group were, without a doubt, extremely happy. Although they didn’t try to assert whether Changing Spring was raising their position, this was at least an important first step. If he replaced Blue River and set a stable record in the tenth server, which Blue River believed wasn’t possible, then it would prove who was superior and who was inferior. His name would definitely become more well-known. In addition, Blue River’s cowardice caused many to feel dissatisfied with him. He might even be able to win over the supporters of Blue River.

Poplar Beach was excited. Just as he was about to go up and declare his position, he heard Blue River calmly say: “Lord Grim and his party, four Level 30s without a Knight nor a Cleric, completed the First Kill for the Fire Witch.”

“Is that why you’re wavering?” Changing Spring said.

“This is more proof of his strength, but more importantly, I suddenly realized that his actions are completely rational. Our selfish actions are the ones that aren’t. From a neutral perspective, this is fair competition.”

“Then us setting the record is fair competition too.”

“Of course…… But because we need that record, this isn’t a good choice.” Blue River said.

“Good or not, we have to try it first! Blue Bridge, do you believe in that Lord Grim’s skill more than ours?” Poplar Beach had trouble finding this chance. He was truly afraid that Blue River would successfully convince Changing Spring, so he hastily squeezed into the conversation.

Blue River paused for a long time, before saying: “Skill…… isn’t something that a person can have just by believing.”

“Correct. Seeing how Lord Grim’s group was able to beat a wild BOSS six levels higher than them, Lord Grim is definitely more skilled than we are.” Changing Spring said, “However, for a dungeon like Desolate Land, there’s a limit to how much skill can be drawn out. I’d even reckon that if a pro-team came to this dungeon, we’d be on par with them. If they can do it, we can do it too. Whatever they’re able do that we can’t has no effect on this dungeon.”

“You’re certainly right! Guild leader, we should go!” Poplar Beach said excitedly.

“Blue Bridge has to help you find a card first, no?” Changing Spring said.

“Oh, Blue Bridge old friend, sorry to trouble you.” Poplar Beach laughed. He already had thoughts about showing off in the tenth server yesterday. He had already found an account in the tenth server to use. However, there was no need for him to use it. He might as well let Blue River prepare it!

“One last thing!” Blue River wasn’t done yet, “Lord Grim’s class is unspecialized. This is a class that we don’t have. It’s an unknown variable.”

“Even if it’s a variable, why do you think that it’s a disadvantageous variable?” Poplar Beach replied back to Blue River this time, “Even more so, unspecialized characters aren’t something that Lord Grim invented, right? They were invented way back then. If they really are more advantageous, why hasn’t every dungeon record been set by them? Speaking of records, in the record teams of every server, why aren’t there any unspecialized characters, hm? If unspecialized characters are so amazing and can set records that others can’t break, then why aren’t they still popular?”

Poplar Beach really had done his homework. He had intentionally researched the dungeon records and record teams from every server.

“Well, it’s true that unspecialized characters are from way back then……..” Blue River’s explanation was clearly weakening. Some of the brothers nearby were unable to listen to him any longer. None of them understood why Blue River was being so stubborn.

“Old Blue, just let it be!” Someone sent a message.

“Let the guild leader and them try it out.”

“We can fight it out first. If not, then there’ll be other options.”

“Okay, it’s settled then!” Changing Spring finally said, “Blue Bridge, can you prepare another Blade Master? We’ll go set it again during the day.”

Blue River had nothing else to say and could only agree in silence.

At three o’clock, the five man team from the Heavenly Domain’s Blue Brook Guild appeared once again in the tenth server. Except this time, the Blade Master was Poplar Beach.

Flying Brushstroke and the others didn’t say anything. They weren’t happy about Blue River’s stubbornness from the day before either and weren’t happy about Poplar Beach either. However, Poplar Beach was indeed more skilled than Blue River. With him, the record they would set would definitely be higher.

“Seniors, are we going?” Poplar Beach was trembling with excitement.

“Let’s go!” Changing Spring didn’t say anything more. They began setting the record as soon as they got to Desolate Land.

It was just a low-leveled dungeon. They were also familiar with it, so there wasn’t a need for a lot of leading. The atmosphere was heavy the entire time as they pushed their way through the dungeon. It was only when they got to the final BOSS, where they needed better coordination, did they begin to warn each other more. Even so, the heavy atmosphere didn’t lighten up. It seemed like only Poplar Beach was full of spirit. The other four seemed somewhat spiritless. Their final time was still a bit worse than the original record, making them feel quite dissatisfied.

“Seniors, if we just casually go at it, we’ll break the record. If we just practice a bit more, we’ll definitely break it!” Poplar Beach wasn’t discouraged and encouraged them.

“You three, come here.” Changing Spring went to one side. He called over Flying Brushstroke, Chilling Nightfall, and Dawn of Ice.

Poplar Beach was startled. It was obvious they were excluding him. What was this guy saying in private! Poplar Beach felt gloomy, but he didn’t show it. He mindlessly attacked nearby monsters. He raised his volume to the maximum level and almost went crazy hearing the angry yells of the monsters, but he wasn’t able to hear what they were saying.

“What’s wrong with you three?” Changing Spring’s tone was serious.

In the end, of the three characters, one head turned left, one turned right, one looked up at the sky. This movement could be done by changing the camera angle.

“I say. You’re not actually doubting Blue River, are you?” Chilling Nightfall said with his head turned left.

“Nonsense, how could I do that.” Changing Spring said.

“It wasn’t like Blue Bridge’s reasoning made no sense.” Dawn of Ice said with his head looking up at the sky.

“I know.” Changing Spring sighed.

“Was it just that you weren’t happy with his attitude?” Flying Brushstroke said with his head turned right.

“Stupid b*stard, f*ck off, do you think I’m you?” Changing Spring said.


“In any case, this is the only step we can take.” Changing Spring said.

“What do you mean?”

“If we did as Blue Bridge said and chose to reach an agreement with Lord Grim, then we’d be acting too hasty. If the news spread, what would the guild members think? With that punk Poplar Beach, things might become even messier. That’s why we definitely can’t suddenly come to an agreement with Lord Grim.” Changing Spring said.

“But why’d you replace Blue Bridge? Even if this was something that he didn’t want to do, I believe that he would still go all out. That Poplar Beach looks so pleased with himself. I admit that he’s a bit more skilled than Blue Bridge, but it’s only by a bit.” Flying Brushstroke was someone who wasn’t afraid to say what his opinions were. Whether he was happy or not, he wouldn’t hide it.

“A bit better is just one of the reasons. More importantly, we have to consider whether Lord Grim really can break our record. With Poplar Beach, we’ve shut his group up. Later, if we ever have to make a negotiation with Lord Grim again, they won’t be as arrogant.” Changing Spring said.

Flying Brushstroke heard this and stared blankly. Chilling Nightfall followed: “Then what if Lord Grim isn’t able to break our record?”

“Then that means Blue Bridge was wrong. What else could that mean?” Changing Spring plainly said.

“You…….” Dawn of Ice gasped.

“A well-thought-out long-term strategy!” Flying Brushstroke said.

“That’s why I’m the guild leader and not you.” Changing Spring wasn’t polite, “Okay then, everyone cheer up. F*ck, if Blue Bridge was here, he’d definitely be more spirited than you three. If we don’t set the record today, then I’ll have you guys squat here in the tenth server and never return.”

“Ha ha ha ha, we just need more practice for that record. If we don’t set it this afternoon, we’ll definitely be able to set it tonight!”

The four laughed and then headed towards the entrance.

“We’re going!” They called out to Poplar Beach. Poplar Beach was a bit puzzled. He could clearly feel that after their private conversation, their tones seemed to have changed. What happened?

On their second run, the previous heavy atmosphere suddenly went away. Their communication cleared up as well. Their way through the dungeon went smoothly, yet there were still problems when they got to Toya. Even though they beat the record, they had only improved it by five seconds, far from what they wanted.

“D*mn, this isn’t good. We were only able to beat it by a bit. We haven’t gotten the results we want and we’re about to level up with the experience reward…….” Flying Brushstroke cursed. Besides getting a Purple equipment as a reward, they would also get a lot of experience.

“What are you afraid of! There are plenty of characters for you to use. Continue setting!”

On their third run, they made a major mistake on a mob of monsters. However, none of them cared. Right now, they wanted to improve the record and the only place they would improve on was their coordination against the final BOSS Toya.

They had finished their three runs, but they hadn’t gotten the time they wanted. These runs could be considered as practice.

“We’ll go again at midnight. Right now, come with me to the other nine servers and practice! You all have your account cards, right?!” Changing Spring said.

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