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Chapter 171 – If I Can Kill It, Why Can’t I Kill It?

Real or fake?

Ten minutes had passed since the Fire Witch’s First Kill was announced. Ye Xiu’s party had finished picking up the drops, while the experts from the guilds were still going crazy over what had happened.

6 Level Suppression. They only had four players, yet they were able to beat a wild BOSS six levels higher than them. What type of skill was that?

They lost a First Kill? Right now, none of the guilds cared about this. They were acting as if they were normal players and paying their respects to these four players’ strength.

This worshipping lasted for ten minutes. Only then did everyone return to reality.

“Lord Grim….. While we were setting a dungeon record, he ran off to kill a wild BOSS? What does that mean?” After staring blankly into space for ten minutes, Blue River finally spoke.

Bound Boat carefully analyzed: “If we continued with our previous way of thinking, then could it be that he was showing off his strength to us? Would the First Kills for future wild BOSSes be in his hands as well?”

Blue River stared blankly.

Guilds mainly used dungeon records to show off their strength. However, measuring a guild’s strength like this was actually a more comprehensive measurement. After all, this was something snatched directly from fighting other guilds. The result simply proved who was the strongest. But now? They hadn’t even begun preparing for it yet and the First Kill had already been taken.

Besides this, the equipment and materials that dropped from wild BOSSes were items that every big guild needed. The existence of wild BOSSes were more important than the existence of any hidden BOSSes. The items dropped were much more valuable. Wild BOSSes only respawned three times a week. Even if the item they wanted dropped every time, in one year, only 156 of them would drop. With millions of players playing the game, how could the value of such a limited supply of items not be seen?

“They have the strength to fight monsters over six levels higher than them. They only have four players too.” Bound Boat reminded Blue River after seeing his blank stare.

After Level 30, leveling areas had a range of 3 or 4 levels. Possessing the strength to beat a BOSS six levels higher than them meant that Lord Grim would always be ahead of them. It meant that he could First Kill any wild BOSS that they didn’t dare fight yet simply because he had no opponents.

Blue River immediately recognized how serious this issue was. Had Lord Grim taken the wild BOSS First Kills hostage as well??

Blue River couldn’t stay silent any longer. He finally decided to have a talk with Lord Grim.

“Brother……” Blue River sent a message.

“Here!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Congratulations!” Blue River felt awkward when he said it.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu obviously knew what Blue River wanted to talk about. Actually, at this moment, Blue River wasn’t the only one who was messaging him. Many others had already begun feeling him out. Most of their introductions had started the same way.

“Brother, you’re so strong. You can kill the Level 36 Fire Witch at Level 30.” Blue River said.

“It wasn’t easy! It took us three hours.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother, what are you planning on doing in the future?” Blue River felt that this question came out a little weird, but he couldn’t think of anything better. He had a weird feeling in his heart. He knew what he wanted to say, but he wasn’t able to put it into words.

“What do you mean?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Uh……. are you going to continue killing BOSSes like this in the future too?” Blue River asked.

“If I can kill, why not kill?” Ye Xiu asked in response.

Blue River suddenly realized what the crucial part of the problem was and why he wasn’t able to put his thoughts into words.

It was simply because of this reasoning.

If you can do it, why not do it?!

An extremely ordinary reasoning was a reasoning that couldn’t be argued against.

If Lord Grim possessed the strength to kill the BOSS, then on what basis could others stop him from killing the BOSS? Was it because if he killed it, they wouldn’t be able to? What type of stupid reasoning was that?

Couldn’t this same reasoning be used for dungeon records too?

If Lord Grim possessed the ability to set a dungeon record, then why shouldn’t he? Wasn’t this the reason why the system had set up this sort of competition? If the big guilds needed the records to prove their strength, then Lord Grim wasn’t able to go set it? That type of logic was even more ludicrous.

Blue River knew why he wasn’t able to say anything. It was because Lord Grim had always been doing what was normal to him. If it was any other player, they would also do the same. If they didn’t, then they would be abnormal.


Or maybe Lord Grim had other intentions. However, he wasn’t being immoral.

The big guilds wanted him to give up his rights to ensure their own benefits.

Setting records and killing wild BOSSes were all rights that every player had.

If Lord Grim wanted to kill, let him kill. If he didn’t want to, then he didn’t have to. No one should control him. Right now, the big guilds didn’t want him to kill, which was why he put up conditions. After, they said he what he was doing was the same as kidnapping. That type of logic was simply unacceptable.

If you can kill, why not kill?

Simply put, Blue River was killed instantly.

It wasn’t just him. Others had also probed him out the same way. Ye Xiu had replied to them in the same exact way. They all had no response.

Many guilds had already begun discussing this issue with each other.

This wasn’t some overt scheme. They were just sorting out a common issue. Lord Grim’s strength had been displayed for everyone to see. The circumstances were right in front of them. Lord Grim wasn’t doing anything wrong. Everyone could either ignore him or stop him. If they wanted to stop him, then they would either have to give him what he wanted or use force to suppress him. But if they used force, then he could argue: “On what basis can you prevent others from setting a record?

At this moment, Blue River felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted. It was better than before. After a short pause, he quickly revived and sent a message to Lord Grim: “Brother, what do you think the limit for Desolate Land’s record is?”

Blue River felt that Lord Grim wasn’t unjust, which was why he asked this reasonable question. He didn’t believe that Lord Grim wouldn’t answer his question.

“Probably two minutes faster than your record!” Ye Xiu said.

“Two minutes……”

“I don’t suggest that you fight for this record. The key to this record is the final BOSS Toya. Against this BOSS, my unspecialized character had an overwhelming advantage over the other classes. Even if you guys practiced hard to suppress him, you guys will still be a bit slower.”


“Because we can coordinate as well. However, you guys don’t have an unspecialized.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay…… It looks like the only option is to pay you to not act then?” Blue River said.

“That works too.” Ye Xiu said calmly.

“Okay, brother, what do you want this time?” Blue River had already accepted reality.

A list of items was sent over. Blue River wasn’t surprised looking at it. He didn’t hastily negotiate with him either. In any case, he calmly replied: “Let me think about it.”

Blue River went offline again and went to the Heavenly Domain.

Heavenly Domain’s Blue Brook Guild knew that Blue River wouldn’t come over if there was nothing important to report and it usually wasn’t any good news. Seeing that he had appeared again, the four players who had set the record yesterday froze.

“The record has already been broken?” The Spitfire Flying Brushstroke was the first to ask.

“For now, no.” Blue River said.

“Then why’d you come back?”

“To tell you Lord Grim’s conditions.” Blue River said.

“His conditions? What does that mean?”

“The conditions for him to not break our record.” Blue River said.

“Blue Bridge, you’re saying that our record would definitely be broken by Lord Grim?” Flying Brushstroke wasn’t too happy.

“He said that he could beat our record by more than two minutes. Do you think we can do that?” Blue River said.

“You’re going to believe what he says?”

“Yeah, I believe him.” Blue River said.

“F*ck……” Flying Brushstroke cursed and sent a speechless emoticon.

Changing Spring was too lazy to send messages, so he simply told Blue River to wait outside of the usual dungeon they went to. While Blue River was waiting, Flying Brushstroke had already reported the info to Changing Spring. When they met, Blue River could clearly tell that Changing Spring wasn’t happy.

“What’s wrong with you Blue Bridge? Do you actually want others to treat you like a joke?” Changing Spring asked.

“If we don’t ask Lord Grim to not act, then everyone will look like jokes. There wouldn’t be any time to regret it because we wouldn’t be able to get the record back.” Blue River said.

“Ha ha ha ha, Blue Bridge old friend, you’re that scared of this so-called Lord Grim?” Sure enough, Poplar Beach had taken the opportunity to taunt him.

“I just have a feeling that he’s not a bad person, so I’m willing to believe him.” Blue River calmly said.

“He’s not a bad person? If he’s not a bad person, then why would he go kidnap the records from the big guilds?” Poplar Beach laughed coldly.

“The records don’t belong to the big guilds. Where’d you get kidnapping from?” Blue River said.

“Blue Bridge…… you?” Changing Spring and the others all felt a little strange. Blue River’s attitude was different from before. Blue River had previously been angry at Lord Grim. But after half a day, it seemed like Blue River understood Lord Grim.

“Isn’t that a solid reason? If you have the ability to set a record, why wouldn’t you go and set it? We can’t beat the opponent, so this is the only way to take the record.” Blue River said.

“Who says we can’t beat him!” Flying Brushstroke wasn’t happy.

“Blue Bridge old friend…… but tell me the truth, are you colluding with this Lord Grim?” Poplar Beach suddenly interrupted.

Blue River completely ignored him. He didn’t think that Changing Spring would doubt him like that.

Changing Spring had paused for awhile, before saying: “Blue Bridge, it seems like you’ve been working too hard lately. Relax for a bit! This time, hand this dungeon record matter over to us.”

“You’re saying…….”

“Let Poplar Beach substitute for you. The five of us are going to set the record.” Changing Spring said.

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