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Chapter 161 – It Isn’t Easy Being an Expert

Toya finally fell.

Even though he had entered the Enraged state with higher speed and faster cast times, it was….. no use. In front of Ye Xiu, these were of no use. Lord Grim seemed like a machine specially designed against him, mechanically precise without any mistakes. Every one of the skills used by Toya was completely suppressed.

Whether it be by interruption or by being the first to attack….

With countless variations and numerous methods, it was fortunate that Toya wasn’t an actual person, otherwise he’d be so sad that he’d have coughed up blood from being suppressed so hard.

Toya fell and the system announcement popped up.

Another incontestable record appeared once again .

Full Moon Guild, 28:01:27.

Compared to Blue Brook Guild’s record of 30:45:66, their record beat it by 2.5 minutes. Compared to the other records set, it was just as ridiculous. Every time Ye Xiu beat a record, it was always by so much more, so much so that it made others feel hopeless. For Blue Brook Guild’s record to have lasted so long, that meant that no other guild was able to beat it by even one second. Only Ye Xiu could beat it by 2.5 minutes.

A pile of messages immediately stormed onto the world channel.

Full Moon Guild? Why Full Moon Guild?

Lord Grim! Lord Grim again.

Wasn’t Lord Grim from Blue Brook Guild? Why did he run to Full Moon Guild?

Steamed Bun Invasion! When are you going to pay me back for that 5 Gold I lent?

The messages were a complete mess. There was even one that mentioned Steamed Bun Invasion’s name.

Steamed Bun Invasion replied on the world channel: “Don’t worry. Once I gather up 10 Gold, I’ll return it to you all at once.”

Sending a message on the world channel had a cooldown. A message could only be sent every two minutes, so the other side couldn’t reply immediately. Plus, most of the messages on the world channel were just jokes, so it’d be much faster and better to reply in private. But with this reply, quite a lot of players copying him and sending payment reminders on the world channel. In a short moment, a bunch of “Man, when are you going to return to me my girlfriend?” came out, making many speechless.

Maple Tree was naturally unimaginably excited and started chatting friendly with members of his guild. There were very few that wouldn’t acknowledge that a guild like Full Moon Guild could set a record like that. Those people were rather narrow-minded. When the announcement came out, many in the guild began paying attention to what type of equipment would be rewarded.

When a new record was set, there was a 100% chance of acquiring a Purple equipment. It was just that Blue Brook Guild, Tyrannical Ambition, those sorts of guilds didn’t care. They only wanted the record for the fame. They had seen plenty of low-leveled Purple equipment, so they simply didn’t put it in their eyes.

Only Maple Tree, a guild leader of that level, would feel excited about what Purple equipment would come out. He couldn’t be blamed. Even as the guild leader, he didn’t have a single piece of Purple equipment. He couldn’t even compare to Lord Grim and the others. When he saw them today with their newly switched Purple weapons, Maple Tree’s eyes nearly popped out.

Purple weapon! Don’t look at how the big guild’s elite teams all had them. In reality, they were quite rare. For example, in his guild, if a Purple weapon came out, the player who got it wouldn’t care if it fit his class. Whoever got it could sell it for a lot of money! The more thoughtful players would give their teammates some sort of small compensation. The selfish, well, they wouldn’t do anything. The dispute that followed had existed since the very beginning of Glory.

Maple Tree felt quite good because the end reward was Purple Revolver, which perfectly suited his class. Moreover, the labourers he hired hadn’t rolled for it, so it went directly to him. He was naturally extremely excited.

Maple Tree was still chattering in the guild channel! Lord Grim went to his side: “The record’s set.”

“Yes, yes. Thank you! Thank you!!” Maple Tree recovered and immediately thanked him.

“The Scarlet Moon Set?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh oh oh!” Maple Tree was so happy he forgot. He had brought the Scarlet Moon Set with him and traded Ye Xiu at once. The four parts were the Head, Chest, Belt, and Legs. It was missing the Shoulders and Shoes.

Ye Xiu received them and went to trade Tang Rou.

“What?” Tang Rou accepted the trade.

“Equipment for you.” Ye Xiu put the four parts of the set into the trade window.

“From where?”

“Maple Tree just gave them! We helped him set a record!” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh.” Tang Rou confirmed the trade and wore the newly obtained equipment. This set naturally had its own style when it was all put together. Tang Rou had the main parts to it, so the general style was already clear. Her body was covered in scarlet leather with a belt strapped around her waist. Soft Mist immediately looked a lot stronger.

“Anything for me?” Steamed Bun Invasion snuck in a question.

“Not yet.” Ye Xiu said.

Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t happy, but it wasn’t towards Ye Xiu, rather it was towards Maple Tree. He charged at him: “Noob guild leader, you’re too stingy. Give me a set too!”

“Ah? There’s no more…..” Maple Tree said in confusion. The trade had already been completed. Why was there more?

“Stingy.” Steamed Bun Invasion disdained.

Maple Tree coughed blood. If he didn’t add a bonus, that was stingy?

“Steamed Bun, don’t worry. This deal was already agreed upon beforehand. Soft Mist first and then you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, okay. No hurry. Ladies first.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“We still have two more runs. Maple Tree, are you still going?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh…. me……” Maple Tree was now happily chatting with his friends and guild, so he didn’t really want to go. But they had just helped him set a record, so if he just suddenly turned his head and refused them, that wasn’t too good right?

Maple Tree was suffering over his decision, when Ye Xiu said: “Then we’ll continue!”

As he said that, the four players had already left the party and made their own party on the side. They then left Full Moon Guild too.

“Wha……” Maple Tree wanted to say something, when the four directly entered the dungeon. They didn’t even find someone else to add.

So my contact with these experts ended just like this? Maple Tree was suddenly at a loss.

The dungeon continued. Only having four players wasn’t a problem for these experts. Since they weren’t trying to set the record this time, they went around the entire map and killed every monster in every nook and cranny of the castle. Even excluding the fact that the dungeon BOSS always dropped a Blue or higher equipment, the dungeon was still the most profitable place, whether it be in money or experience, the rewards were much greater than in a leveling area. For most of the players, they could let go of not doing other things, but they had to use up all of their dungeon entries. The current dungeons could still be done three or four times, but the higher leveled the dungeon or the larger the scale of the dungeon, the fewer entries they would have. There would even be some dungeons that could only be run once a week. The progress was saved, but they were dungeons that couldn’t be completed in a single day.

After clearing all of the monsters, they had to clean up the BOSS. This time, Ye Xiu wasn’t dedicated again and didn’t fight Toya with all he had like last time. He was the same as yesterday, just casually directing everyone and played with Toya from time to time.

“Hey, why aren’t you playing seriously!” Tang Rou had objections. She didn’t like it when people were hiding their strength.

“You mean like last time?” Ye Xiu said.


“I’m already old. How can I always play like that? You youngsters have more strength.” Ye Xiu said.

“How old are you!” Tang Rou was angry.

“In terms of eSports, I really am pretty old.” Ye Xiu said.

“So what? You can clearly play very well.” Tang Rou said.

“Look at it like this.” Ye Xiu said, “The theory is the same as in other sports. Young people grow stronger and rely on their bodies to win. But after a few years, they have to rely on their experience and knowledge. They have to use their brains to win. Against young players’ bodies, they could occasionally compete with them, but if they frequently clashed, they would only shorten their lifespan as an athlete. It’s the same as in eSports. Using extremely fast hand speed to compete in mechanics, that’s the style of you young players. But for people my age, it’s better if we do that less.” Ye Xiu said.

“It can’t be that exaggerated.” Tang Rou said.

“In a few years, you’ll understand. Do you really think being an expert is that easy?” Ye Xiu laughed.

As a result, Tang Rou didn’t say anything more and continued to fight BOSS Toya. Ye Xiu didn’t fully exert himself either. His overall performance was about the same as Tang Rou. Because of this, they had some trouble finishing Toya off.

They didn’t add anyone else and they once again went in as four. Afterwards, they finished using up all of their Desolate Land entries.

“Everyone, I’ll be going off first!” Su Mucheng said habitually. Once they finished the dungeon runs, she would go offline first.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion said their farewells. Ye Xiu obviously wouldn’t say anything. Su Mucheng was practically sitting next to him! He took off his headphones and turned his head to ask: “Are you going back?”

‘Yup! I’m going back!” Su Mucheng also took off her headphones. She logged out of the game and mouse, ready to shut down the computer.

“NO NO NO! That’s the server computer, my young lady. Please don’t shut that down!” Ye Xiu sweated madly. He almost charged at Su Mucheng to stop her.

“Oh, I forgot.” Su Mucheng also jumped in fright. She also knew what would happen if she shut down the server computer. It was just that she was so used to shutting down her computer, so she forgot.

“So dangerous.” Ye Xiu wiped away some sweat. Su Mucheng was a pro-player. Her hand speed was fast. It was lucky that he was even faster.

“I’ll be going then!” Su Mucheng got up and saw Ye Xiu turn off the computer monitor.

“See you!”

“I don’t know when I can come next time. The Internet Cafe still is really dangerous, right?” Su Mucheng said.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu nodded.

“Sigh, I’ll be off then.” Su Mucheng regretfully left the reception desk.

“Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Okay!” Su Mucheng quickly came back.

“We have Braised Beef, Mushroom Chicken, Tomatoes and Eggs, Pickled Pork, Shrimp, Fish, all kinds of different instant noodles. Which one would you like?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh….. I’ll take the Mushroom Chicken.” Su Mucheng thought hard before replying.

“Wait just a moment……” Ye Xiu had already gotten the Mushroom Chicken noodles and went to get boiling water.

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