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Chapter 160 – Suppressed

The Desolate Land dungeon was located at an abandoned castle. The inside had a lot of side routes, so first-time runners would often take the wrong path. And for those who were there for experience, they often took the wrong paths on purpose in order to clear the entire dungeon. As for those who were there to set a record, they naturally wanted to take the most direct path to the final BOSS.

Even though Maple Tree’s performance still wasn’t perfect, there weren’t any major mistakes that affected the overall situation, so their journey to the bosses could be considered as having gone smoothly.

After slaughtering their way past all of the normal monsters, as well as the first and second BOSS, the team finally broke into the castle’s rear garden.

The garden’s condition was similar to the broken-down castle. And waiting here was the final BOSS called Desolate Land Ruler Toya.

Even if their way here had gone by without any mistakes, the final BOSS Toya was still a deciding variable.

This was all because Toya was a BOSS with many skills. He was an abnormal entity with skills from many classes.

Because there were so many skills, it meant that he had a lot of options to choose from. Toya was one of rarely seen NPCs with no fixed attack pattern. When fighting against Toya, each time would be a different experience, so the time needed to kill Toya also depended quite a bit on luck. They had to see what this guy would do this time.

Fortunately, they didn’t need to spend time discussing the strategy on how to deal with him. This BOSS tested the players’ ability to adapt on the spot.

After rushing into the garden, the five players didn’t hesitate and rushed in as soon as they saw Toya.

Their individual set-up was similar to when they entered the dungeon.

Cleansing Mist and Maple Tree, the two long-ranged classes, leapt to the high grounds after entering the garden. Cleansing Mist lifted her cannon and fired an Anti-Tank Missile over. Her pulling was incomparably quick.

Amidst the smoke from the explosion, Toya cursed loudly and then rushed out. He wore a dark red leather jacket and an iron chain around his waist. Hair of all different colors streamed down his head. Toya didn’t have an appearance befitting a Desolate Land Ruler and looked more like a rebellious teen.

Toya shot out of the smoke. His figure shook —— Shadow Clone Technique. The fake body stayed in the original position to lure in players, while the real one flashed behind Cleansing Mist.

From a player’s analysis, the usage of this instant movement technique to appear next to his target was very fierce.

Standing there, Cleansing Mist looked like she didn’t know what had happened, making Maple Tree want to remind her in alarm. But before he could say anything, he heard the repeated firing of a machine gun. Beneath them, Lord Grim had already switched his Thousand Chance Umbrella into the Gun form and a Gatling Gun shot at Toya.

Toya, who was just about to attack Cleansing Mist, was immediately hit by the line of bullets and unable to move. At this moment, Cleansing Mist turned around and used the Gunner skill “Swing” to swat Toya down from the high grounds. She then followed up with her own Gatling Gun, firing at the falling Toya.

Lord Grim’s Gatling Gun also followed the falling Toya. The firing from the two players’ guns shot out in two lines. It looked as if they were sending Toya down to the ground.

The two’s skilled coordination wasn’t anything new to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. But Maple Tree hadn’t seen it in the three runs done the day before and was now staring, dumbstruck. If he wasn’t so stunned, as a long-ranged class, he would have also begun firing.

Of course, with the target moving so fast, whether he could hit the target accurately was a big question.

Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t need any reminders. The two were already waiting in position. Lord Grim’s and Cleansing Mist’s attack from both sides sent Toya to them. Tang Rou didn’t wait for Toya to hit the ground and used a Circle Swing. The Scarlet Moon Lance in Soft Mist’s hands turned into an arc of red light, accurately stabbing the falling Toya. A large swing followed afterwards, smashing Toya into the ground.

“Attack, don’t daydream!” Ye Xiu called out Maple Tree.

Maple Tree woke up and immediately began sending out skills at Toya.

Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion, who had been beating up the knocked-down Toya, jumped away in order to avoid the shockwave attack the BOSS would make when getting up.

Toya directly leapt up and kicked towards Soft Mist. But before the kick could reach her, a large energy ball smashed into his body and after an explosion, he crashed back to the ground.


Of course, only Su Mucheng’s Launcher could have fired this. Cleansing Mist’s gun was now gathering energy for a Laser. This time, Toya moved swiftly and Quick Recovered to avoid getting knocked down. After rolling, he used a Roundhouse Kick, a Sharpshooter skill. This time, the chasing Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion weren’t able to defend in time and the two were kicked stumbling.

However, this skill didn’t cause the targets it hit to be knocked to the ground. And with their mechanics, they were able to steady their balance in an instant. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim rushed forward and chopped with a Collapsing Mountain. Toya, who had just finished executing the Roundhouse Kick, was once again flung down. Cleansing Mist’s Laser shot out at this moment and Toya was hit to the ground.


Lord Grim didn’t retreat though. He pulled out his sword and Guarded against the shockwave. As he slid backwards, his sword flashed, Sword Draw.

Whether or not Sword Draw could knock down the target depended on the situation. It looked like this time, the move would only cause Toya to stumble a bit. Immediately following, he lifted his leg and used the Striker skill Whirlwind Kick.

Unfortunately, his leg was shorter than Lord Grim’s lance and once the Thousand Chance Umbrella changed into the lance form, Circle Swing was used and Toya was sent smashing into the ground again.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion still didn’t have much experience. Toya had many skills, which was quite similar to unspecialized characters. Even Team Tiny Herb, those extremely experienced pro-players, were a bit delayed in their decision-making because there were so many skills. Although Toya wasn’t as ridiculous as unspecialized characters, it was still enough to make Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion unable to react in time.

For example, the two were hit by the previous Roundhouse Kick.

But Ye Xiu was different. No matter how many skills Toya had, he couldn’t leave the boundaries of Glory. And how could Ye Xiu not be familiar with every skill? His experience and decision-making could clearly be seen now.

In addition, Lord Grim was an unspecialized character. Even though Toya had many skills, Ye Xiu could always find a way to counter it. This was an advantage that no normal class possessed. Normal classes all had their own style. They had their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Launchers had high attack and long range, but their close-combat ability was almost non-existent. They barely had any skills for it and if they didn’t think of a way to widen the distance between the enemies, then they would certainly die.

Unspecialized characters could use skills from all 24 classes. Although they were all low-leveled, there were both close-combat and long-ranged ones of different styles. There would always be a suitable skill to use in any situation. They didn’t lose to Toya’s many skills in any way.

Toya was suppressed!

This was something no record-setting team could ever imagine. Toya’s unpredictable skills always made everyone go mad. How good the dungeon record always depended on that guy’s mood.

But this time, Toya looked like a trapped beast. His usual sharp claws and teeth were useless at this moment.

However, their coordination wasn’t as good in this battle. It was quite clear that Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were unable to keep up with Ye Xiu’s tempo.

Although Toya had a lot of variations, Ye Xiu could keep up with all of them and always found a way to restrict them. But for others, this battle was quite complex. They didn’t have that type of experience and decision-making, so they naturally had no way of coordinating with him. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were left almost as embarrassed as Maple Tree. They could only stupidly put out damage.

The only who could echo Lord Grim’s attacks was Su Mucheng. Even though her experience and decision-making weren’t as good as Ye Xiu, she knew Ye Xiu very well.

“This person…… so he really isn’t going all out sometimes…….” Tang Rou lamented. At this moment, she had a feeling of being unable to keep up. For her, this made her feel defeated. In the past three times they ran the dungeon, Ye Xiu hadn’t shown such a dominating pressure here. Everyone had relied on their own skill. But today, Ye Xiu was going all out, making them feel like they were watching a play.

At this moment, Tang Rou only had one question. When they had PKed at that time, did Ye Xiu go all out?

The battle wasn’t advancing in complete silence. Lord Grim’s and Toya’s skills were executed extremely quickly, so there wasn’t much time to talk for the majority of it. But there were still places that Ye Xiu had time to remind everyone. It was just that there weren’t many of these types of places.

“Careful, almost Red Blood!!” For example, Ye Xiu had time to remind them this.

No one had any response. Red blood was red blood. Is that something you can’t deal with?

And sure enough, after going into Red Blood, Toya’s attacks quickened, but the overall situation didn’t change. Ye Xiu was still suppressing him. Just from this point, they could see that the Ye Xiu suppressing Toya before Red Blood wasn’t his limit. If not, then once Toya went Enraged, how could he have kept up? If that wasn’t his limit, then what the heck was it?

Tang Rou was at a loss, but there was no way Steamed Bun Invasion could figure out all of these details. From the very start, he had been shouting and shouting just like always. When it was time to coordinate, he would coordinate. When it wasn’t, he would just act rashly on his own. To him, the game was always fun no matter what.

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