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Chapter 156 – Power of an Encirclement

Thousand Creations was a player that sought to kill steal monsters. How many battles had he gone through because of KSing? So when it came to PK, Thousand Creation had plenty of experience.

An army of heroes? Thousand Creations didn’t believe it. The player who he had stolen from wasn’t some girl. How could there so many heroes just hanging around? Now that the crowd of players arrived, the answer was too clear: they were originally together.

“How interesting!” Thousand Creations swept over the surroundings. Some of the players rushing over were far away, while some were close. In this instant, he didn’t have enough time to count how them, though there were at least 20 players. Thousand Creation’s Neutral Chaser buffed his movement speed, so he moved quickly. He saw an opening in the crowd of players and slipped into it.

“Bang!” The other side’s long-ranged Gunners hadn’t arrived yet, but their bullets had. Thousand Creations hastily dodged. The artillery shell exploded. The shock wave from the explosion was larger than Thousand Creations had anticipated and had unexpectedly hit his side.

Thousand Creations reacted quickly. He pulled his body back in mid-air and steadied himself. In Glory, “Knockback” was a type of CC effect. But with these types of shockwave attacks, their knockbacks effects were more chaotic and caused the target to lose balance. However, the target could steady himself. If it wasn’t done right, then the target might get Knocked Down to the ground. And for the CC “Knock Down”, players had no way of countering it with normal movements. Only skills like Quick Recover could counter it.

With this shot, Thousand Creations had already failed to take advantage of the key moment. The crowd of players closed in and the original opening had been repaired. All sorts of classes stood in position. The several close-combat classes had already advanced and surrounded Thousand Creations.

“Not good……” Thousand Creations had already fallen into despair. He knew that the situation was already hopeless, but he didn’t want to give up. He shouted, brandished his battle lance, and rushed forward trying to take one down with him. But his hopes were all a dream and in the end, Thousand Creations was killed off with practically zero casualties on the other side.

“Who are these guys!” Thousand Creations, who had revived in Congee City, thought, while sending a few names to Bound Boat, hoping that he would help him look them up. These were names which he had worked hard to get while fighting that crowd. But he had died way too quickly and wasn’t able to remember too many names in that short amount of time.

“Huh? Why are there so many?” Bound Boat asked.

“Don’t worry about that. Just look them up for me!” Thousand Creations said.

“Did you stir up trouble again?” Bound Boat asked.

Thousand Creations was silent. His existence in the guild was quite special. Usually, players like him with such a nasty habit wouldn’t be kept by the big guilds. But Blue Brook Guild appreciated his skill, so they still let him into the guild. Because Thousand Creations was in a big guild, getting good equipment was much easier. For example, right now, he already had a completed Scarlet Moon Set and his Level 30 Coiling Snake Lance was a rare Purple weapon. If he wasn’t a part of Blue Brook Guild, how could he have gotten these equipment so easily?

Even though the guild took care of Thousand Creations, there was no way they could support his misdeeds. Thousand Creations had no objections towards this. This was also why whether he lived or died in these large or small battles depended on himself. He could not involve the guild.

As a result, this time, Thousand Creations was still planning on going in solo to resolve the problem. There was nothing wrong with using the guild’s resources though!

After reviving in Congee City, Thousand Creations had to recover from his Weakened state, so he slowly walked towards Line Canyon, while waiting for Bound Boat’s reply. In his heart, he felt that there was something weird about those players’ actions. If they were there just for leveling in the wild, twenty players in a group was a bit ridiculous. Moreover, these players were all fighting separately. What was the point in being in a group?

Even Thousand Creations, with his experienced eyes of a KSer, couldn’t see that these players were in a group. And since they were, why were they so scattered? What exactly was their plan?

As Thousand Creations slowly walked over, his Weakened state gradually disappeared. He had lost 10% of his EXP with this death. Apart from this, his equipment had also lost some durability and he lost some of his Gold coins. These were all fixed. None of his equipment dropped though. In the normal servers, the chances of equipment dropping at death wasn’t high.

“Thousand Creations, I wasn’t able to figure out where these guys are from. At least, they’re not from the big guilds.” Bound Boat’s message finally arrived.

“Oh.” Thousand Creations wasn’t too surprised. The world was wide. With so many players, how could Blue Brook Guild have information on everyone. The ones they paid closer attention to were those guilds with Clubs that they were competing against. If they weren’t from those guilds, then those that they knew were extremely limited.

“Hold back a bit. Don’t stir up too much trouble in the new server.” Bound Boat didn’t completely block him. If Thousand Creations was the type of person that could be stopped, then he wouldn’t be in that position. Bound Boat also reminded him to not bring the guild into his affairs at the very least. Although it was somewhat heartless, Thousand Creations liked this sort of special position.

He slowly walked until his Weakened state was completely eliminated. Only then did Thousand Creations start jogging. Jogging was faster than walking, but slower than Swift Running. However, Swift Running consumed the player’s stamina, so most players Jogged to hurry forward.

He quickly returned to Line Canyon, but he didn’t charge in. The other side had twenty or so people. If he directly challenged them, then wasn’t that certain death? Thousand Creations planned on waiting for the right opportunity and then striking. He didn’t care despicable or low he was. As someone who liked to KS, such a principle practically didn’t exist.

If his name could be hidden like his guild’s name, how great would that be! Thousand Creations lamented. He chose an entrance to Line Canyon and then sneakily headed towards that direction.

Line Canyon was extremely quiet. The only sounds were the rustling of the poisonous insects there. Thousand Creations ignored these monsters and hurried over to the place where those players were. When he got close, he slowed down and after carefully analyzing the terrain, he crouched over to behind a dirt mound and snuck his head out.

One, two, three……

From here, he could see three players. They were all minding their own business and fighting by themselves. Thousand Creations hadn’t been too vigilant before, but now that he was more aware, he saw that although these three were fighting their own monsters, their positions were all in a range where they could help each other if needed. He looked again from a different angle and found two others. They were also fighting separately, but they maintained a distance not too far from each other.

This is going to be difficult….. Thousand Creations furrowed his brow.

These people were ready to work together at a moment’s notice, which made it difficult for him to find an opening. But why were these guys doing things like this? What were they trying to do?

Thousand Creations was hiding far away from them. He switched positions many times, seeing each of the twenty or so people at least once. He pulled out a piece of paper and drew the positions for each of them.

Their current positions seemed a bit different from before. These people had gathered together closer to one side. Thousand Creations looked at the paper while thinking of this. He looked at the entire drawing from afar and from an overall perspective, Thousand Creations immediately saw something. Their positions were all directed towards the dungeon entrance! Were these guys waiting to ambush someone? Were they waiting for someone to go in or someone to come out?

Hm? Thousand Creations suddenly thought of someone, an extreme anomaly in the tenth server.

Lord Grim, were they waiting for him?

Thousand Creations couldn’t help but think of this. But these twenty or so people didn’t look like they had good intentions. Even though the wind was blowing in Lord Grim’s direction, could he have angered someone? Even if he refused all of the big guild’s invite this time and ran to help Full Moon Guild, they shouldn’t have gone so far as to send people out to kill him right?

Thousand Creations thought of this and sent Bound Boat another message: “Are you sure these players aren’t from a big guild?”

“I’m certain that they’re not from a big guild. Why?”

“Looking at their positions, it looks like they’re waiting to attack Lord Grim.” Thousand Creations said.

“What type of players are they?” Bound Boat asked.

“They’re outside Line Canyon dungeon. They’re acting like they’re leveling on their own, but it’s clear that they’re in an encirclement around players coming out of the dungeon.” Thousand Creations said.

“Who did Lord Grim offend?” Bound Boat was puzzled.

“I don’t know either…..” Thousand Creations was also puzzled, when he suddenly heard a movement from nearby. Hiding behind the dirt mound, Thousand Creations immediately extended his head to look and saw that five players had come out of the dungeon. If that wasn’t Lord Grim and his group, then he didn’t know who was.

Thousand Creations wasn’t yet sure whether he should give Lord Grim a heads up, when that ambush group had already begun moving.

So those guys really were looking for him?

This time, Thousand Creations counted carefully. If he hadn’t messed up, then there were a total of 24 people.

The 24 moved out like the wind. In one second, Thousand Creations saw them running. And in the next, the gunners fired their bullets, the mages cast their magic, and the close combat classes rushed forward from all different directions. In particular, at the entrance, six characters immediately stood on guard.

Thousand Creations then saw Lord Grim suddenly lift up his battle lance and use a Sky Strike. This move unexpectedly launched his four companions into the air. Thousand Creations was taken by surprise. First, he had no idea why Lord Grim had attacked his own allies. Second, he didn’t understand how his Sky Strike had launched all four targets into the air. According to Thousand Creation’s knowledge and what he knew from guides, Sky Strike could only launch three targets at once! To hit up an extra one, how fast was his hand speed?

“Bang!” Lord Grim had sent out a palm, unexpectedly hitting his four allies. The four flew out at the same time. Only then did Thousand Creations suddenly realize what Lord Grim intended to do.

He had impressively executed this even faster and sent his four allies outside of the encirclement in an instant. The formation those 24 players were in could dissolve escapes from any direction, but this method was certainly outside of their expectations. Thousand Creations had studied the paper he had drawn with their positions for awhile and believed that he hadn’t judged incorrectly. This move by Lord Grim had definitely messed up the other side’s plan.


Another gun sound. This time, Thousand Creations saw Lord Grim jump and use Aerial Fire, chasing after his four allies.

Sky Strike, Falling Flower Palm, Aerial Fire!

These three moves were completed in an instant, almost quicker than how fast Thousand Creations could think. By the time he understood what had happened, Lord Grim’s party of five had already completely escaped from the encirclement, heading towards his dirt mound. As for those 24 players, their carefully planned encirclement had been foiled in less than a second and were now chasing after them in chaos.

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