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Chapter 155 – Overlapping Tracking

“30 Gold coins each.” Lord Grim turned around and said to Bound Boat.

“Fine, 30 is 30!” Bound Boat said. The people who had come up to ask for the price were a couple. This type of combination was too terrifying, especially since the person who was asking was the lady. Let alone 30, even if it was 300, then that brother would still clench his teeth and pay up!

Bound Boat had immediately made a decision and rushed to buy it. Lord Grim was the seller who set up the booth. The goods were sitting there with their price tags. If anyone walked by and felt like they were a good price, then they could just buy it and walk away. Bound Boat was afraid that that brother would be too gallant and buy eight or ten without a moment of hesitation. If that were the case, how terrible would that be for him?

At this moment, Bound Boat showcased his exceptional mechanics as a veteran. He instantly closed his booth and his character stepped in front of Lord Grim’s booth. His mouse repeatedly clicked and without even looking, he instantly cleaned up Lord Grim’s entire booth. That male and female duo just stood there watching without a word. In the end, they threw out a “that guy must be mad” and then swiftly parted.

“Wow, how fast!” Ye Xiu also gasped.

“Thank you.” Bound Boat said politely.

“But did you confirm everything? Each one of them was 30 Gold coins?” Ye Xiu asked.

Bound Boat turned pale. He hastily opened up his money back and checked. In the end, he found that he wasn’t missing anything. He had lost a total of 300 Gold coins. There wasn’t any problem with the trade.

“Don’t joke……” Bound Boat felt a lingering fear in his heart! In that instant just moments ago, he really hadn’t looked at the prices. Since he was buying materials for his guild, he had a large chunk of the guild’s money. If the price had been set in the thousands of Gold coins, then it’d be impossible for him not to cry.

“If you had been able to check the prices in that short instant, then you’d really be amazing.” Ye Xiu said, while letting Lord Grim stand up: “I’m leaving.”

“Bye.” Bound Boat said in a daze as he watched Lord Grim’s figure calmly fade away into the crowds of people in the streets. After a long while, he returned back to reality and immediately reported back to Blue River.

“Lord Grim? How could that be? You bumped into him in the city? Shouldn’t he be setting the dungeon record? Did he finish?” Blue River hastily asked a bunch of questions. How could he care so much about those Frosted Stones that Bound Boat was so hesitant about? If he set the dungeon record, then why didn’t he show up on TV? Blue River carried this doubt, while he checked the records. Their Blue Brook Guild’s record still stood at the lead. The second and third place records hadn’t moved either. There was no sign of Lord Grim.

“That’s weird. Maybe they haven’t started setting it yet?” Blue River asked Bound Boat.

“How would I know…… But right now, if he’s going to set it, it should be done soon. Maybe he wasn’t able to break the record? Lord Grim was selling Frosted Stones. For someone like him, how could he come out and sell uncommon materials like this? My guess is that they might have bumped into some sort of small wall in the dungeon, which is why he needs the money so badly. He’s probably going to use it to buy some equipment?” Bound Boat really did have exceptional analytical ability. Even if he couldn’t figure out where those Frosted Stones came from, he was still able to guess the reason why Ye Xiu was selling them.

“So it’s like this….. You said ten Frosted Stones?” Only now did Blue River come to this question. Dungeons and so on weren’t under his control. If Lord Grim wanted to set it today, then he’d set it today. If he wanted to set it tomorrow, then he’d set it tomorrow. All he could do was sit and watch.

“Yeah, and from the looks of it, that’s not all he has.” Bound Boat said.

“That’s impossible. Right now the only people with more than ten Frosted Stones are all certainly from the guilds with Clubs behind them. There’s no way normal guilds can get that number and there’s no way that amount could be gathered by a single person.” Blue River said.

“That’s why I said it was strange…..” Bound Boat said.

“Maybe he’s already been bought off by some guild?” Blue River suddenly thought.

“Ha ha, we’ll see!” Bound Boat said.

“How do we see?”

“I told Thousand Creations to follow him. Let’s see who he’s going to meet up with.” Bound Boat replied.

At this moment, Blue River wasn’t the only player watching the record rankings closely. When these guild leaders thought of how such a small existence like Full Moon Guild would destroy this record, they all felt sick in their hearts. Although they didn’t feel good about it, they were helpless to do anything. Even so, they still paid close attention to the system announcements.

From 0 o’clock to 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock, the guild leaders were all feeling restless, but how could they know that Ye Xiu was just taking a stroll around the streets?

“How have things been? Have you found an equipment you want?” Ye Xiu sent Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion messages. 300 Gold coins. Since their team didn’t have any Blade Masters or any of those extremely popular classes, they had enough for three Purple weapons.

“That Scarlet Moon Lance you were talking about. I saw one.” Tang Rou replied.

“Okay. Where?” Ye Xiu asked.

After asking where each of them were, he sent them the Gold coins. They spent 190 Gold coins for two Purple weapons. They then went to a booth he saw earlier and spent 100 Gold coins on a Purple Handcannon.

“Senior, you really have a lot of money!” Steamed Bun Invasion praised and switched his weapon with the new Level 30 Purple Sandstorm Claw. His original title of God for Ye Xiu was changed to Senior, making them seem closer. Steamed Bun Invasion was very simple and made the change because of this.

“Ha ha, let’s go!” Ye Xiu said. The three then left Congee City’s busy streets.

Thousand Creations was currently following these three players. As a veteran at KSing, he was quite skilled at this. After leaving the city, the outskirts were spacious and empty, so instead of closely following behind the three, he switched routes and maintained a route parallel to them.

Seeing where those three were heading towards, it seemed like they were heading towards Line Canyon. Thousand Creations reckoned that they were just going to dungeon and nothing more. But Bound Boat had told him to pay attention to who Lord Grim was going to meet. If they were going to party up for the dungeon, then that’d be perfect, so Thousand Creations could only continue to follow them silently.

Walking and walking, Thousand Creations suddenly discovered that he wasn’t the only one following Lord Grim and the others.

With those three as the center, countless players were scattered on the map going in the same direction.

For players like this, if it was just one player, then it wouldn’t be considered weird. But at this moment, there were suddenly numerous of these types of players. If they really were headed to Line Canyon, then they’d be walking along the main road like Lord Grim and the others were. But right now, all of these trackers seemed to be experienced players like Thousand Creations. They weren’t tailing them from behind, they were taking a route parallel to theirs. With so many players doing the same thing, how could that be normal?

Thousand Creations discovered that everyone had also realized this. Some began hesitating. Some immediately changed their routes and directly followed Lord Grim from behind. Their originally secretive way suddenly seemed very normal in this weird situation.

Thousand Creations was different from the others. He ran over to the closest player and after seeing the player’s name clearly, he immediately sent Bound Boat a message: “He shouldn’t have made any agreements with Howling Heights.”

The name of the player he had looked at was from Guild Wind Howl Manor. Even though the other side had hidden his guild’s name, unlucky for him, Thousand Creations recognized his ID.

“Oh? How do you know?” Bound Boat was puzzled. He had no way of knowing how Thousand Creations had come to that conclusion.

“Because one of Wind Howl’s players is doing the same thing as me.” Thousand Creations said.

Bound Boat was speechless. It looks like this Lord Grim had captured the entire tenth server’s attention now. Before, everyone was trying to rope him in without the knowledge of the other competing guilds. But now, it looks like under this weird situation, everyone’s been exposed.

“Fussy Dawn, do you know which guild this player’s in?” Thousand Creations looked at another player’s name, except this time he didn’t recognize it. The other side had also hidden his guild’s name, so he could only let Bound Boat look it up.

“Let me check…..” After asking how his name was spelled, he contacted someone to investigate. (TL: In Chinese, many words are pronounced the same and are all written differently. Ex:

Like this, Thousand Creation continued his overlapping tracking and reported 9 players to be checked. Actually, there were originally 11 players, but 2 of them had retreated after seeing the situation.

Among these 9 players, there were already five guilds that had been found: Tyrannical Ambition, Royal Heritage, Wind Howl Manor, Samsara, and Blossom Valley. These five guilds had all participated in the great tracking and saw that Lord Grim hadn’t made any agreements with anyone.

“Are you guys still continuing?” Bound Boat asked.

“Yeah, we’re almost at Line Canyon. I’ll wait until after Lord Grim enters the dungeon, then us ten can go form a team to run the dungeon. I haven’t used my entries for today yet!” Thousand Creations said.

“Alright, have fun.” Bound Boat didn’t say anything more.

They arrived at Line Canyon in the blink of an eye. Even though the game said it was a canyon, there weren’t any tall mountains. Line Canyon was a giant crack in Glory’s land. In the yellow-soiled plains, there was a large crack as if it had been cut open by a hatchet. It was long, wide, and deep. There wasn’t any kind of vegetation there, only a few animal skeletons. What lived here were poisonous insects. Of course, for players, these were all providers of experience.

As a Level 30-33 Leveling Area, Line Canyon was currently considered a high-leveled area. Unless the game was being played as a job, then only players who played the game 12 hours and up would be able to reach Level 30. There obviously weren’t many of these types of players, so at this moment, Line Canyon was quite empty.

Lord Grim and the others went down to Line Canyon. They ignored the small monsters along the way and headed directly to the dungeon. A group of players followed behind them, but after seeing who Lord Grim was calling to form parties with, they lost all hope.

Seven Fields. Sleeping Moon.

For the ones who did their homework, they all recognized that these two players were from Full Moon Guild. And not only this, each of the big guilds had already sent out spies to go join Full Moon Guild. That night, Full Moon Guild grew a lot larger. These players who had joined weren’t low-leveled.

The spies had all gathered there to figure out what exactly Lord Grim’s intent was.

And outside of this Line Canyon, there were trackers sent by their guilds to take a peek.

The big guilds were all having an extremely difficult time for this one expert. After seeing that Lord Grim and the other two party up with Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon and enter the dungeon, they all reported back, exhausted.

Once this was done, the group of players all looked at each other.

“Are we actually going to party up and run the dungeon?” Thousand Creations muttered inwardly, when the others scattered like birds.

“Tch…..” Thousand Creations disdained. He was about to leave when he saw a player killing monsters to level not far from the dungeon. His hands suddenly began to itch. His flaw flared up and he rushed over to KS that player’s monster.

Thousand Creations flaunted his talent as he fought to steal that monster, when he suddenly discovered that the players around them that were killing monsters had shaken off their monsters and were now rushing at him all at once. Thousand Creations saw that the situation wasn’t looking good and thought in astonishment: Where did all of these brave heroes come from? And they’re all gathered together in the same place too!

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