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Chapter 151 – Burning with Anxiety

Maple Tree carefully looked towards the mob of monsters. After looking for a while, he finally cried: “Where’s the dead center!?”

These twelve monsters weren’t standing in a line waiting for him to inspect them. Amidst the intense battle, they were all mixed into a mess. Even Lord Grim and the others would sometimes enter the mob of monsters. Maple Tree watched the battle attentively for a minute, but still hadn’t found any signs of a “dead center” amidst the chaos.

“Watch me attack.” A girl suddenly spoke out. Maple Tree couldn’t tell if the voice came from Soft Mist or Cleansing Mist. But he quickly saw Cleansing Mist run off, jump, turn around, and then fire. With the recoil from the flying artillery shell, she also leaped up onto a window.

“Did you see it?” That voice came again.

“Huh?” Maple Tree stared blankly.

“The place where I fired at just moments ago!’ The other side said.

“That artillery shell?” Maple Tree asked.


“Oops, I was only watching you and wasn’t looking at the shell……” Maple Tree said gloomily. This explanation made him feel very childish!

A bullet from a Sharpshooter would cause blood to spurt out from the target that had been hit. It was obvious at a glance. But an artillery shell from a Launcher was different. It would explode with a bang once it hit a mob of monsters and instantly turn into smoke, which was why he wasn’t able to tell who exactly the shell had hit.

“Watch closely this time.” Su Mucheng said. Her Cleansing Mist rapidly fired using the skill “Gatling Gun”. This time, she didn’t shake the gun, so the bullets flew in a straight line from the gun nozzle directly to a monster in the middle of the mob.

“I saw it! I saw it!” Maple Tree hastily cried. If he still hadn’t seen it, then he’d have to die from shame.

“That’s good then.”

Maple Tree immediately pulled out his gun and then began firing at the monster. Just as he was pondering over why this monster was considered the dead center, he suddenly saw the monster turn around and move towards Cleansing Mist, shouting: “Little girl, you’re looking to die!!”

The monsters of Desolate Land such as the bandits and thieves were all human, so of course they could speak. They weren’t like those shrieking Goblins or wailing undead monsters.

“OT!!!” Maple Tree, who had claimed he was extremely familiar with Desolate Land, immediately knew that this monster’s aggro had shifted onto Cleansing Mist. This girl had accidentally caused it to OT (Off Tank) when she had instructed him. Maple Tree truly felt extremely ashamed.

In the end, it looked as if Cleansing Mist didn’t know what had happened, as she continued to fire ferociously. He then saw a ball of light condense and a laser shoot out directly at that hooting OTed monster.

This was the Launcher Level 30 skill: Laser Rifle. It was the skill with the longest range in all of Glory. Its power could be stored up and did tremendous damage. After storing up power, its damage would increase by 40%, but would also cause it to have a strong recoil. The player had to manually step back in order to take the recoil. If it wasn’t done right, then the player might flip over and the accuracy of the shot might also be affected.

This sort of fundamental maneuver naturally wasn’t a problem for Su Mucheng. At the same time the laser fired, Cleansing Mist stepped back, completely nullifying the recoil.

But she had clearly OTed already, so why did she use such a powerful skill? Was she looking to die even faster? This was something that Maple Tree couldn’t understand at all. Even though the two of them were both on the high grounds, the high grounds were only convenient for their long-ranged attacks. It wasn’t like the monster would just stand there staring above him, waiting to die. These were human NPCs. If they could talk, why wouldn’t they be able to jump? Of course they could.

“OT, OT!!!” Maple Tree repeatedly warned everyone. OT often lead to a party wipe-out. Maple Tree attached a lot of importance to this.

“Ha ha ha ha, calm down, noob. It’s just an OT.” Steamed Bun Invasion laughed out loud.


It’s just an OT!

Maple Tree couldn’t accept these two statements. He felt that anyone who called OT as “just” was the true noob. Just as he was about to retort, he heard that Launcher: “It’s not a big deal, look!”

Another look! What was there to look at? Maple Tree was gloomy. His gaze hadn’t strayed away from the mob of monsters!

“Look at what?” So he asked.

“Look at the monster that had been OTed.” Su Mucheng said.

“Where……” Maple Tree mumbled and then looked again carefully. He discovered that that monster was nowhere to be seen. The monster’s aggro had clearly went onto Cleansing Mist. The monster should have separated from the mob and chased after Cleansing Mist. That should have been what happened. But in a short moment of distraction, he unexpectedly couldn’t find any signs of such a monster.

Maple Tree was still in shock, when he saw three artillery shells explode in the middle of the mob. That Launcher had shot another Anti-Tank Missile.

“Slow down!!” Maple Tree cried out in fear. This Launcher was clearly a girl, yet her fighting style was so violently reckless without any control over her damage output. These attacks and skills were thrown out non-stop. Was she going to OT again?

In the end, Su Mucheng gave him a response that made him almost panic in desperation. Cleansing Mist closely followed with another Cannonball and this time she had even stored up power.

For classes like Launchers, which attacked relatively slowly, they usually had relatively high burst damage. Thus, Launcher skills did quite a lot of damage. At this moment, Cleansing Mist had chained the three strongest skills a Level 30 Launcher could use. Let alone a party without a specialized MT, even with one, the party still wouldn’t be able to handle such a rude burst of damage!

OT again, Maple Tree sighed. Sure enough, another monster in the mob shouted “Little girl, you’re looking to die!”

A tragedy. What a tragedy!

Maple Tree looked up at the sky and let out a lengthy sigh. But when he finished sighing and looked again, the OTed monster was once again nowhere to be seen.

Its aggro was pulled back?

Maple Tree truly didn’t understand what had happened. He wasn’t doubting these players’ skill, but with a Launcher’s burst damage, if the OT by the previous Laser Rifle was pulled back, then that was understandable, but an Anti-Tank Missile and a Cannonball chained together along with it? Without a specialized Taunt skill, just relying on damage output, it was impossible to pull the aggro back in an instant. It was impossible. It was absolutely impossible.

Maple Tree had been standing at the window in a daze the entire time. At this moment, Su Mucheng suddenly yelled: “Why aren’t you attacking?”

“Attack? Attack what?” Maple Tree was still pondering over this OT mystery.

“The targets I attack. Just hit whatever I hit and you’ll be fine.” Su Mucheng said.

“The targets you attack?” Maple Tree was still in a daze, when Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist use Gatling Gun again. This time she used Gun Shake and her gun shook left and right. The bullets that came out split into two lines, hitting two different monsters in the mob.

“Ah!! Dual lines!” Maple Tree was astonished again. He also played a Gunner. Even though he wasn’t a Launcher, he still understood the theory behind this move.

It wasn’t easy to use Gun Shake to scatter the bullets from Gatling Gun, but having the bullets accurately hit two different targets with it was even harder. This required exceptionally precise mouse movements, otherwise the path of the bullets wouldn’t be able to split into two lines and perhaps split into three or four lines.

When he saw those two lines of bullets hit their targets, Maple Tree suddenly discovered something even more astonishing.

The two monsters had been hit by the bullets, but they hadn’t given up struggling. The two monsters were still headed towards Cleansing Mist with no signs of stopping. Their aggro was clearly on Cleansing Mist.

“Quickly, quickly!! Those two!!” Maple Tree hastily yelled. Gatling Gun’s attack had already finished. When the two monsters closed in on Cleansing Mist, a battle lance with a monster stuck on it smashed down from the sky and the two monsters immediately crashed to the ground. And after this Circle Swing, Soft Mist promptly went to fight other monsters.

“Oh……” Maple Tree was just about to warn Soft Mist of those two monster’s aggro, when he saw Steamed Bun Invasion dash towards these two monsters. But he didn’t make a move against them and went right by.

When the two monsters climbed back up and stubbornly rushed at Cleansing Mist, their comrades happened to be passing by, blocking them. Those comrades had their aggro on Steamed Bun Invasion and were currently chasing him.

The two NPCs had no choice but to go around this blockade, but they hadn’t yet taken two steps, when a bang rang out! Lord Grim had used Falling Flower Palm to send a monster flying over, hitting those two monsters.

“This is……” Maple Tree wasn’t stupid. These two monsters, which had clearly been OTed, weren’t able to get close to their target. They were on the ground half the time and trying to get up the other half. After a long time, they still hadn’t moved far from their original positions. And this type of situation was because of the way these three players moved and attacked.

“Could it be…..”

Maple Tree was currently thinking, when a Laser beam shot out from up above. That Cleansing Mist’s Laser Rifle had just come off cooldown and had been impolitely shot out. Those two monsters, which had just gotten back up, were immediately knocked to the ground again. Just as they got up again, Soft Mist’s Falling Flower Palm sent two more monsters crashing into them.

“So it’s because of their coordination?” Maple Tree finally understood.

OTed monsters didn’t need to be worried about because of the way those four players used their skills or moved. Those OTed monsters were firmly under their control. Cleansing Mist’s tempo matched the other players’ tempos perfectly. Under this type of coordination, OT clearly wasn’t an issue.

OT, really had happened. Maple Tree’s judgement wasn’t wrong.

But it still made him burn with anxiety…..

It turns out it was only because I was an idiot? Maple Tree’s cheeks streamed with tears.

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