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Chapter 150 – So Nervous He Became a Noob

Lonely Drink wasn’t the only victim. Although the other guilds may not have been as impulsive as him and directly offer eight class-specific sets like he had, but for such a ridiculous offer to be rejected in less than a second? How could the other guild leaders even try to compete? The rejected guild leaders were no longer faking it now and were furiously cursing non-stop. Unlike Lonely Drink, they were cursing and complaining particularly about how black Lord Grim’s heart was. Even Lonely Drink’s ridiculous offer had been rejected. After calming down, Lonely Drink began thinking like how Blue River had thought initially: What ulterior motives did this Lord Grim have?

“Hey, do you think this guy has some ulterior motive this time?” At this moment, a different two guild leaders began discussing, Cold Night and Blue River.

These two players hadn’t joined the great bidding war and had been quietly observing from the sides for any changes. Blue River had another perspective he could look at through the lens of the spy at Guild Samsara. Cold Night suddenly asked him this question. Blue River immediately guessed that Tyrannical Ambition wasn’t as simple as he had thought. He was afraid that their guild also had some sort of trump card planted in another guild.

Compared to the other guild leaders, these two were undoubtedly the most calm and rational among those in the bidding war. Their line of thoughts were the closest together, which was why Cold Night had ran over to discuss the situation with Blue River.

“I originally thought that he was going to use this as a way to raise his status, but with the way things have turned out, I don’t think that’s the case……” Blue River said.

“I found information on Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, who are often with him. They are both from this Full Moon Guild and they seem to be old acquaintances of his.” Cold Night said.

“That might not be it. When everyone was still in beginner village, it was reported that this player called Sleeping Moon had been KSed by Lord Grim. He then started spamming curses at Lord Grim outside of the dungeon. Only after that did they get together.” Blue River recalled.

“So there was something like this!” Cold Night had begun paying attention to Lord Grim slightly later than Blue River had, so he didn’t know that such an event had happened.


“But it doesn’t matter what happened because they’re now friends. Or perhaps it’s just a one time trick.” Cold Night said.

“If it’s like that……” If it was because of their friendship, then Blue River would be extremely sad. He had once thought of using such a trick, but never went through with it. If such a trick had been successfully carried out by Full Moon Guild, a guild that they hadn’t even put in their eyes, then he would feel extremely defeated.

“Either way, it looks like Desolate Land’s record has fallen into Full Moon Guild’s hands.” Cold Night said.

“Yeah…..” Blue River didn’t doubt Lord Grim’s strength one bit.

Desolate Land.

The Level 28-30 dungeon was located in a deserted castle in the Desolate Land leveling area. A group of tyrannical bandits had made the castle their temporary home and as a result, became a dungeon.

Starting from Level 28, Ye Xiu and the other had ran the dungeon several times. However, now that they had a new member Maple Tree joining their team, in order to assimilate this Sharpshooter into their team, their strategy naturally had to be adjusted.

With a normal player in their party, they might suddenly have a few more problems come up. But with a pro God like Ye Xiu, given a random class combination, he could easily come up with the most suitable strategy for it. How could such a simple issue like having a normal player be difficult for him?

“This run will only be for experimental purposes. We’ll be adjusting our strategy based on Maple Tree.” Ye Xiu said to everyone after entering Desolate Land.

“Ha ha ha! Relax! I’ve done this dungeon who knows how many times. I’m extremely familiar with it.” Maple Tree boldly said.

“Oh really! Then we’ll be starting now. I’ll be leading!” Ye Xiu said.

“No problem! Lead away!” Maple Tree said.

“Steamed Bun, 8 o’clock. Soft Mist, 10 o’clock. Cleansing Mist, pull the enemies ahead at the bend. Maple Tree go to the stone window on the right. Attack whatever I attack.”

“Wait, wait, wait. What type of strategy is this?” Maple Tree was dumbstruck. Steamed Bun Invasion had two bandits at 8 o’clock. Soft Mist had two thieves at 10 o’clock. And Cleansing Mist had four “enemies ahead at the bend”, who were gathered around playing cards. They were going to be pulled already? And for him, the stone window on the right…… there were two bandits drinking over there! How could he get past them without alarming those two NPCs?

“If we don’t use this strategy, then I don’t think we’ll be able to break the dungeon record.” Ye Xiu said.

Just from equipment, their team couldn’t compare to the current record holders Blue Brook Guild. That five man team had class-specific sets plus Level 30 Purple weapons for each member. Their damage output would be much higher than their team’s, which was how they were able to achieve the current 30:45:66 record. The team with the second fastest record also had equipment on another level than theirs. The difference between the second fastest and the fastest record was miniscule. This indeed was the record’s limit in Desolate Land for normal players.

If Ye Xiu’s team used the normal strategy, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to break the record. If they were going to break it, then they had to fully utilize their team’s advantage in skill. Just like for the record at Frost Forest, where Ye Xiu had relied on his own superiority in skill, in order to carry out a One Wave Rush strategy that wasn’t possible for normal players and set a new record. If they followed how normal players cleared the dungeon, then there wouldn’t be any difference between a God and a normal player and the record obviously wouldn’t be broken.

“You’re going to break it like this? Are you looking to die?” Maple Tree was very noisy.

“Ha ha, just do as I say. I’ll explain things as we go. Everyone, forward.” Ye Xiu said. The other three had already rushed up to do their task, while Maple Tree was still staring at those two bandits drinking: “How do I get to that stone window?”

“Aerial Fire.” Ye Xiu said.

“Those two bandits…..”

“They’ll be gone soon.” Ye Xiu said, while his Lord Grim rushed up. His battle lance sweeped across, hitting two thieves at 1 o’clock. He then turned around and “bang bang” two shots rang out, alarming those two drinking bandits. The bandits threw the alcohol bottles in their hands at Lord Grim and rushed at him.

“You’re pulling four monsters at once?” Maple Tree was astonished. When he brought his team in, there would be a total of eight NPCs around them and they would only pull them out two by two. But this team was different. Two players each pulled two monsters. Lord Grim pulled four monsters and not only that, but he wanted that Launcher to pull four monsters too. Like this, they pulled twelve NPCs total. Maple Tree almost had the urge to leave the dungeon.

“Are you still not going up? If we were setting the record, then you’ve already wasted time.” Ye Xiu said, while his hands moved nonstop. Lord Grim handled the four elite monsters with ease.

Maple Tree stupidly ran towards the window, but his camera was on Lord Grim the entire time, and nearly crashed into the window before stopping in time.

“Use Aerial Fire to go up. You’ve already wasted quite some time doing it that way. We started pulling ten seconds ago, but you still haven’t done anything yet!” Ye Xiu said.

“When you use Aerial Fire, try to hit the monsters too to save time.” Ye Xiu added.

“Okay okay…..” Maple Tree had entered the dungeon with matchless confidence, but in these few seconds, his confidence had already burned to ashes and flown away. Lord Grim, one player against four monsters. Steamed Bun Invasion and Soft Mist were also each fighting two monsters. Maple Tree looked and discovered that they weren’t pulling monsters any more, they were already beginning to kill them. It was just that while they were killing them, they were also bringing the monsters to their desired spots.

Maple Tree didn’t want to delay any longer. But just as he was about to jump onto that stone window, he suddenly felt a tinge of fear and his hands trembled. He hadn’t calculated the distance well and he hadn’t used enough strength, so when he jumped onto the wall, he directly latched onto the wall like a gecko and then slid down.

Ye Xiu saw this and he immediately coughed up blood. This Maple Tree was a guild leader. Even though his task didn’t need high mechanics like Steamed Bun Invasion or Tang Rou, he should at least be an experienced player like Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon! Yet he couldn’t even jump onto a window! He wasn’t a noob right?

Ye Xiu was even more shocked than Maple Tree. If he really was a noob, then that’d be really disastrous. It has to be known that their strategy mainly relied on skill. Even if Maple Tree was an experienced player, all he could be arranged to do was assist them. They couldn’t afford to have him be a noob right now!

“Are you not able to jump up there?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No, I’m just a bit nervous……” Maple Tree said.

“Why are you nervous?”

“Your strategy’s too crazy.” Maple Tree said.

“Calm down. It gets crazier later.” Ye Xiu said.


“Hurry up and jump up there.” Ye Xiu said, while fixing his attention on this side. He had to properly see what Maple Tree’s skill level was at. If he really was a noob, then he had to switch him out. Noobs weren’t scary. But noobs that acted like they understood were the scariest.

This time, Maple Tree judged the correct distance. He jumped and steadily landed. Ye Xiu saw that the distance and power had been grasped well. So he really wasn’t a noob.

“I said use Aerial Fire! Why are you still directly jumping up?” But Ye Xiu still had to correct his problem.

“Oh, I forgot. Do it again?” Maple Tree said.

“Do it again and practice at the same time. Going up there with Aerial Fire isn’t that easy. If you can’t get up there, then keep trying!” Ye Xiu said.

“I can do it, I can do it.” Maple Tree hastily said.

Aerial Fire made the user fly backwards. The user had to control the gun in order to grasp the distance and height he flew. When to stop was completely reliant on experience. There wasn’t enough time to turn around and look when flying.

Maple Tree jumped down from the stone window and walked a certain distance away. Ye Xiu saw his position and immediately asked: “How many shots are you planning on firing?”

“Six shots……” Maple Tree said.

“Six shots and you’ll hit your head.”

“Hit my head?”

“Too high…… you won’t be able to get into the window.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Then a bit farther away?”

“Go a bit closer and five shots will be enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“Here?” Maple Tree moved a bit.

“That’s good.”

“Okay!” Maple Tree answered. He stood at the position, jumped up, and then turned around and fired at the ground. He shot five times in a row and sure enough, he was sent up to the window.

At this moment, Su Mucheng had already brought those four monsters over. And soon, all twelve monsters were gathered together and the four quickly began attacking them. Maple Tree was still sitting at the window all lonely. He wasn’t there to be some background decoration.

“Maple Tree, have you noticed that those two in the dead center are in your attack range?” The orders for him to act had finally arrived.

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