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Chapter 149 – Bidding War

Full Moon Guild?

At least half of the guild leaders had no knowledge of this guild’s name. To them, the only guilds that they were familiar with were the guilds with Clubs behind them. Those were the only guilds that they recognized as adversaries. Of course, there were some that had heard of this name before. But they definitely knew that this wasn’t a guild with a Club behind it. It was only a guild created by normal players and could be considered an ordinary guild. How could this type of guild be able to snatch Lord Grim away from the encirclement of all of their big-named guilds.

All of the guild leaders were in disbelief. They each asked around to find what type of trick Full Moon Guild had pulled off.

But this turned out to be quite difficult. Guilds like Full Moon Guild clearly didn’t have any spies planted in them from big guilds. They had simply never been an opponent for them. As a result, they didn’t have any inside information and could only see if there was someone who knew a member of that guild.

There actually were a few results that came out of asking around like this. After all, Full Moon Guild wasn’t like them. When Maple Tree went to gather the parts for the Scarlet Moon set, he had shouted for it in the guild channel and used the strength of the masses to pressure four Battle Mages into giving away one of their Scarlet Moon parts. Everyone in the guild knew of this. There wasn’t any need to hide it, so when a friend came to ask, they immediately gave a reply.

Quickly, all of the guild leaders from the big guilds found about the price tag of four Scarlet Moon parts and they all violently coughed up blood.

Four Scarlet Moon parts!

What type of fee was that! For these guilds, such a price was basically giving it to them for free. Most of the equipment dropped from Level 30 dungeons were Blue equipment sets. For something so trivial like four parts of the Scarlet Moon set, all they had to was open their mouth and they’d be able to obtain them. For the elite players from their big guilds, they could easily gather a full set of class-specific equipment for several teams.

And with their guild’s complete set-up, if they needed a Scarlet Moon set, then the guild would by all means compensate for the provider’s losses. As a result, they could easily get the four parts with just a few words. Not like Maple Tree, who was like a child asking for his grandpa, desperately trying to get the four parts.

In short, this sort of condition was too easy for these guilds. How could they let Full Moon Guild get away with such a steal? The guild leaders were no longer calm. Many of them began sending Lord Grim more enticing offers.

“Brother, how about a full Scarlet Moon set?”

“A Scarlet Moon set AND a Level 30 Purple Bright Lance!”

“Two Scarlet Moon sets! One for you and another one for free!”

The offers were endless. In any case, they were all better than four parts of a Scarlet Moon set. Ye Xiu didn’t rush and patiently replied back to each of them. Among all of these, Blue River and Cold Night surprisingly hadn’t come barking.

These two had faced against Ye Xiu more than once, so they had a certain level of understanding. Four parts of a Scarlet Moon set weren’t his bargaining chips for setting a dungeon record.

Lord Grim’s starting prices had one feature. Even though they made you feel somewhat heartbroken, they wouldn’t make you feel that it wasn’t worth it. He clearly had an exceptional understanding of the game and could accurately measure his value. According to his style, four sets should be right! Four parts? What did that mean? What was his goal?

Blue River and Cold Night were both puzzling over this.

And even though the big guilds operated quite similarly, who among them knew about one another well? Although they all had spies among them, the new server had just opened, so the core of the guild was still made up of the veterans from the old servers. The newly recruited low-leveled accounts couldn’t be trusted too much. All of the guild leaders knew this.

However, even with all of their precautions, there were still a few spies among their upper-ranks. These sort of spies weren’t new recruits from the new server. They were already spies in the old server and had signed up to pioneer in the new server. These types of people were already among the guild’s elites in the new servers and were quite powerful.

At this moment, only these deep spies would be able to tell their guild information on other guild’s movements. But there weren’t many of these types of spies. On Blue River’s side, he only had one spy with such authority. That spy was in Guild Samsara.

Guild Samsara was the guild backed by Club Samsara. Team Samsara was a mighty team in the recent years. Their team’s ace Zhou Zekai was currently Glory’s most popular player. Quite a few experts and fans expected a great future for Team Samsara. Thus, they were a strong opponent for them. They would not only be enemies in the Alliance, but in the game too.

“Samsara has offered four class-specific sets!!” The spy messaged Blue River.

“With the way he does things, this should be the limit.” Blue River said.

“It should be. But this time, he rejected it…….” The spy said.

“His reason?” Blue River asked.

“He already agreed that he’d help Full Moon Guild.” The spy said.

“Tch! He obviously knew that we would ask for him to set a dungeon record at level 30. How could he agree to Full Moon Guild’s four Scarlet Moon parts?” Blue River said.

“Do you think he has an ulterior motive?”

“Definitely.” Blue River said.

“I heard that Misty Castle and Blossom Valley have also offered the same price.”

‘How do you know?” This information wasn’t something that could be easily found. The only reason Blue River could find it was because of the spy he had in Samsara Guild.

“Our guild leader went to ask……”

Blue River felt relieved. Even though all of the big guilds competed against each other, they all knew each other. In this type of situation, where they were all unsure, they would sometimes turn their enemies into friends and exchange information. For example, that guy Plantago Seed frequently did this. But Team Tiny Herb and Team Blue Rain were absolutely mortal enemies, which naturally translated in-game too.

“Our guild leader is getting ready to offer a step higher.” The spy suddenly said.

“Oh? How much?”

“Five class-specific sets!”

Blue River stared blankly, when he suddenly had an idea.

Was this what he was trying to do? By deliberately reducing the price and having others offer higher, he would eventually win out. By provoking the guilds to fight over him, he immediately raised his status. For this type of situation, once the price got up, it’d be difficult to bring it down, unless he wasn’t able to complete the employer’s task.

Samsara had taken the first step. Their information partners Blossom Valley and Misty Castle had probably followed closely too. However, these guild leaders weren’t hostile spies. Their exchanges of information were probably only half-truths. Blue River guessed that there was no way of accurately knowing. He only knew that five class-specific sets had already exceeded Lord Grim’s previously set price.

This move was brilliant! Blue River sighed and understood Lord Grim’s intentions. Blue River felt he could go over and negotiate with Lord Grim. Just as he was about to send a message, his spy suddenly typed: “D*mn, rejected again!”

“Rejected, still? What is he trying to do? For what purpose? What else does he want?” Blue River was also startled. Five class-specific sets, this was already enough to make them grind their teeth and cough up blood, but he still wasn’t satisfied? Is really trying to make all of the big guilds go mad?

“He didn’t ask for anything. He said the same thing….. he already agreed to help Full Moon Guild.”

“How could it be like that……. What are you guys going to do next?” Blue River asked.

“I don’t know…… The guild leader is furiously cursing right now!

Of course, Samsara’s tenth server guild leader Lonely Drink would be angry. Four class-specific sets was very fair and the offer should have been accepted. But the way Lord Grim had rejected it? Now that was fast. The reply came just a second after he sent his offer. Lonely Drink was convinced that guy had set-up an automatic reply! How else could he reply so quickly?

He randomly tested his theory. It looked like it wasn’t an automatic reply. This guy really wasn’t considering their offer.

Lonely Drink wasn’t stupid. After having his offer rejected, he was even faster than Blue River in thinking that this time, Lord Grim really was trying to eat them up like a giant lion. This guy saw that all of the guilds were fighting over him right now.

Lonely Drink didn’t say a word for now and ran over to contact the other guild leaders.

Those guys were also angry and cursing at Lord Grim. They all looked like they wanted to kill someone. Lonely Drink obviously wasn’t puzzled by this. These guys all acted as if they hated Lord Grim. If it was someone else, then he might have actually believed that they wouldn’t try to raise the bid again. But Lonely Drink knew that these guild leaders were the same as him, and had already decided to raise the bid once again. Because of this, he had hoped that the competitors would give up this theatrical act.

“Hmph, I’m not playing anymore!!” Lonely Drink finally threw it out, also in order to trick them, and then made a bid with five class-specific sets.

This price increase was quite large. Seeing that the other guild leaders didn’t have any intention of backing down, Lonely Drink also decided to raise it. He felt that his offer wasn’t enough to be accepted by Lord Grim, but he’d at least be able to make the other side feel his sincerity and then they could maybe seriously discuss it?

Who would have thought that he’d be rejected instantly? This time Lonely Drink wasn’t acting anymore and really was furious. If he wasn’t even considering his offer, then did this guy want him to just directly gift him his guild?

Lonely Drink wasn’t happy. He was extremely unhappy. His first few rejections had made him feel somewhat puzzled, but the current him was no longer trying to obtain Lord Grim’s services, he was now trying to fight with Lord Grim to see how deep he really was.

As a result, Lonely Drink sent another message: “Eight class-specific sets. What do you think? You should be happy now, right?!”

Lonely Drink hadn’t negotiated with anyone and was sent out as a gamble. You little punk, are you still trying to cheat me? Fine, I’ll make an unimaginable offer that’ll turn you stupid and make you speechless.

This was the type of goal that the current Lonely Drink was going for!

In the end, not even a second had passed, and his chat box had already flickered. It was the same result as before, as if his offer hadn’t been considered at all. Lonely Drink almost didn’t want to open it. He already felt a bad premonition. But, in the end, he looked at it.

“I’ve already agreed to help Full Moon Guild!”

“F*CK!!!!” These words again! It was these exact words every single time. Lonely Drink now knew that this person hadn’t set up an automatic reply. He was f*cking copying and pasting!

“You you you!! What the heck do you want!!!” Lonely Drink almost felt his heart roar.

“I’m going to dungeon. Let’s talk later.” Not even a second. A reply.

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