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Instantly, another textwall.

The referee's eyes were hurting. To be honest, for Glory matches, there wasn't much that the referee had to supervise. After so many years, the main reason why people got carded was for trash or otherwise inappropriate talk. It could only be imagined how much of a burden a Huang Shaotian match was on the referee. The opponent could ignore his screens of text, but the referee couldn't!

All messages sent during a match were recorded, and the Alliance would review them after the match. If they discovered something inappropriate that the referee had failed to catch at the time, then that would be the fault of the referee.

Against Ye Xiu last round, Huang Shaotian's trash talk was unusually scarce, which the referee greatly appreciated. But this round against a rookie, Huang Shaotian's chatterbox status was on full display. Especially since Huang Shaotian had already earned a yellow card, the referee was quite motivated to find another fault so that he could give a second yellow card and directly end the pain to his eyes.

But, there wasn't anything…

If it were really that easy to find a flaw in Huang Shaotian's trash talk, then it wouldn't be so hated. Instead, the various teams would love watching the phenomenon.

No one would need to do anything, he'd just talk himself off the stage. How fortunate would that be?

But right now, everyone could only quietly mourn for Happy's rookie.

This sky full of trash talk, there was no way he'd experienced it before, right? What kind of mood was he in right now? Is he already irritated beyond belief?

Pan Lin also wanted to find something interesting in Huang Shaotian's trash talk to talk about, but Huang Shaotian's trash talk always emphasized quantity over quality. He muddled his way through half a screen without finding a single thing worth reading, and eventually the broadcast just maximized the chat window to let the audience experience it for themselves.

The two characters were still moving on the map, yet the televised broadcast was showing the nonstop jumping of text messages.

"As expected of Huang Shaotian!" The audience understood that this chat channel close-up was very rare to see outside of a Huang Shaotian match!

"Mo Fan's Deception still hasn't made a move, he's still trailing along. He wouldn't be paying so much attention to the chat that he forgot about the battle, would he?" Pan Lin chuckled.

"Probably not…?" Li Yibo was a bit hesitant. The pro players all knew Huang Shaotian's style, but Mo Fan was a rookie. If he couldn't adjust to this, then maybe he really would become distracted.

Finally, Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain arrived at Happy's spawn point. Of course, he didn't discover Deception over here, and Deception still did not reveal himself.

"You want to test my patience? Then let me tell you, you're done for," said Huang Shaotian.

"I'm a patience expert, I can watch all of my teammates slaughtered one by one and still endure without moving!"

"Damn you, is that example worth bragging about? You're completely missing the point!" The crowd immediately started discussing this. This sentence didn't demonstrate how frightening his patience was, it just became another example of why his trash talk was of insufficient quality.

"The longer you make me endure, the scarier I become," Huang Shaotian continued.

"So in other words, if you still want that sliver of a chance at victory, then if you come out now, it might not be too late."

"You don't have much time, I'll give you 12 seconds."

"Why 12 seconds? Because this is the limit of my patience right now. It's very precise, isn't it?"

"The timer begins now, don't lose count."

Message after message after message…

But a few audience members really couldn't help but look at the clock and begin to count the so-called twelve seconds.

Was Mo Fan counting?

No one knew, but indeed, he wasn't just sitting around. Deception had arrived at the revival point and quietly hidden in a corner.

Ninjutsu: Disappearing Body Technique!

Mo Fan's Deception activated this skill. Climbing, hanging upside down, he used all sorts of movements he couldn't normally use to quietly advance, swiftly approaching Troubling Rain.

"Is he making his move?" Pan Lin shouted. "But it hasn't been twelve seconds yet!"

Li Yibo gave him a look. Twelve seconds, you took that seriously?

"Huang Shaotian is still studying the area around here. Is he still sending a report to his teammates?" Pan Lin said.

"So that's what it is! Mo Fan's about to attack!" Li Yibo suddenly reacted.

"What?" Pan Lin was caught off-guard.

"Blue Rain has already walked this path three times, so they already have an understanding of the ambush points to the left and right. But right here is Happy's spawn point. Up until now no Blue Rain player's character has arrived here, and Ye Xiu immediately took the roundabout path in all three of his rounds. Blue Rain hasn't gotten the chance to actually study what this area is like walking straight forward!" Li Yibo called out excitedly. As he watched Deception's movements on screen, he grew more and more confident.

That's right, this was definitely it!

The path that Deception used Disappearing Body Technique to take was the path that Ye Xiu hadn't taken in any of his three battles. Huang Shaotian shouldn't have an impression of this area in his mind.

In other words, this was a blind spot in Blue Rain's understanding of the ambush points on this map! And Mo Fan would definitely attack immediately, because with Huang Shaotian's experience, even if he didn't have prior knowledge of this area, if he studied it long enough, he would quickly discover that there was an ambush point here.

"Is that so?" As soon as Pan Lin spoke, Deception was already flashing forward.

The status from Disappearing Body Technique was still active, and unlike the Thief's Stealth skill, it wouldn't lower the movement speed of the character. In fact, under this condition, the Ninja could use any skill, and whether it was movement or attack, it would be silent.

Mo Fan timed it precisely, and Deception silently rushed out, silently approached, silently began forming seals.

Huang Shaotian wasn't an actual God. He didn't see it, and there was no sound, so he truly had no idea that this attack was coming. He was constantly rotating his camera view left and right to observe the surroundings, but when his view discovered Deception's silhouette, the attack was already beginning.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Numerous Deceptions seemed to simultaneously leap into his view.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Dance!

Mo Fan started off with a powerful skill. Instantly, dozens of shadow clones surrounded Troubling Rain.

The attack began.

"A cheap trick!" Huang Shaotian shouted, without panicking. Troubling Rain's sword flashed with light, warding off the encirclement's attack. He himself, meanwhile, was calmly observing all of the Deceptions before him, and he swiftly determined which Deception was the heart of the Shadow Dance.

This one!

Huang Shaotian zeroed in on his target. The light of Troubling Rain's sword condensed in an instant, and pierced forward.


The Deception burst into a cloud of smoke.

"Pretty fast reactions!" Huang Shaotian shouted. He was extremely confident in his judgment, and he believed that he hadn't seen incorrectly. He hadn't been able to break the skill only because Mo Fan's reaction and controls weren't slow either. Before Troubling Rain's attack landed, he had already switched the heart of Shadow Dance to another Deception.

But because Troubling Rain had approached so close, the Shadow Dance attack was greatly disrupted.

Puff puff puff!

In an instant, Troubling Rain broke another three shadow clones.

"Watch me!" Huang Shaotian's messages were still nonstop. From this, it could clearly be seen just how different his showdown against Ye Xiu last round was. At the same time, it caused people to once again ponder the tragic, age-old question: if this guy could always be that focused, instead of getting distracted by typing and chatting, then just how frightening would he be?

But those who would think this clearly didn't understand that for Huang Shaotian, sometimes, his chatting and typing was his way of focusing all of his attention on the match.

Shadow Steps!

Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain activated a skill that was somewhat similar to Shadow Dance.

Instantly, seven false images of Troubling Rain spread out. Unlike shadow clones, the images created by Shadow Steps were truly false. They couldn't be attacked, nor could they take damage. From the explanation of the skill, these were afterimages left behind by the high movement speed of the Blade Master combined with the light of his blade. 

So, unlike Shadow Dance, Shadow Steps needed constant controls to maintain the images after they appeared. On the other hand, if no more controls were given after using Shadow Dance, the clones would simply remain inactive, but they wouldn't disappear. Furthermore, even if one didn't control them individually, they could be given to the system to be automatically controlled.

The Shadow Steps needed controls, but controls meant that as long as the skill's duration hadn't run out, it could change at any time.

Seven Troubling Rains spread out, but in the blink of an eye, they became four, and then five again.

The battlefield was a blurry mess. The referee, who had already gotten dizzy just from Huang Shaotian's messages, now felt like he wanted to throw up.

This was really so difficult!

A few members of the audience also pulled out eyedrops.

Just like this, Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain, in the midst of these illusory afterimages, defeated Deception's clones one after another.

"So strong!" Pan Lin was shocked. The player who had silently ambushed his opponent would just be broken and taken care of like this?

"There's only two left now, so which is it?" Huang Shaotian laughed. His Shadow Steps had ended, and there were now only two Deceptions left on the field.


As soon as his message sent, one vanished by itself. The Shadow Dance skill had run out of time as well.

The audience once again looked at the health bars of both sides. Deception's heart in the Shadow Dance had never been caught, so he hadn't taken any damage. Troubling Rain had taken a bit of damage, but only 4%. For a successful ambush with the powerful Shadow Dance move to only deal this much damage, it was somewhat depressing.

"Tell me, what use was there in ambushing me?" Huang Shaotian shouted. Troubling Rain charged forward!


Another cloud of smoke.


Huang Shaotian was stunned. This was also a shadow clone? He actually hadn't discovered this or expected this at all.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

Deception flew up from the ground. The flash of a ninjato was never particularly bright, but its sharpness didn't lose to any weapon.

Blood flew from Troubling Rain's neck.


The Shadow Dance that he'd worked so hard for had only taken 4% of Troubling Rain's health, but now, an Underground Tunneling Technique attack was successful, directly taking 4%.

When Mo Fan exploded, he didn't just use one attack. His flurry rush was generally at least five combos long.

The attack was continuing!

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