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Chapter 108 – Hateful Sword

In the eyes of players, the limit had already been reached for the record long ago. Yet it had unexpectedly been broken once again. What exactly was going on in the tenth server’s Frost Forest dungeon? Was the dungeon so rich in beauty that it attracted countless heroes to bow in homage?

The day had just begun. The drowsy night players, who had stayed up at night, saw this system announcement and all re-energized all of a sudden. They discussed and gossiped. All of the guild channels were now even more lively than they were at prime time 8 PM.

“An all-out fight! It’s an all-out fight.” Blue Brook Guild’s MT Flower Lantern sighed heavily with sorrow, “Aren’t these two Tyranny and Excellent Era? These two Clubs have always been mortal enemies. They’ve even come to the new server to fight!!”

“But this record is too frightening. Lord Grim, we’ll let him pass. We’ve all seen his strength before. But who does Excellent Dynasty have? Where did all of these experts come from?” Blue River was puzzled.

“The five characters that set the record this time are completely different from the ones who set the record last time.” Bound Boat looked at the leaderboards. The first and third place on the leaderboards for Frost Forest were set by parties from Excellent Dynasty, pressing down on Tyrannical Ambition from both sides.

“It looks like they have people substituting in. They’re just using Excellent Dynasty’s accounts.” Blue River said.

“Clearly.” Bound Boat said.

“He he, I wonder how things are going for Tyrannical Ambition. Are they going to invite Lord Grim again?” Blue River’s smile was a little dark. Of course he knew of Lord Grim’s costly demands. For Tyrannical Ambition to keep on hiring him again and again made Blue River feel good in his heart.

He clearly wasn’t the only one that felt good. Plantago Seed sent a message: “How great!!”

“Yup!” Blue River said happily. It was rare for both of them to feel happy together.

“These two guilds are going to go at each other now right?” Plantago Seed said.

“I’m not sure about that…… But Excellent Dynasty hasn’t made any big movements for a long time now!” Blue River said.

“Excellent Era has just recently had a roster swap and reestablished themselves. Their guild also wants to raise their prestige. And it just so happened that they began by attacking their rival’s guild in the new server. There isn’t anything to doubt, right?” Plantago Seed said.

“Does Excellent Dynasty have this strength?”

“F*ck, can’t you see it? They have help from the experts behind them! Can you set a record like this?” Plantago Seed said.

Blue River didn’t utter another word. He had no choice but to concede. The current Frost Forest record had already far exceeded what was possible for normal experts like them.

Who was subbing in at Excellent Dynasty? Blue River guessed! Was it possible that Excellent Era sent their pro-players to set a record for this lowest-leveled dungeon? They shouldn’t go that far right?

While each of the guilds were randomly guessing and thinking, Tyrannical Ambition’s guild channel was filled with with resentment.

“F*ckers, did they really need to go so far? So competitive?” Cold Night was dumbstruck. This dungeon really made him thin and pallid.

No one in the guild uttered a word. No one knew what to say. The dungeon record had originally been something that was broken again and again. But this time, they all felt that something weird was going on. The sun hadn’t even come out yet! And yet a new record had already been set again. Excellent Dynasty’s players really were impatient. It was just a Frost Forest record, did they need to fight for their lives like this?

“Look for Lord Grim again?” Someone asked. Those with insight knew that they definitely wouldn’t be able to do it themselves.

Cold Night had no words. This type of record-setting back and forth wasn’t the way! He didn’t know how Excellent Dynasty had set theirs, but he had payed a lot of items to get Lord Grim to do it. This sort of competition clearly wasn’t worth it. But if they didn’t fight, the players in all of the servers would see that they had been pushed down. They would lose a lot of face.

If this sort of loss was because of a different guild, then they could still endure it. But unfortunately, the loss was because of Excellent Dynasty. In the Glory community, who didn’t know that Excellent Era and Tyranny were sworn enemies? The rivalry had even invaded into the game, where Excellent Dynasty and Tyrannical Ambition were also enemies. For experienced veterans in the guild like Cold Night, they’d be angry towards Excellent Dynasty even if there was nothing to be angry about. And now that Excellent Dynasty had stepped on their record, he felt extremely terrible!

Cold Night impatiently paced about for a moment. In the end, he went offline. He was planning on looking for Jiang You to ask him what exactly he should do. He was already at a loss.

On Excellent Dynasty’s side, the players were obviously feeling the exact opposite of Tyrannical Ambition. Though their situation at midnight was extremely similar to the current Tyrannical Ambition.

At that time, Excellent Dynasty’s record had been broken. Not only that, it had also been broken by their sworn enemy Tyrannical Ambition, making the guild’s veterans extremely furious like how Cold Night was currently. Each and every one of Excellent Dynasty’s players believed that Tyrannical Ambition hadn’t relied on their own skills to do it. Instead, they looked for outsiders to substitute in for them, so they all unreservedly despised them. Although they despised them, they were also helpless. They were already at wit’s end towards the record. The glorious heroes that had set it last time had already leveled past 25.

Excellent Dynasty’s dungeon record had been done by Liu Hao and the others substituting in. Of course, this matter couldn’t be known by the guild. Even the owners of those accounts only knew that the guild leader had taken their account cards to look for experts to play on them. They could only guess who those experts were, but they didn’t dare be certain.

Excellent Dynasty’s players cursed at Tyrannical Ambition as well as Lord Grim practically all night. Who knew that at this moment, the dungeon record was once again set back by their players. That sort of feeling was as if pie had fallen from the sky. However, the five characters that had set the record this time were small characters and the achievements this time were even more ridiculous. So everyone now knew that they had originally found players to substitute in for them too.

The players that had previously looked down on Tyrannical Ambition for looking for players to substitute in for them all seemed to have forgotten about it. How could it be the time to talk about that sort of disappointing topic right now? Everyone praised those five heroes. Although everyone knew that they weren’t the original owners, they all tacitly understood that they wouldn’t talk about it. They only praised unreservedly hoping that the experts hidden behind their screens would see it.

“Hmph!” Liu Hao saw these overflowing beautiful words that filled the screen and coldly laughed. It was just a Frost Forest record and nothing more. He wouldn’t go so far as to be proud of himself just because of this. However, he was feeling extremely good though that was because he knew who his opponent was. He knew whose record he had broken. The current him felt as if he had stepped on Ye Qiu.

“How great…….” Liu Hao enjoyed this sort of feeling. The feeling he had right now was even more intense than when he had kicked Ye Qiu out of the Club. His face was filled with disdain and pride. It seemed as if he were seeing Ye Qiu, with a face full of terror, prostrating on the ground under his feet.

“Thanks for your trouble, Liu.” At this moment, Chen Yehui sent a message to him.

“It was nothing. It was a piece of cake.” Liu Hao was about to reply like this. He hadn’t yet sent the message when he saw that he was so happy that he was dancing around in joy. Right! Stepping on Ye Qiu was a piece of cake.

“I reckon that Ye Qiu is helpless against this current record.” Chen Yehui messaged.

“I actually hope that he’ll try it again.” Liu Hao felt as lofty as a king looking down on all of the lands under the heaven, all because of this Frost Forest record..

“Ha ha, he’s actually still online. But he might not have any dungeon entries left right now.” Chen Yehui said.

“Oh, really?” Liu Hao’s eyes turned. He immediately logged out of the character he was currently using and then found the account card, with a random level 20 character, that Chen Yehui had given him.

He swiped the card and entered the game. This character was Level 24, his name was Hateful Sword, a Berserker.

Liu Hao was most proficient with Spellblades. Although they were both Swordsman classes, their styles were completely different. However, as a pro-player, Liu Hao obviously wasn’t completely clueless towards other classes. Just relying on his knowledge and mechanical skill, he would still be better than normal players by a lot.

Hateful Sword had no guild because it was obvious what Liu Hao was planning on doing with this account. That was why Chen Yehui specially found an account for him that was originally going to be a spy for their guild.

Liu Hao quickly scanned Hateful Sword and was quite satisfied. He immediately searched for a player name.

Lord Grim. Sure enough, he was online.

Liu Hao promptly sent a friend invite, but didn’t get a response.

“LOSER LOSER LOSER!!!” Liu Hao cursed while sending more invites.

The system prompt finally arrived. Lord Grim accepted the friend invite.

“I would have blown you up if you didn’t accept!” Liu Hao muttered arrogantly. Even such a small matter like being added as a friend made him feel extremely victorious. This was because the other side was Ye Qiu. Any sort of interaction between Ye Qiu and himself was a fight in his eyes. You wanted to ignore me. Yet you even added me as a friend. You lose Ye Qiu!

“Hi God.” Liu Hao sent a common greeting and then began racking his brains on what he should say next to obtain Ye Qiu’s trust.

“Hi, you are?” Ye Xiu replied.

I’m your father! Liu Hao said to himself and replied: “Do you have an open spot in your party?”

“Party? I’m not in any party!” Ye Xiu said.

“F*cker, putting on an act.” The other side wouldn’t hear him anyways. Liu Hao might as well curse while typing: “I saw that you’re always setting dungeon records. You don’t have a set party?”

“Oh, that. No I don’t. Those were all just temporary members.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Then can you bring me along. I’m pretty skilled.” Liu Hao said.

“Okay, then when there’s a chance, I’ll whisper to you.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck, you’re trying to trick me!” Liu Hao felt that Ye Xiu was definitely saying it half-heartedly, so he didn’t give up: “Are you free? Let’s compare notes.”

“Compare notes huh. Then I’ll introduce someone to you. He’s quite good. He’s called Steamed Bun Invasion. You should go look for him to play with!” Ye Xiu said.

“B*stard. Sending me to your underling. How dare you act like that!” Liu Hao was furious. He sent a message over: “Okay, then I’ll go look for him to play with.”

Soon after, he cursed while adding Steamed Bun Invasion as a friend, showing his intent.

“Ha ha, you want to challenge me. You’re pretty brave!” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

“F*ck, so the underlings imitate their boss! How pretentious! Even the underlings are so flashy.” Steamed Bun Invasion made Liu Hao feel extremely angry, but he had to act as if it was nothing and replied: “Ha ha, then let me try you!”

“Okay, come here. Let me see if you have any qualifications to challenge me.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

F*cker! I’ll beat you into a crushed steamed bun! In his anger, Liu Hao immediately made Hateful Sword rush to the Arena.

“Level or free?” Liu Hao messaged Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Oh.” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

“I’m asking you level or free.” Liu Hao’s ten fingers almost broke the keyboard.

After a long time, Steamed Bun Invasion asked: “What does that mean?”

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